The new moral code of the elite

The elite are living life in their ivory towers and would do all they can to convince or coerce the masses that the new status quo is either good, natural or inevitable, and nothing can be done about it.

The first myth they are selling is that the wide income gap is normal and that’s it, live with it, meaning they keep their high income and the masses keep their low income. They are so talented and the average guy is so untalented. They need to pay themselves so high or they will be poached by MNCs that are willing to pay them more. The income of the masses has to be kept low as the whole world is waiting outside our door to take the jobs at lower pay, and they are willing, hungry and more talented.

Another myth is the price of public housing, even when it is a 99 year lease, is affordable and reasonable at the kind of price they are selling and to be repayable over 30 or more years. And they are forcing young people to incur huge debt to service, while those with a little more income are forced to take even bigger debt in private housing. They want it that way, for whose benefits? Definitely not for the young home buyers who would be burdened for almost their entire working lives.

A new myth they have created is that taking public transport is gracious living, reduces jams on the roads. They are also saying the roads are congested and to reduce the jams, high car prices, including $100k COEs are necessary. And who will be enjoying the jam free roads? And they pay themselves crazily to make sure the high prices of car ownership look cheap and affordable. And what is the main cause of more cars on the roads? Is it high population? You dunno meh? And they are going to make the population density go even higher and higher.

Who would have to pay the price for the big squeeze? Not the elite for sure. They even try to con the daft Sinkies that living in dog kennel size flats would not affect the quality of life and to have more children, to have 3 generations living in the little kennel called home.

What else have they fiddled with to their advantage and to the disadvantage of the masses? They told you GST is good and meant to help the poor. How many of you believe in this new moral? They abolished estate duties to encourage the rich to get richer. The rationale is not to discourage the rich from becoming more enterprising, and their talent should not be punished. They deserved to be rich for generations as they are so talented, or talent breeds in the same pool of genes. My eye balls are rolling all over.

What else are the elite telling the masses? Keep more money in your CPF and be happy knowing you have so much money in their safe keeping. Only clever people will put their money in the CPF to grow and the money will not run away. It will be there forever, even after you die. Great moral wisdom isn’t it?

Oh, I nearly forgot, $600,000 is peanuts. Many peasants would never even see $6000 in their bank accounts in their life time. And housing prices drops by 1% they started to kpkb. But when housing prices went up by 200% or 300% they did not bother. They laughed all the way to the banks.

Another interesting new moral is for poor young men and women to defend the riches of the elite, to protect their mansions when the young men and women are paid not even peanuts but more like pittance. And they expect the young men and women to be valiant and to die defending their wealth without thinking or questioning. ‘Si beh kiang or si beh gong’?

Then there is this new wisdom or moral code, that it is the right thing to do to bring in foreigners to replace the citizens in good jobs and allow the citizens to be underemployed or unemployed. It is called meritocrazy! And the citizens are threatened to buck up or their wives and daughters would become maids. Why is there a need for a defence force, and what is there to defend when foreigners are invited to feast themselves at the expense of citizens, to boss over the citizens, to cheat the citizens?

Would the deregulation of the financial industry to allow the banks to do as they pleased, to create money out of nothing, be the new moral code of the elite? You tell me.

This new moral code is not exhaustive. You could have seen and heard even more than are written here. This is the new morality of the elite. And they would tell the daft that these are the hard truths and they have to accept it, like it or not.


Anonymous said...

Well, the Straits Times headlines has been screeching on behalf of its master that. ' wages, cpf rises must be in line with productivity increases ' . But this statement is meant only for the ordinary folks. It does not apply to the president, ministers, senior civil servants, CEOs , top management . Has their productivity increased by 2, 3, 4 ..... times over the past years to justify their humongous salaries ?
I don't know what to say

Anonymous said...

RB, you deserve more kopi-O. Well said. This article summarises all the kpkb of the citizens. Well done. You should be a MP in the Parliament.

Anonymous said...

60% Sinkies have given them the mandate to not only tell, but also carried out what they told Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

"You should be a MP in the Parliament."
RB 9:22 am

RB is already a MP, an online one I mean, in the Parliament of the Sinkie Internet.

Votes received? All the time, not just once every 5 years. Number of comments to his blog.

MP allowance? Not $15K lah but kopi kau.

Anonymous said...

The "new moral code of the elite" is really the same old moral code of self-serving Chinese emperors over the last 5,000 years.

Anonymous said...

The 1st emperor of China did not "build" the Great Wall of China.
This "Founding Emperor" forced millions of peasants to sacrifice their lives to build the Great Wall of China.

What about Singapore?
Who really transformed this little island from 3rd world to 1st world?
Who made the sacrifices?
Who reaped the out-sized rewards?
Who betrayed whom?

Anonymous said...

Propaganda from Qin Shi Huang (1st emperor of "unified" China) that is passed off unquestioningly as the official interpretation of Chinese history.

The Founding emperor "unified" China to stop the eternal wars amongst the seven warring states so as to end the suffering of the Chinese people.
So did the Chinese people's suffering end after the Founding emperor "unified" China?
Hell no! Just ask the millions of peasants who died building the Great Wall of China.

What about Singapore?
Did Singaporeans enjoy a Swiss standard of living after we went from 3rd world to 1st world?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is indeed in a very tricky situation.

Look around us. There are many many many unoccupied and empty completed housing units.

But the property prices keep going up and up.

From this year to 2018 there will be thousands and thousands of new housing units joining these empty units.

Be careful. Cheers.......

patriot said...

Salute and kudos to Sir Chua Chin Leng for the Great Insights as well as the Great Wisdoms that he has imparted in his Blog and Forum.
Though me feels that he has wasted all his pearls on the Swines, we, the simple Sinkies, should be grateful for his(Mr Chua C Leng) tireless effort in championing for our wellbeing.

As for those that rule us Sinkies with Decree, I doubt they are able to repent for their conscience-less nature. They are overwhelmed by greeds of wealth and notoriety. Not much difference from one addicted.

May I have the Audacity to say that Sinkies will have much to reminisce about the History Of Sin. Many live will be badly affected as Sin progresses in the Hands of our rulers. So, me expects many to remember those that cause them hardship. Some of us may have to feel remorseful for been blind believers in the past.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I dunno what to say....

Anonymous said...

When you have allowed crooks and immorality into the system , it will be unravelling of the dynasty. It is just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

A fact with a lot of lies, breaking our backs to have your children told that they have to complete with FT's, New citizens and PR's, with no certain of success......strange, did we not build this island as what it was, having being less horny cannot be entirely our fault, was is not that someone said' "stop at TWO", was that so long ago that the command was followed?
And how was the quality of our many set-up childcares, did it not broke one child's leg, burnt another, have a paper over his head and what about the infant, all this rush rush jobs have dire consequences against those that were suppose to benefit?,
In France, the leaders actually provide in house profession care takers to look after their child so that the parents can get back to work, of course, not every environment is the same, but having a pay and pay society?, is that what we have created? Is that what we have envision, is that what the early leaders have in mind?

We are paying through our nose with the hundred thousand dollars car which cost only a fraction in other places, paying through our nose when you'll sick...of course, they are helping but using our money to help ourselves? paying through our nose with the hundred thousand pigeon holes that is worth only 99 years, funny, does the leaders live in HDB's also, of course at least one of them is, right? because 99 years vs 999 years is a very long long time of difference.

Have our CPF increase? what's the difference, how many can really finally hold their money?

Every morning/evening/night you go to work hardly saying anything to your child let alone go out with them, when you'll back, it's the bills you first see, then more bills,with their Ivory towers aloof and being untouchables will they be able to see or hear what you've go through, have they become ignorant with their loud, "So what attitude"?

It's a bright day today, wonder if it'll ever rain again on this island.

Pinky poo

Anonymous said...

So did the "Founding" emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang perform a great personal sacrifice by "uniting" the 7 warring states into the United States of China?
Or was he just a self serving bastard who just wanted to unite China for his own selfish gains?

What about Singapore?
Did our Founding Father perform a great personal sacrifice to develop Singapore for the benefit of all Singaporeans?
Or was it just to benefit himself?
By the way ... our Founding Father is Sir Stamford Raffles.
Who else do you think I was referring to?

Anonymous said...

Singapore Joke
Q: How do you confuse a Singaporean?
A: Just say .... Whose your (founding) daddy?