Sinkies need foreign recruitment agencies to get jobs here

The proliferation of recruitment agencies owned by foreigners is not something to be trifled with. We have crazily, under the notion of free market forces, to issue all kinds of licences to foreigners to compete against our own citizens. Insurance agencies, student recruitment agencies, housing agents, and recruitment agencies, all that can be run without much talent is given freely to foreigners. In the case of recruitment agencies, there appears to be an unwritten modus operandi, where the employers choose to work with these foreign owned agencies, or new citizen owned agencies, and the target group of employees is foreigners, has led to a situation where jobs are given to foreigners instead of citizens.

Not only the citizens are losing out on jobs, the citizen owned agencies are having a tough time getting a share of the recruitment pie as their local data base with mainly local applicant CVs are not in demand by employers, local and foreign. The talk is that if one is thinking of getting a job, the chances of success are better with a foreign recruitment agency. The catch is that it is very rare that a foreign recruitment agency would want to job match a citizen. There seems to be a lot of under table practices that made it so lucrative to place foreigners than to place citizens and that made the latter not a worthwhile effort.

A free market system, a ‘meritocrazy’ policy that only naïve little boys and girls think will work, are working against the citizens in all areas and making them look like fools, hapless, unwanted, and with no one to turn to except to look for a taxi licence when all things failed. The failure of the govt to ignore the plight of its citizens for good jobs will be translated into negative votes for sure. The citizens may be daft but not daft to the extent that they did not know who they should vote to Parliament to look after their interests.

The nearly cooked citizens will feel the pain soon, other than those that are already cooked. When they start to jump out of the boiling water, things can be ugly. The lethargy, the lack of will to change the nature of things to their own advantage, the stupidity to believe that it is all their fault, that the foreigners are smarter and more deserving than them, have kept the daft Sinkies in a state of resignation and despair.

Either they wake up their ideas or they will be the new beggars in this super rich island of super opportunities that are going to the foreigners. Is there a conspiracy that jobs should go to foreigners, that employers rather work with foreign recruiters than the citizens to recruit foreigners? Or is it how the system has been designed and allowed to do the citizens in?

What price to pay for being daft and to be treated as daft even by foreigners? No one knows what is going on, really?


Anonymous said...

"The proliferation of recruitment agencies owned by foreigners is not something to be trifled with."

There is no supply if there is no demand.
Where is the demand for foreign talents coming from?
Is it the PAP?

What is the enabling mechanism for these foreign recruitment agencies?
Is it the PAP?

Who supports the PAP?
Is it the 60%?
Are your friends and parents among the 60%?

Anonymous said...

Compare this to our National Day Rally.

Who is asked to sacrifice?
Who gets paid millions?
The blurring of the lines between political party and country.
The appeal to elitism.

Anonymous said...

@ 03 Mar 9.55am

" Is it the 60%? "

How did u get the number 60%?

If you add extreme outliers such as newly billionaires into the average, statistically the expected value or mean is skewed upwards.


Take the national median and mean income for example:

Supposedly per capita GDP income ( means national average )is about US$60,000 or S$70,000+ per year.

But individual median income officially is about S$3,000+ as of 2013. So, statistics wise there is a huge difference or deviation or variability, whichever term one chooses to use .....

Anonymous said...

In other words, to be more precise statistically in "tabulating national average", "outliers or extreme figures" should be "discarded".

The 60% figure includes unrealistic contest between "suicide squads" against heaviest of heavy weights.

To calculate a statistically meaningful national average, "extreme result should be omitted in the calculation".

Instead of taking the mean or expected value, even taking the median percentage likely yields a figure far lower than 60%.


Anonymous said...

In statistical model, sampling design and methodology is crucial to yield more accurate picture.

Anonymous said...

For example, if in some constituencies, hypothetically, the contests are between between Harvard and Cambridge educated elites and some last minute clobbered together rat-tat garang guni men or coffee shop ah peks, would the result accurately reflect a true average support level among the citizenry?

Anonymous said...

"A free market system, a ‘meritocrazy’ policy that only naïve little boys and girls think will work, are working against the citizens in all areas.."

We ARE a country run by little boys and girls, voted in place by a majority of apathetic and or the ignorant/brainwashed/afraid(although of these, some know exactly what they are voting for).

Just like our much touted SPF, when put in a complex position, their cookie crumbled in a moment, showing up the shallow depth of the ranks both top and bottom, and so with our little boys and girls in white too, not only falling short in the real test, but actually have little idea of how to lead, genuinely protect and inspire. I guess also, when one is too inwardly focussed on self, such as amassing material personal wealth, one loses sight of such mundane considerations as public welfare.

Not withstanding the generous heaps of self praise, spin and mutual back-slapping, no amount of history is going to exonerate the failings of the leadership that has led to this present reality.

Anonymous said...

So including such "skewed" numbers are statistically not "advocated" in a real statistical sampling design and tabulation.

Anonymous said...

For example, if a statistical exercise is to measure the heights of our younger males in the population and 50% of the sampling data consists of basket ball players, high jumpers and some new citizens foreign born ang mohs and blacks, would the average height obtained not be skewed upwards?

Can we conclude then that our younger generation has grown substantially much taller?

Anonymous said...

To measure national average support meaningfully, it should reflect apple against apple?

Only take those results with proper contest?

So sinkies would not be "unfairly" blamed for the national average "skewed upwards" percentage?

Anonymous said...

You are so right! A PMET friend of mine in the IT industry has been looking for a job for a year now.

He commented that so far 95% of the recruiters whom he has spoken to are all Indians or Ang Mohs. Wonder if that is the reason he is still unsuccessful in his job search!

Anonymous said...

We have been taken over and many are still sleeping or in a state of hallucination.

Anonymous said...

"Or is it how the system has been designed and allowed to do the citizens in?"

No lah, it is not designed to do Sinkies in. In fact it is designed to help Sinkies. Remember PM Lee ever said foreigners helped to create jobs for Sinkies?

So if the system now do the Sinkies in, it is just an unintended and bad side effect lah.

Just like chemotherapy, which is intended to treat cancer patients, has a lot of bad side effects, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for the PMEs that were replaced by fake foreigners. What is happening to our country? What is the govt doing?

Anonymous said...

/// What is the govt doing? ///

Bringing in even more foreigners lah!
You never heard of the Population White Paper meh?
You never heard of the Pro Alien Party meh?

You must be one of the daft voters that LKY despises so much.

b said...

Sinkies should take flight. When there is only ahnehs around, this place will become shit and boring and messy and everyone, including the foreigners themselves will take flight. Why help the ahnehs to succeed by staying around? Sell out and go. Europeans will not be so big deal if they never venture out into the seven seas.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What many Singaporeans "need" is a swift kick up the backside to first stop whinging, then to get motivated to compete.

Every job entails the employee to create value. If you come across as a non-value-creating-motherfucker, then sorry lah, no job for you.

Simple yah?

Anonymous said...

What Matilah said, could be right to the core as some of us do need a swift kick to our butts, as we do tent to constantly keep on whining....but on the majority as policies made to open the door to tom, dick and harry could and very well affect and have our jobs taken away....cheaper labour is very much in demand against the older workers, no matter how gung ho or competitive you are.
The ang mo's have an appeal to be better and greater in knowledge and know how, how true that is stands to be justified but again because of the open door policy they again can and is taking away jobs from the sinkies, there are also many other factors like how 10 ppl can be lump into a room etc.
You can actually forgive the complains as the numbers of years the old farts have put in working religiously, daily, changing their sweat, blood and tears into placing the dot on the map, and then suddenly grinding to a halt and are replaced, there's not very much competiveness left in you when you'll 60 or 55 or even the late 40's.
The loyalty and trust place into a livelihood can be damn demeaning, not forgetting the encouragement by minsters to take the toilet cleaning job ( not because it is low class or what ) or retraining when you have spent 3/4 of your life on the job to stay competitive.
The last will be the cream, of your CPF being hold till god returns, the money which is legally yours and was meant to be your savings.

The FT's are paraded to let us have jobs, but first of course we have to dodge, them, and their Ferrari's, buses and lorries driven by them. They drive into sin city in their thousand of vehicles, many without insurances, funny?, how when we drive without one, it's considered an offence and punishable by law but when they dun have one it's not our problem....double standards??, not surprising, why, NO work shop would take your repairs when you have an accident against a Malaysian vehicle, "we do not have the resources to make the citizens have a better life by demanding that they too have insurance"?.

The anger is coming from the spur of money, like the S$4,3 billion (5km ) vs 4.5 billion riggit on a 24 km bridge, it's really hard to fathom the immense difference in dollars, perhaps the missing 20km is under water?, anger is also coming from the billions spent here and there, then telling sinkies that, "they think we are rich", and with a turn around spending yet another billion here and there.

While the elites is spending S$2 for a heart bypass the normal have to spent the thousands, while their houses can be like a palace, the norms are small tiny holes. While they draw their millions to draw up policies to make us pay more.......do we still need the kick to the butt? think we are already kicking our own butts.

Pinky Poo

Anonymous said...

Costs of every damn thing is going up - cars, bus fares, taxi fares, cigarettes, liquor, hawker food.....Cost are going up in a straight line ! When will come the last straw that breaks the camel's back ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Pinky Poo, welcome to the blog.

Matilah's idea is that of an extremist that do not believe in states. So the whole population here can be replaced by foreigners if they are proven to be better, a survival of the fittest theory. All the old and lame have no place in this world, no right to exist.

Unfortunately our policies are moving along the same path as Matilah has advocated. No good enough, please go, there are a thousand foreigners waiting at the door.

The sickness of this idea is that the foreigners don't play by this rule. They play survival of the most clannish group. They move and act as a group to replace the dafts like Matilah who thinks he is good enough individually than the average daft Sinkies.

We all know that many of the foreigners are fakes and mediocre workers but came in by fraud through the aid of their clans.