The mysterious disappearance of MH370

There are many theories regarding the disappearance of MH370. The aircraft was flying a normal route from KL to Beijing and nothing untoward is expected. It was a routine commercial flight. It took off and was in contact with the Malaysian air traffic control until prior to the handover to Vietnam’s air traffic control when radio and radar contact were lost. Malaysian sources claimed that their radar showed that the aircraft was turning back before it disappeared.

In normal cases of aircraft developing engine trouble, the pilot would have time to contact air traffic control or send out emergency signal. The absence of distress signal indicates that the pilot did not have the time to do so, for whatever reasons. What could these reasons be, an explosion, no one in the cockpit to trigger the distress signal or the pilot was restrained from doing so.
The question then is, how could the aircraft disappear from radar contact? And the transponder was not on or switched off too? Without radar contact means it was not there or had descended quickly to be out of radar envelop. This possibility could mean that the aircraft has been hijacked and went low level to escape radar detection…and a glimmer of hope that it would appear somewhere.

The fact that no debris was found so far is a good sign that the aircraft did not crash into the sea. Even with an air explosion, there must be plenty of pieces floating in the sea. An aircraft of that size cannot plunge into the sea in one piece unless it successfully dived to sea level before entry into the water. In that case the pilot would have time to make an emergency call.

And the black boxes are not transmitting location signals. It is very unlikely that the two boxes would be quiet if an accident had happened. This added to the mystery. Could the aircraft still be around somewhere after being hijacked by professionals who knew how to fly the aircraft outside of radar coverage and landed somewhere, intact, in one piece? The aircraft has enough fuel to fly to Beijing and thus could be flown to another destination as well.

The crash or explosion theory is not confirmed by the absence of debris and the transmissions from the black boxes. The Malaysian report of the aircraft turning back indicated that the aircraft had changed course. Could it make a turn and a steep dive to low level and flown to another destination under the radar cover? As long as no debris is found, the probability of the aircraft in one piece somewhere cannot be ruled out. 

Just a possibility until a crash is confirmed.


Matilah_Singapura said...

My theory: Muslim terrorists pissed off with the Chinese government's handling of the Uyghur fuckheads.

No, I don't have proof. But so far the clues (which we assume are correct and the media is being honest about) point to some kind of "conspiracy" to "punish" China and its sympathisers.

Anonymous said...

Why are we still hanging onto the "official version" from Malaysia?
Isn't this the same PM who was involved in the Mongolian's murder and there is still no outcome and justice? Isn't this the govt who runs a 'black-out' election just recently?

It took the foreign press to reveal two passengers with stolen passports on board. Now we are told there is 4. So why are they keeping mum about the other two? Who are they?

And who are the 5 passengers whose luggages were removed after they have failed to check in? Why aren't reporters reporting?

Are there other important people traveling on the same flight? Do we know all the passengers onboard who are accounted for already?

The stocks have plunged 20% this morning. Any insiders who have made a big short or unusual activities prior to that?

Anonymous said...


Air France crash found out that it was due to a silly small pitut problem that led to the misreading by the pilots.

Remember, none of the 4 planes that crashed into the 9/11 towers gave out the distress signals when they were hijacked. is it really so easy with just a flick of a switch if it were so simple?

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. It is about time more people stopped giving "the religion of peace" a fucking pass.

Over 30 INNOCENT average, everyday, peaceful people were mercilessly slaughtered in Kunming barely 2 weeks ago. And the world's BALLS-LESS media, including Singapore's very own MSM dare not name the philosophy of the group/s responsible.

For fuck's sake lah. Many Muslim leaders like to fan and promote violence as a response to anyone who dares to "criticise Islam". They equate evidence based criticism as being an INSULT to the faith, and violence and death as the only appropriate response.

It is high time people see thru this No-win situation and reject it wholesale. Your govt doesn't have the balls, neither does its lapdog main stream media. Everyone wants to go around on tip toes so as not to "offend Muslims", even and especially when Muslims resort to violence and the cowardly slaughter of innocent citizens (aka "terrorism") so as to "make a point".

Fuck that shit lah. I won't be silent. You don't "win" just because you can kill me.

Anonymous said...

Stocks where got plunge 20%?
Can I buy stocks from you at a 20% discount from Friday's closing price?

Vote out the traitors in GE 2016.

patriot said...

MH370 was reported to have fuel for an 8 hours flight. When the Aircraft was no where to be seen after that, it was as good as kaputed.

When it was not found anywhere after 30 hours, instinctively the Massacre at Kunming Train Station and the Bomb Blast at Tian An Men Square came into my mind.

I think the Aircraft had became fragments.


Anonymous said...

Given the time at which the incident occurred, the aircraft should be at around 35,000 ft and cruising, meaning on autopilot lah.

This is supposed to be the safest point of the flight, because at this height the air is so thin that a plane can even glide for 20 mins even if all engines failed.

With no distress signals sent out, it can only mean something very sudden and catastrophic happened at this height, where the pilot and co pilot had not even seconds, let alone minutes, to react.

Therefore the plane must had already become pieces at this height, so that's why hard to find any sizeable debris even after 2 days, despite the tens of number of ships and aircraft from a number of countries activated to look for it.

Very sad for the victims, where most likely even body parts, let alone bodies, can ever be found.

patriot said...

The Theory that the Aircraft was making a turn off does not sound logical.
If the Pilots had time to do that, then they should have time to make distress signal and call.


patriot said...

My apology.
'turn off' should read 'turn around'.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah best. Najib's government kena tekan by the "orang China".

From The Guardian:

>>> A Chinese newspaper has warned the Malaysian government not to shirk its responsibilities over missing Flight 370.

The Global Times, a tabloid under the Communist Party mouthpiece People's Daily, said in a tersely worded editorial that "the Malaysian side cannot shirk its responsibilities".

It added: "Until yesterday, it could not even ensure accurate information about the passengers.

"The initial response from Malaysia was not swift enough.

"There are loopholes in the work of Malaysia Airlines and security authorities."

The newspaper added the airlines should take the blame if it turns out to be a mechanical breakdown or pilot error and the security checks at Kuala Lumpur airport and on the flight would be called into question if it turns out to be a terrorist attack. <<<

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No explosion in the aircraft other than something near to a nuclear bomb could vaporise an aircraft to no traces. Many parts at the tip of the airframe, like the tail fin, wings, flaps, etc would not disappear.

The turn is highly possible if the aircraft has been hijacked and the hijackers taken control and flew the aircraft to another destination or ditched somewhere safe.

As long as no debris is found, there is a slim hope that the passengers could be alive.

Anonymous said...

Our own "Bermuda Triangle" in the South China Sea.....

Matilah_Singapura said...

I love it. The Chinese are making Najib's asshole bleed to the point of haemorrhagic diarrhoea (aka "shitting blood"), and it is awesome entertainment!

From The Guardian:

>>> The state-run China Daily has also taken aim at the Malaysian government.

In an editorial, it said "it wears our patience" to wait for news about the missing flight.

It also read: "Whether the missing plane is located or not, and whether its loss is due to terrorist attack or a mechanical fault or something else, the fact that some of the passengers on board were travelling with false passports should serve as a reminder to the whole world that security can never be too tight, at airports in particular, since terrorism, the evil of the world, is still trying to stain human civilisation with the blood of innocent lives."<<<

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My initial thought was a bomb and and mid air explosion. Since there is no traces of debris, I am more incline to rule this out, and also a crash into the sea for the same reason. There must be evidence and traces of a crash or explosion.

Anonymous said...

The news or should I say the lack of it has left most of us with very little choice but to contact Agent Mulder and Agent Sculler for clues. Other than that, one could only pray for divine intervention in a case like this. The authorities are not coming forward with the facts.

Anonymous said...

Matilah_Singapura said...
P.S. It is about time more people stopped giving "the religion of peace" a fucking pass.

The Abrahmic religions are very dangerous religions with many built in doctrines for violence. The believers are ignoring these and tried to whitewash them as very peaceful religions.

Please lah, go and read their scriptures and stare at the what were written in them and face the ugly truth. These religions preached violence. Period.

patriot said...

A Boeing 777 Aircraft is not a helicopter that can land at any level ground. It can only land on International size airports. All such airports are statement owned and no hijacked aircraft can land without approval from the respective authority. There is no way Flt MH370 could have landed anywhere safely other than a proper international airport.

If the Aircraft, cargoes and paxs had brokened into fragments at great height, they will be widely dispersed and most will be sunk if fallen into the sea. This will make it very difficult to locate them. Just personal view, do forgive if I had make any mistake.



patriot said...

My apology for typing error.

'statement owned.......', should read 'state/government owned......


Anonymous said...

"The turn is highly possible if the aircraft has been hijacked and the hijackers taken control and flew the aircraft to another destination or ditched somewhere safe."
RB 1:41 pm

Aiyo RB please lah, for what, u tell me lah?

Hijackers are brave but not daft lah. A human being cannot survive for 7 days without water u know. And there are two hundred over of them.

And till now, there were also no responsibilities or demands from any terrorist group.

Anonymous said...


Taiwan received terrorist threats at airport and stations after the Kunming attacks...here's another clue to ponder.

AFter 60hurs and still no debris. Maybe all those searches are just false flags. Maybe Najib's govt is already negotiating with the terrorists group for all we know..

Anonymous said...

This is a tough nut to crack. Frst thing in my mind is that the aircraft crashed and crashed down fast. Few possibilities. #1 It was hijacked but this is not likely since pilots had not sent out a hijack signal. 2. Catastrophic mechanical failure especially the wing falls off. This is not common but if does, the spin would knockout pilots and all on board. 3. Bomb explosion on board but so far no indication that a bomb is involved.

Based on the 3 probables, I think it is likely to be mechanical failure. MAS has reported there was a wing problem and maybe this waas not fixed. Even it was fixed, it could be on paper only with no actual work. Malaysia boleh!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

At the moment everyone is speculating on the possibilities. What we can do is to do logical deduction and rule out the obvious. Even the experts do not know what happened to the aircraft. No one is sure and neither am I.

But I can rule out the possibility of a crash or an explosion until they found the debris.

Patriot, with all the passengers and their luggages, many of the material will float. With 239 passengers there are a lot of floating material out there. And with so many ships and aircraft searching in the area, it could not be missed.

You are right to say that the aircraft cannot land in any airport without being noticed. There is a possibility that it could ditch in one of the beaches or water near the coast with the aircraft broken but still with survivors. An experienced pilot could do that.

From the nature of things, it looks like a professional job, the pilot and co pilot were taken by surprise and could not send out any signal. The hijackers took over control, dived the aircraft and ditched it somewhere in the regional sea.

Why do you think the search has extended to western region away from the flight path. They are not ruling out this possibility that the aircraft could be flown there.

I am not saying that this will be the case, but who knows?

Anonymous said...

I agree if there is no debris, there is no explosion or disintegration. We can out above and suicide.

So we are left with hijacking, and they are docked somewhere safe and outside the radar.

I think MH should start drilling down on each and every of the passengers onboard and their background.

It remains unknown who were the 5 who checked in with baggages but didn't board/or were removed. And the other 2 suspects who traveled on fake passports? And we just learnt something about this australian couple who are in financial trouble..maybe worth checking their insurance status too?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When they used stolen passports you don't really have a clue who they are unless there are real photos on them. Hope the CCTV at check in counters could throw some light.

patriot said...

Hi Chin Leng;

The Followings events are on my mind:-
a) A group of Chinese Cultural Troupe onboard, thos could had been piblicized in PRC and or Malaysia. They are representatives of PRC.
b) Kunming Train Station Massacre followed after Tian An Men Explosion.
c) 5 passengers did not board despite checking in their baggages. Did Malaysian Airlines know their reason (s) and what were the Reason (s). What are their Nationalities?
d) Malaysian Military Authority detected Said Aircraft making turn-around, why was Civil Authority not informed by the Pilots as well as the Military Monitor(s)? Seems to breach protocols to me.
d) To date, no signal from Black Box detected despite very extensive participations in the Searches by many natoons equipped with latest hi-tech gadgets. Switched off, destructed or........
e) Oil patches were found, though not conclusive, they are not usual or natural phenomenon.

For the time being, all signs are not optimistic for the Flight (and paxs). And I would say it is fatal for a large aircraft to land anywhere except airport capable of handling it.


Anonymous said...

There is a book called Lost Horizon by James Hilton, where a plane was hijacked in China and flew to Tibet and Shangri-La.

Maybe MH370 was hijacked by Uighur separatists, detoured to fly over Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Tibet, areas with little radar coverage. Then it landed at Tajiskistan, Krygyzstan or Western Sinkiang, areas with many Uighurs.

As Sherlock Holmes said, when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Anonymous said...


Chinese press reports unusual stock activity a week before disappearance.

The said...

This same plane had problems with its wings. The press in China had pictures of the plane with some missing parts.

Plane could be turning back because of mechanical problem. Pilot did not notify control (no time?) for whatever reason.

MAS is losing billions. Saving on maintenance? Same as MRT breaking down to save on maintenance costs?

Trains can break down and only the passengers suffer. When planes break down in the air.......

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the captain of a commercial aircraft changes course esp turning back, he has all the time to make a call and he must. In this case, it looked like he could not, not that he did not want to.

From the spot it was missing draw a circle around with the distance to Beijing as a radius and you can imagine how far it can go. It has enough fuel to go quite far. But likely it did not go too far as it would be picked up by air traffic control should it enter their control zones.

Where could it go? There has been no reports of radar contact with it so far.

Anonymous said...

heard that Vietnam is sending helicopters to check the "yellow object" that looks like a life raft.....

pray for the best ....

b said...

It seems like just an accident. If there were terrorists involved, they will most likely fly the airplane into tian an men square. All the greedy owners of all profit oriented business all want to cut labor costs, cut maintenance costs, cut safety costs etc. They just want to employ the most inexperience people on board to run the show and they just collect their big profits and fool around.

b said...

The greedy owners of MH 370 is the true culprits. But they will never tell you this truth. They will tell you some nonsense or what they want you to hear to continue their profit mining business as usual.

Anonymous said...

An overturn life raft was seen from the air a couple of mins ago, ships have been dispatch to the sight.

Pinky poo

Anonymous said...

When US$100 billions is mysteriously disappeared from Singapore coffers run by Temasek Holdings and nobody is responsible for it, so am I surprise that Nobody is responsible for mysterious disappearance of MH370 ?

Anonymous said...

"When US$100 billions is mysteriously disappeared from Singapore coffers run by Temasek Holdings and nobody is responsible for it, so am I surprise that Nobody is responsible for mysterious disappearance of MH370 ?"

I talking about financial crisis so don't act blur , ok ?