The Singapore Inquisition

The Little India Riot arising from a vehicle accident and the death of a drunkard led to the burning of police vehicles, attacking of police officers by lowly educated villagers from the sub continent of India. Many police officers were injured. This led to a public inquiry on the causes of the rioting that is unprecedented in the last 40 years of the island’s history.

From the news reported in the media and the evidence, views and opinions of the witnesses, it is looking more like an inquisition like the Middle Ages when the witches and the innocents were jailed, killed or burnt at the stakes. The rioters did not seem to be an issue now and are out of the picture while the bus driver and the time keeper and the police officers are now the primary target of the inquiry. Would the bus driver and time keeper be turned into modern day witches to be sacrificed at the stakes? Would the police officers who were there to quell the rioting ended up as the target of the inquisition and the badly sought after sacrificial lamb to bring a closure to the incident? Still doesn’t make any sense if they are found to be a contributor to the riot.

How is it that the people not rioting ended up having to explain their actions and have to redeem themselves instead or becoming the cause of the riot? What is going on? And why should the buck stop at the police officers who were there to stop the rioting? If it is meant to be witch hunt, should the buck go higher? Who is being persecuted?

This is like someone shitted and the people being hauled up are the cleaners and the owner of the spot where the shit is, including those who stood by and watched. The intellect of the Middle Ages is having a new life in modernity.


Virgo49 said...

The Riots do not just stop at Little India.

It also now at Kaki Bukit Dormitory.

But they will called it a farces.

Not riots, just a fracas- small incident lah!

These deaf frogs / dummies will not listen until lives are maimed or killed.

Till then, it is just too late.

To these trashes living in their countries, these rioting or fracas are just everyday incidents.

Nothing to be alarmed!

So some incidents that boomerang on the elites, then it will make a difference in sitting up.

Till then, it will be just fracas and we are insulated from them.

Anonymous said...

That's why when we have a foreign invasion.
We must be like LKY.
Become a translator for the Aliens.
Or a defence scientist doing soil research like Tony Tan's son.

Don't be stupid and fight for Singapore.
The only people who will benefit from our national service are the PAPigs and the aliens.

Anonymous said...

We may think we are living in a land of law and order, but one law we can't deny is the law of gravity; "Shit runs down hill."

Anonymous said...

"How is it that the people not rioting ended up having to explain their actions and have to redeem themselves instead or becoming the cause of the riot?"

Why not, when the strongest Sinkie opposition party is not even ready to be govt and its leader even praised the ruling party as competent?

Anonymous said...


When the strongest Sinkie opposition party is not even ready to be govt and its leader even praised the ruling party as competent,

a lot of funny things will happen.

Like for instance, the people not rioting ended up having to explain their actions and have to redeem themselves instead or becoming the cause of the riot.

And that's not all. More funny things to come to make Sinkies laugh or even cry.


Anonymous said...

Do Sinkies dare to riot?

Can PAP be voted out?

Anonymous said...

Shit runs from the top of the ivory tower. You are swimming in it and you don't even know you're up to your eyeballs in deep shit and you are the sixty percent.

b said...

Thats why those people who voted pap are sinful. They stood and watched and support innocent people being jailed, prosecuted and isa.

Anonymous said...

It would be a shame if the men in blue are hanged for the rioting.

Anonymous said...

This was mob mentality. Spore was taken by surprise as they never had such an event.

The COI report will be measured and will be constructive. They grilled the police commanders, praised the front line officers and was not harsh on anyone else.

Spore is well orchestrated. This is not an Inquistion. It is to make sure we do not have a repeat.

There have been many COIs before and each one served its purpose.

I salute the COI for being robust, being very fortright. But the COI report will be of moderation and constructive.

Anonymous said...

It's the alcohol.
Minister say so.
COI is just a formality.
To formalize what the Minister said.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol, I'll drink to that. Yum singh!

Anonymous said...

Actually, they already decided it was alcohol that caused the riot, even before the COI was convened. This is just wayang wayang, red dot style.

It is just like those policies decided even before they were debated in Parliament. Whatever for? Wayang Wayang also?

Say what you like, Singaporeans are really fans of wayang after more than 50 years of addiction.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a young Police Officer getting out of the police car to buy dinner. Looking at him, I believe he is only 18. How the fxxk we can expect these young boys to defend us? No wonder standard is dropping and Al
h Long is laughing all the way to the banks.

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, when bad things happen, the buck always stops at the lowest end of the ladder.

Contrast this, with, for example, Japan. The one at the top usually shoulder the responsibility and quit.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The thing I find most funny, is the glaring lack of science and scientific understanding by the ex-spurts conducting the inquisition....err.. I mean inquiry.

However medieval thinking in Singapore doesn't come as a surprise to me. If I didn't have the crutches of copious amounts of alcohol and an unhealthy obsession with dirty sex, I would go out of my mind from daily encounters with people -- even highly educated ones, tending to be more ARROGANT -- hold STUPID IDEAS and AWFUL BELIEFS (based on zero evidence) and exercising theses ideas as if they were "The Truth".

It's not that I never make errors -- fuck, I am an error champion. I fuck up plenty. Fucking up, IMO, is a great way to learn, provided you're still alive after your "bad judgement" :-)

Arrogant, over-qualified, yaya-papaya kiasu, kiasi, kang cheong Singaporeans drive me fucking crazy. Seriously, I want to bitch-slap these motherfuckers, and curse their families in the most vulgar Cantonese. But that would land me in a whole heap of trouble with the law. So I drink, and bang women :-)

I fight irrationality, with irrationality. Damn shiok, sial!