The Henderson Brooks Report on the Sino Indian Border War 1962 – Top Secret

Spent my Sunday afternoon reading this interesting Top Secret report on the Sino Indian Border War in 1962. The Indian Govt is still holding this report dearly as a top Secret document. Ever since the decisive defeat of the Indian Army, the Indians have been telling the world that China was the aggressor and started the war. And the western media with its hidden agenda simply sang along and made China the bad boy.

This document described fully, in details, the role of the Indians in starting this border war, how it prepared an army corp to evict the Chinese border guards from the disputed borders and how it made all the preliminary incursions and occupation of Chinese positions that ignited the war. It was highlighted the arrogant mindset of the Indians and how they belittled the Chinese with comments like firing a few shots into the air and the Chinese soldiers would fled, or if they advanced and occupied Chinese positions the Chinese would not fight back.

It all started with Nehru’s Forward Policy, a term coined so innocently but with the intent to occupied Chinese territories at the China Indian border. A 4th Corp was commissioned and built up to support this campaign. And for several months, with the forces being introduced into the border area and advancing and occupying positions in the Chinese held positions, the Forward Policy seemed very easy and successful until the Chinese launched a counter offensive to retake all their lost positions and to re-establish the status quo. The border situation has since been maintained till today without the Chinese making any advances into Indian territories that was hyped in 1962 as China nibbling into Indian territories and used as the justification to occupy Chinese territories.

The Top Secret report is a very engaging read and a must read for military officers to get a feel of how the Indian built up an offensive force to the scale of an army corp and how the war was fought, the logistics and how the withdrawal was conducted when they were overwhelmed. There were also many revelations and insights into the thinking, psychic and the Indian perception of the Chinese and how the Chinese would react to their advances.

Reading the report is like a case study of a real war, not war games, with real statistics involving brigades and divisions. The report is still available at http://www.indiandefencereview.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/TopSecretdocuments2.pdf

This report is still banned by the Indian Govt and it is not sure how long it would be available before it is removed from the net. This is what Wikipedia commented on the report. ‘The Henderson Brooks-Bhagat report, also referred to as the Henderson Brooks report, is a classified report prepared by two Indian Army officers, Lieutenant-General Henderson Brooks and Brigadier Premindra Singh Bhagat, on the Sino-Indian War of 1962. Bhagat later was promoted as a lieutenant general. Part I of the two-part report was leaked in 2014 by a retired left-wing Australian journalist. (The second part deals with the enduring lessons of the Chinese aggression.)

The Henderson Brooks-P.S. Bhagat report was supposed to be an "operations review" of the causes of the Indian Army's humiliating rout by the ‘invading’ People's Liberation Army. The two investigating officers, however, skirted the operations review by focusing on the political causes of the rout in the war….’

The comments in Wikipedia were likely to be posted by an India author that still flouted the PLA as the invading forces and blaming China for the war. The Henderson Brooks report is the raw data and proof and what really happened and who was the aggressor. It categorically dismisses the Indian myth that they were the angels and were invaded by the Chinese.

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oldhorse42 said...

The Chinese were clearly victorious.

They were so deadly accurate with their bazookas.They could esily march to New Delhi had they wanted to.
Instead the Chinese just withdrew to their borders and ended the war.

Virgo 49 said...

Understand the PLA advanced quite deep into the Kymer Pass.

The Indians were devastated. The PLA intelligence company had to make a report of the enemies strength before advancing.

Luckily, a private Indian arty man had the presence of mind when he saw the PLA surveying the border pass.

He told the Indian General to line up a company of men with their pants down and their backsides facing the pass. Quickly, he instructed a platoon of men to use white paint and draw a circle on each of the men's backsides.

The PLA recce team through their binoculars saw the hundreds of canons.

Oh my gosh!!!!

Quickly they stay put and this was how the war ended.

Anonymous said...

In this war, the aggressor blamed the victims for aggression when the victim, China, just wanted a status quo and peace at the border. The fact that China withdrew to their previous positions without staying at the new positions inside India that they had overran is testimony that there was no such intention in the first place.

And China proved that it meant to keep the border as it was for the next 50 years till now without harbouring any expansionist intention confirmed the lies the Indians were spreading then and now. The one that is harbouring aggressive intent till today are the Indians.

Anonymous said...

One good thing came out from this humiliating defeat of the Indian army. Never trifle with the peasant soldiers and never try any mischief at the borders again. All the talks about how good they were, how good they looked compared to the poor peasant soldiers are nothing when one is on the ground and fighting real battles in a war.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, soldiers can be trained for years and can claimed to be as well trained as what they claimed to be.

A saying: Soldiers use for only one time only.

One bullet one kill can be the latest weaponry or just from a crude rifle. It still kills.

The years of do called training gone to dust.

In the final analysis countries win wars based also on the morale and patriotism of the soldiers.

Are they willing to die for their country and families.

This is the main spirit of fighting a war and the question on every soldier's mind:

"Is it worth for me to die and fight for my country"

In sinkie land now, the answer is obvious

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't know why there is all this post-hoc ANALysis. The fact remains:

1. India started something they clearly should not have.

2. India got its ass kicked and fucked until the curry fell out.

3. India deserved it. Bloody stupid cunts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Virgo, fully agree with you. The most powerful driving force of the soldiers are the intangibles like country and people and loyalty. And of course there are the tangibles like protecting their loved ones, and their own lifestyle.

When silly people keep harping that meritocratic people from all over the world are welcomed to replace the citizens, you can imagine what the citizens would be thinking in their mind?

Yes, do they have anything to fight for when their fate in the country is monetised based on their usefulness to the economy?

Anonymous said...

India and its wild ambition will never unite with China. It is waiting to screw China. It just did yesterday when China requested for its ship to visit the ports in Nicobar and Andaman on its mercy mission to locate MH370 but was rudely refused by the Indians.

And the Indians are rattling their sabres in the SE China Sea to the Chinese thinking that it is now a super power and can take on China.

Anonymous said...

Nehru and the Indians were just following their previous British colonial masters' doctrine of aggression and conquest. The British had previously occupied illegally large chunks of Chinese lands at will when China was weak . Inspite of persistent Chinese demands to the British that they returned these stolen lands to China they kept on stalling. This situation hanged on and remained unsettled when the British handed independence to India after the Second World War.

After its independence India not only felt comfortable sitting tight on those stolen Chinese lands but the Indians and Nehru had other greater insidious ambitions.They had a forward policy to probe China's weakness at the border and to eventually invade and take full control over the whole of Xichang ( Tibet ). Nehru believed that China was weak after more than a decade of war against the Japanese invaders and long internal civil war. With all the best modern military weapons and hardware inherited from the British, Nehru believed that it was the best time to invade Xichang. Fortunately or unfortunately he miscalculated for the Chinese peasant army, the PLA was able to give the Indians a terrible sounding defeat after some initial setbacks when the Chinese were caught unprepared and unaware of the treacherous Indian attack.

Having won the victory the Chinese treated the thousands of Indian war prisoners exceedingly well, feted them, polished their rifles and gave them some provisions before allowing them to return to India. The Chinese who had already marched deep into India almost near the outskirts of Delhi then voluntarily and unilaterally withdrew to China and to the previous original line of control at the border.

If China were to act and behave like the Western powers or Russia or Japan , China would have stayed put in India . Fortunately for India, China was not aggressive and the Chinese have never believed in aggression and conquest. So good luck to India

Anyway , a new China which is strong and powerful is not to be trifled with. India and China should unite, work and cooperate cohesively to build and develope their countries and to thwart the evil insidious ambitions of the West, America, Russia and Japan.


b said...

Thats why Jesus warned us over and over again against false prophets. He did not mean the chinese. No prize for guessing which group he is targeting.

b said...

When we have Sunzi, Laozi, Kongzi, the indians were still running around naked and screwing each other like animals.

Anonymous said...

Haha long b4 Sunzi, Laozi n Kongzi, there was Kamasutra, Bhagavad Gita, Hinduism n much more. Chinese embraced Buddhism during Lsozi and Kongzi's time, Buddhism provided the Chinese spiritual enlightenment. However, the Chinese did not teach the Indian their Philosophy. So, Indians have never adopted as Chinese Culture whereas the Chinese have to date accredited their Wushu and spiritual enlightenment to Indian Influence.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Indian and Chinese civilisation are almost as old as each other. b must be mistaken with the European civilisation.

Anonymous said...

The Vedas is considered the oldest scripture in human history.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I wish there were more people like b. We don't need anyone else to destroy chinkies. People like b. are enough to f**k up his own race.

Anonymous said...

b. you are wrong. The Chinese are first in everything. The first case of humans fucking animals were found in China. The prophets did not come from Middle East, they came from China.

Anonymous said...

The Indians copied it and make it a way of life.