Sinkies’ ‘chap cheng’ mentality

Heard that Singapore is promoting the Songkran festival at the Padang. Now which organization is spearheading this event? I think it is a good start for a ‘chap cheng’ city. The meaning of ‘chap’ is ten and ‘cheng’ is tribes, together they men ten tribes. With so many tribes here we should have more festivals. Now let’s see what China, India, the Philippines, Myanmar and the rest of the foreigners here have in their home countries. We can celebrate all their festivals here so that they don’t have to go home and can feel at home here.

We can have more holidays in our calendars as well. We can change our official languages from 4 to plenty to make our city more global. Please don’t complain about 6.9m. And please don’t complain about being Sinkies. Sinkies will no longer be called Sinkies if we keep globalizing in this way. We can proudly call ourselves the ‘Chap Cheng’ country and our citizens or residents be called, yes, you got it right, ‘Chap Cheng’.

We have nothing of our own to be proud of and we can keep coveting other people’s culture and festivals and even talents to make us feel better, to be more global and some self assurance that we are ok. After creating so many fakes for the locals and tourists, at least a festival like Songkran is real. We can have the colour powder festival of India and the bun festival of Hongkong. We can have bullock racing at the padang as well. And not to forget the smashing of tons of edible tomatoes on the streets for fun. Let’s celebrate, let’s party as the world in a chap cheng City, or a more marketable and sleek name like the City of Chap Chengs.

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Anonymous said...

It's all about money lah, RB. All about money. Nothing to do with the essence or true spirit of the festival. That's why every year I'd rather go to the JB Chap Go Mei parade than Sinkie's Chingay parade.

Anonymous said...

I know it is "Chap Chengkie"

Anonymous said...

When the only motivation is money, anything will do. Next time they will parade their mothers if that can draw the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Everything can be commercialised to make money yah? Selling our soul for money.

Anonymous said...

RB, I don't know why u wanted to ruin my Sunday each week by writing the truth nothing but the truth. On Sunday, can't u write something more pleasing to the eyes?

Anonymous said...

Pay a million dollars in salary.
And this is the type of economic development we get for Singaporeans.

Vote out the motherfuckers in GE 2016!

Anonymous said...

Bangkok Post

[Stealing our Songkran?]

"It can't walk and chew gum,
but Singapore thinks it can just waltz in
and pinch Thailand's famous water festival"


Anonymous said...

What you call chap cheng-iness of the hotel-city, I call "diversity" and "plurality". Or some may prefer the "hipper" term: cosmopolitan.

One may argue that the free market in economic terms doesn't really exist. However, in free cuntrees like Singapore, the free markets in IDEAS and CULTURE most certainly exist, and function REALLY WELL.

Keep those borders open. Let the tribes of the world convene in Hotel Singapore!

MS -- fucking blogger server is down -- cannot login.

Anonymous said...

Usually i try to control myself but i dont know which MF can always come up with more n more freaking ideas to satisfy n accomodate foreigners than locals. To be clear i m not against foreigners but there must be a limit to how much we bent. We seems to be the only country that bent in an extreme manner.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Server back online.

In the true sense of the word, Singapore is becoming a more chap cheng city -- like London, New York, Vancouver, Sydney etc. as emigres and locals hook up, fuck and suck and suck and fuck, and consequently produce offspring of "mixed features".

But this is nothing new. It only has increased because of globalisation, and the nomadic nature of mankind.

Creating diversity and mixing up the gene pool is biologically wonderful for the long term.

I have done my part, and I encourage others to do the same. Find a foreigner, and fuck and suck and suck and fuck them until babies come out. Then find another foreigner and do the same. Consider it a form of "national service" -- or a "patriotic duty".

So what are you waiting for? Start fucking. Contribute your ovum and sperm, for the nation, for the future.

Marilah kita bersatu
dengan semangat yang baru;
Semua kita ber-SCREW :-)

Majulah Singapura!

oldhorse42 said...

There is a report that a Spore man is under probe for going to fight in Syria.
This man is a 37 year old former Indian national and a Singapore citizen since 2008 and was employed as a supermarket manager.
How did a radical like that get a job and citizenship so easily?

Anonymous said...

/// How did a radical like that get a job and citizenship so easily? ///

The same way traitors get elected into the Singapore parliament.

Singaporeans have very low standards when it comes to citizenship and choice of political leaders who will "represent" Singaporeans in parliament.

Anonymous said...

'Chap cheng' is Hokkien and Teochew Dialects for 杂种 in Mandarin and Written Chinese. It means non pure, not pure, adulterated or of mixed components.
In Chinese Expression, it casts and connotes a derogatory slur on the One (s) it is used on. The English equivalence is bastard or bastardized.

Sin is not ever going to be a nation as it is not pure in anything.

Anonymous said...

In front of his employer or MOM he appeared very very nice and they were so impressed with him to give him a job and make him a citizen.

Anonymous said...

Wait till we have a 'red bean' festival to rival the 'red shirt' festival, then you will surely support the idea.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, talk cock again but if I support your idea, can I fuck u first follow by fucking your wife, sisters, daughters and mother in that order. Knn cpcb, talk cock u know

b said...

Give them bread and circuses (aka parties) and they will stay happy and not revolt. At the same time, cronies can make a lot of monies. Ancient wisdom.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> but if I support your idea, can I fuck u first follow by fucking your wife, sisters, daughters and mother in that order. <<

No no. You must fuck me last. I am the ugliest of them all. Don't waste your sperm by fucking me first.

Also, you may not fuck my wife...but you are welcome to my 2 ex-wives as they're both cunt-bitches who took alot of my money.