Singapore is the most successful car manufacturer

Singapore manufactures practically every top brand cars in the world, from Rolls Royce, Mercedes, BMWs, Bentley’s, Lamborghinis and Ferraris to all the Japanese and Korean brands. And the profit margin is so high that it is becoming the envy of other car manufacturers. For every Mercedes or BMW sold, what the OEM and distributors earned is a pittance of what the Singapore Govt earned.

Now this is productivity Singapore style. We manufactured cars without having to do the difficult and dirty work. And our cost is practically zero with no overheads. Just ask Mercedes and BMW how much they make for each sale and go and find out how much the Singapore Govt makes. It is mind blowing.

Singapore is the most successful car manufacturer in the whole world.


oldhorse42 said...

This little island no longer manufacture or build cars. It just produce a little piece of paper called certificate of entitlement which entitles the holder to buy a car.
The price of this piece of paper often cost more than the value of the car one buys with it.
Daft sinkie accept this system which allocates valuable resource to the highest bidder.
The highest bidders are often rich foreigners and poor sinkies are denied on the joy or owning a car.
Yhe system also make the Govy rich and the people poor.

Anonymous said...

"For every Mercedes or BMW sold, what the OEM and distributors earned is a pittance of what the Singapore Govt earned."

That's why they are the Govt mah.

And the Govt comprises the smartest Sinkies because they make the most money. Who else in Sinkieland make more money than the Govt, u tell me lah?

Not only the Govt make the most money, they are also the best available one to be Govt to make the money.

So smart or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

So really matters is to be the Govt in order to make the most money lah.

And if WP become Govt, WP will also make a lot of money, tio bo?

And if PAP is not the Govt, PAP will also cannot make money, and no different from WP now, tio bo?

So it not so much as which party is smarter in making money but rather which party is able to become (or elected rather) govt.

Anonymous said...

Tiok . At the end of the day, it is those daft, poor and jobless Sinkies who cannot make enough money who suffered.

But who cares, if they are only a minority (40% or less), tio bo?

Anonymous said...

But who cares, if they are only a minority (40% or less), tio bo?
Anon 9:14 am

Tiok. Nobody cares because Sinkies are compassion deficit.

patriot said...

Singapore is not only the Most Successful Manufacturer Of Cars, it is also the Most Profitable One.
The Same goes for its Vice Industries at Marina, Geylang and Everywhere In Sin.
All these are only possible because of the Talented Leadership In Sin.


Anonymous said...

I must admit the civil service sector is full of clever people, Alas, if only these people have hearts and divert some of their energy to serve the people instead of thinking how to make money for the masters. Fuck, this will be a great country indeed.

Virgo49 said...

@Patriot 9.19am

Singapore "Car Manufacturer" with no plant no need produce a single bolt, nut and makes 1000 time profit more the actual manufacturers.

Besides, still got ARF, OMV, and Customs Duty before the GST . There still the ERPs and parking fees.

Sinkies, been nuts outbids one another just to get a set of wheels.

Prestige Man, my car costs more than yours. One Sin registered car can buy three in Malaysia and still got balance cash for petrol, road, insurance and leather bucket seats.

Motor dealers outbid each other just to sell theirs for commissions.

After all, who pays??

Not us - you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

PAP government is just very good at taxing Singaporeans.

Where do you think our government budget surplus and our Singapore reserves come from?

Where do our reserves come from?
From Singaporean citizens paying taxes?
Or from Temasek's excellent investment profits?

Anonymous said...

Daft or not, Sinkies really have no choice or alternatives. It is either you pay the ransom to buy a car, take a taxi or public transport, with the latter two alternatives being totally or partially monopolised by the Government, directly or indirectly.

So, you see, not only are they the most successful car manufacturer in the world, they are also the most successful screwer in the world.

Sinkies are now so immuned to screwing, they actually seem to enjoy it, as shown by their support for the screwer at every election.

jjgg said...

Rb..title of your essay is wrong la...should be..Singapore govt..the worlds biggest milker!! The leech milks everything to feed the fat cats.

Anonymous said...

/// Sinkies really have no choice or alternatives. ///

Who say got no choice?
Every 5 years you have a choice.
It's whether you know how to make good use of the choices you have.

"There Is Always A Choice"
- The title of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's autobiography.

versus PAPigs
"There is no choice ... you must vote PAP because we are just a barren piece of rock"

Think lah!
If really barren piece of rock, then how come our Singapore property prices are so high?
How come a barren piece of rock can support the world's highest paid cabinet ministers?

The said...

You got it wrong, greenbean.
This is better than manufacturing where you have to have lots of land and resource input. This is just paper printing - printing money.

While we are at it, you forgot the protection money, oops, worker's levies that the government is collecting for each construction worker, and the maids levies for each foreign maid.

And the ATM machine that ka-ching, ka-ching, kaching (like hitting the jackpot in those one-armed bandits) each time a car goes under the ERP gantries.

Each source of effortless revenue collection points garners billions of dollars per year.

Talk about ultimate productivity and efficiency - you got to hand it to them - monies rolling in without any effort.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah. Cannot place 100% blame the government. The COE is a tax, but it is a voluntary tax, and the amount is also determined voluntarily.

People have to BID UP the price of COE for it to be sky-high. Sure, the govt loves it when lots of kan cheong/ kiasu/ mo tuck teng people bid for COE, BUT if people relec a bit then the COE price will fall.

>> PAP government is just very good at taxing Singaporeans.

The People Get The Government, and thus the taxes, They Deserve!

Anonymous said...

It is a fantastic industry that the govt makes money on anything related to vehicles.

jjgg said...

Matilah..can it be market forces at play when the leeches can keep tweaking the supply side to ensure high Coe biddings..how much of the demand is from the govt sector..how many coes have been allowed to lapse..is it in the govt's interest to have low Coe? Can the govt been bidding up Coe prices. The mind boggles..finance minister just said the tax structure need restructuring..overtaxing the motorists n beer drinkers reached saturation?time to tax thevegies rice n noodles..hehe37

Anonymous said...

Why cry about high COE/car prices?

There are many many buyers out there willing to part with $100K for the sheet of paper.

Nothing is cheap in this city.

May be SALT is the only thing left in this city that is STILL cheap.

This is life in the SAMPAN 2.0 for you.


Matilah_Singapura said...


"Market forces" is a fancy name for "human action". Humans will always act in (what they think) is their own self interest -- i.e. humans behave "selfishly".

Market forces always work. That is a given. It doesn't matter whether the market supply is artificially controlled or free. Market forces still work -- HOWEVER the effects/ consequences will vary on whether it is controlled market or free.

Of course the govt tweaks COE supply. It depends on many factors: how many cars the roads can handle etc etc.

When the depression comes, and liquidity dries up, watch COE prices fall down like your grandpa's balls.

Last time COE collapsed after Asian Currency Crisis circa 1997, you could pick one up for $50

Anonymous said...

If govt got no money, then how to make drinking water from urine? Wait for money to drop from the sky or wait for some benevolent nation to be charitable?

Anonymous said...

Govt got no money? I thought we have hundreds of billions in our reserves. Ask Tony Tan.

b said...

60% of daft voters makes the entire population (from baby to most elderly) slavery to unjust law and regulations. THAT ITSELF IS A SIN.

jjgg said...

Actually..after the $50 Coe debacle..the system was tweaked to ensure that it can never happen again..it's like not awarding land sales to the lowest bidder cos the bids don't reflect the "true" value of the property...Singapore Boleh!! Hehe

b said...

These greedy rulers just hide under the cover of 'a democratic government' to rip off the population using unjust laws, taxes, duties, entitlements. People must learn to see their true colours. Even babies are not spared the costs of coe, erp, gst etc.

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[It’s great to be a businessman in S'pore today]

"Quality or meritocracy do not always win the day,
and often
success is dictated by how much money one has."