Recipe to take over a small country

The Russians have done it in Crimea. Send in the troops and hold a referendum and you can have a country in your hand. But this recipe requires military might and a majority of the population consisting of people from your country or similar to your country. And one must be prepared to fight with the Americans and the European powers.

There is a simpler and more peaceful way of taking over a country without resorting to arms and with the leaders happily doing your bidding, and the people ignorant of what is happening to their country. Take for example a small island country like Mauritius or the Maldives, small islands with small populations and an innocent but eager govt to want to bring economic growth to their people. The leaders will think that they are progressive and doing everything for the good of the people. Just feed on their ambition and egos and they will behave like deaf frogs.

Step One, encourage their leaders to go all out for economic growth. Help them to sell the idea to their people. If it doesn’t work, use a bit of threat or reverse psychology on the people. You want growth or you don’t want growth. This type of statement sure works on their kiasu people. Once the people and leaders are hooked on this growth drug, everything will fall into place.

Step Two, send in the money. Offer them economic aid in terms of foreign investments to create jobs for the people. This is a formula they cannot refuse. Send in our talents to assist them. And convince them that they did not have enough talents.

Step Three, sign a free trade agreement with them to allow our talents and non talents freedom to migrate and work there. The first batch will be our companies and industries setting shops there. And don’t forget to set up our own schools too. And give the reason that the local talents are not suitable then start to export our people to fill up these companies as foreign talents. If needed to, just employ a few local clerical staff as show of providing jobs for their locals.

Step Four, cultivate the ‘gong gong’ leadership to use our talents in their private and public sectors. Better still, make sure our talents are employed in their stats boards and ministries. Once these people are in place, start to recruit our people to occupy key positions in these institutions and eventually filling them with our citizens. Once our citizens are in control, these institutions, including ministries will be as good as ours.

Step Five, advise the local govt to offer citizenships to our people. If no citizenship, PRs also can. The main goal is to fill the country with our citizens to be their new citizens or PRs. Of course this may lead to some problems with their citizens. Teach them how to disguise our presence by classifying PRs as locals and the daft locals would not have any clue what is going on to their country. For those who have become citizens, pretend to be good citizens and start to buy up their properties, estate by estate. With so much money at our disposal, we can eventually buy up the whole island or at least their prime estates.

Step Six, let time to take care of the rest. With our citizens controlling their industries and ministries, and continuing to employ our citizens, it is a matter of time when we will be the real majority there. And without knowing anything, without doing anything, that island will be ours in half a generation.

Step Seven, our citizens that have become their citizens can start to participate in local politics as rightful citizens. Join or form political parties to contest to be the elected govt. Oh, there is something I missed. Educate the locals there to believe in meritocracy so that our more meritocratic talents can rise to top positions without protest from their people. Because of our high education standard, we don’t need to use fake certificates and CVs. And if possible, convince their locals that they are daft and they need foreign talents like ours to help them and create jobs for them.

Not only will their ‘gong gong’ govt be helping us to take over their country, they will be very grateful that we are sharing with them our growth formula and our talents. They will have all the economic growth they desired. And make sure their local elites also benefited from our presence and investments. Make them very rich in the process so that they will support everything we do. For their average citizens, they may lose out, but never mind, they are too daft and inconsequential to do anything. There may be a few small protests, but no matter. Once they become an absolute minority, there is nothing they can do to overturn our takeover.

And in conclusion, we could own a few islands like the Mauritius and the Maldives to expand our territories and influence.

Not a bad recipe right? We have a growing population and we need to expand. We cannot do that to our big neighbours, but to smaller countries with goondu leaders, there are great opportunities to make such friendly and benign takeovers a success.

Kopi Level - Yellow


oldhorse42 said...

But Crimea historically was a Russian territory until USSR gave it to Ukrain.So Russia just take back what was originally theirs.
Similarly Singapore was originally a Malay island until angmo took it waay. So can Malaysia boleh reclaim this island?

Anonymous said...

RB, hmmmm I though it's already happening here without the 60%sinkies realizing that haha

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, I remember years ago, PAP had this idea of a mini Singapore in the form of Suzhou Industrial Park in China. At that time, the buzz then was to make Sinkies more entrepreneurial by looking outwards, to develop the so called "external wing" for GDP growth or even to fly. Hahahahahaha.

PAP got Sinkie talents to develop the Park, had Sinkie style management and culture, etc etc. And perhaps the plan is to get Sinkies to migrate there and grow even further in the future.

Of course Sinkies now knew what actually happened down there lah.

And now the reverse is happening. Instead of moving outwards and going there, PAP now bring them, (maybe any type of available foreign talents who want to come) into tiny Sinkieland to grow the GDP.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It cannot happen here lah. Our people may be called daft but not daft. And our super talented leaders are not goondus to let foreigners take over our country on a silver platter.

Trust them, they know what they are doing but not saying only. They are just deaf frogs but very clever and are doing the right thing.

Don't worry, be happy.

Anonymous said...

Instead of doing a Suzhou industrial park takeover, we were taken over. Now we are inviting foreigners to come here and take over us.

Anonymous said...

How about Matland Iskandar?

Property there much cheaper than Sinkieland leh. Some more just across the causeway only.

Even the PRCs far away see it very good. From the news, a lot of PRC developers and investors in Iskandar, you know.

Sinkies leh? Is there a lot?

Anonymous said...

What about a recipe to overturn a huge parliamentary majority in 2 years time?

Anonymous said...

The PRCs are about the smartest on this Planet, they are only interested in making money here snd nothing else la.
Once there is no money to make here, it will be 谢谢你们, 祝你们好运。
Btw, most PRCs live in big houses with beautiful natural landscapes in their hometowns.
What is a barren tiny rock worth to them?

Anonymous said...

We go take over Iskandar and let foreigners take over Singapore.

Anonymous said...

We take over Iskandar and let foreigners take over Sinkieland. Then when the Mats kick us out of Iskandar, where we want to go? The foreigners in Sinkieland will say, wobbling their heads, "No, no, no. You cannot come in."

Veritas said...

India already claim Singapore as one of her former territory through her fake history. India has never even got united as a unitary state.

Today when I visited India books, I got an impression that India was united long time ago. Recently, some people in India even claim SE Asia was part of India.

Anonymous said...

India only became a unified country after the British colonised them.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry be happy?, i just paid a down payment for a house and found the valuation is 50k over my buget, i am so happy senario....

I just paid 100k for a small car, the moment i drove out i was hit by a foreign car, gues where the money for the repairs are coming from.

I took a mrt with an increased fare, no seats, just had an operation on both my legs but all those that are sitting looks like ft's are sleeping, then the mrt broke down, i'm on cloud 9?.

I was in JEM the other day, something fell on me but who's to blame?, i am still not worried?.

I finally reach my office only to be told i have been fired and a ft has taken over my job, but i still have to be happy.

I think i'll stop here because i'm not worrried and happy.

Anonymous said...

Hoi, sir
Did u read RB's recipe? What were you reading, the small prints he answered was meant to be a joke.......

RB, think u can't even joke in yr own blog, jeeseess.

Pinky poo

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am very serious.

Anonymous said...

@ pinky poo 1.55 pm

Halo Sister,

Maybe Rb "jogging" with hintself?

Ha ha ha

What to worry? Just be happy! Every month look at the CBF statement so happy. Can see cannot touch, but so happy like a pappy .......

Also so happy with own world famous self composed acronym "CBF" for CHEAPER, BETTER AND FASTER "dafties".

Lagi happy and no worries for own "party" acronym

Ha ha ha

Money juay juay keep cumming lor

"Dafties" keep want to "Pay And Pay" how to worry? U tell me lah! So Happy like a Pappy everyday.


Anonymous said...

PAP must learn from redbean.
Tomorrow, PM Lee will tell us:
"Don't worry, be happy."

Anonymous said...

RB, your formula can oso be used to take over Singapore leh.

b said...

Ruler Lee: Just let them take over the highly inflated stuff, coe, erp, broken mrt, less than 99 leasehold lah. When the interests rate goes up, I can buy back cheap. I will have the last laugh. Sell high, buy low. Singapore is just another island on sale. There are so many islands in this world that are cheaper, better, bigger. Sinkies should also take the opportunity to do the same and migrate to somewhere where their money can stretch more, no need compulsory ns, no need so much indirect taxes.

Ruler Lee.

Anonymous said...

At least crimea has a referendum, the europeans have no referendum and suddenly they are controlled by non elected rulers who now want to send them to die by having a stupid war. Perhaps, Putin will open the eyes of the white people in europe and america that they are controlled by a bunch of selfish, egoistic, greedy non white rulers who wants to exterminate them.

Anonymous said...

Someone said that the NTUC Chief was using CBF to describe himself and his colleagues. When asked by those she was talking to, she said she found it not too nice to say so. She only hinted that it described the faces of the labour chief and the others in the cabinet. What could it be ?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should sell everything to the foreigners at the current high price and let them takeover the island.
When they run it down like their home countries, we can come back and buy cheap. Know their incompetence, they will turn this island into another third world in no time.

Unfortunately it is not easy to come back once the country is lost. Even if it is a slum, they will not sell it unlike daft Singaporeans.