Quality of Singapore University going up

I posted this chart in Mar last year.


Universities fees were raised in concert last year. And they are doing it again this year, in concert again. Is there anything wrong when merchants acted together to raise prices, like the price of a cup of kopi in the kopitiams? My apologies, universities are not merchants.

This time they cited higher costs of talents, supplies and services and the expectations of students and the fee hikes are to defray these costs. So our students must be the best in the world by now with the frequent hikes to improve the quality of university education. Why are the employers still running to 3rd World countries to employ their talents and our graduates are found to lack the skills and talents needed? Or is it that the quality of our universities has always been sub par and we are still playing catching up with the 3rd World universities?

The fee hikes are in the region of 2.6% to 7.9% for NUS, 2.5% to 5% for NTU, 2% for SMU and 4% for SUTD. In monetary terms the increases range from $200, $850 and $1150 in NUS. The increase for PRs and international students will be higher. As an example, in SUTD, Singaporeans will pay 4% more while PRs 12% and international students by 16%. Polytechnic fees also go up with this hike.

Singaporeans are so lucky that the universities are upgrading their teaching quality every year with higher fees to buy better talents to teach them. At the rate it is going, all the top academic talents in the world will be bought by our universities and our graduates will be the best in the whole world that money can buy.

I only hope that this is true. I only hope that the employers stop rushing to 3rd World countries to employ their graduates and complain that our graduates are not good enough. I hope to see one or two of our local graduates be found fit to be the CEO of a local or foreign bank.

What to believe? You tell me lah.


patriot said...

Got to have logical thinking.
The Third World charges Third World Fee for Tertiary Education. Their graduates also demand and command Third World Salary. First World Graduates want First World Salary for the Same Work. Where got fight with Third World?
But, if You are Ruler, pay yourself whatever You fancy. No benchmark needed.


Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans are so lucky that the universities are upgrading their teaching quality every year with higher fees to buy better talents to teach them."

Tiok. The more costly the teaching talents, the better and smarter they are.

That's why smart Sinkies can make lots of money, because their pay is very high (costly to employ them) or they can make lots of money doing business even under PAP policies favouring foreign talents over Sinkies.

And PAP can only be replaced by smart Sinkies (if there is any, let alone enough) in the opposition.

But smart Sinkies can make lots of money, so why would they want to join opposition, u tell me lah?

Therein lies the reason why WP Teochew Ah Hia said even strongest opposition WP is not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Although there are many foreign talents studying in top Sinkie universities, they are a minority lah, definitely less than 40%.

The other 60% are smart Sinkies happy and satisfied that PAP give them the chance and even scholarship to study at Sinkie top universites.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't think people should complain. Singapore's unis are high quality. For the amount of money students have to pay, I reckon they are getting a fantastic deal.

Take SMU Law @ $12050 and NUS Medicine at $23050 ... please lah, that's about one month's pay for a practicing doctor or lawyer, many of whom earn multiples more.

Tertiary ed in Singapore: CHEAP lah!

Anonymous said...

No use boasting we are the best when our graduates are not given jobs. Reasons are so visible that even a half blind guy can see. These are 1. Uncontrol number of foreigners looking for same jobs; 2. Foreign workers although do not have higher level of competency are nonetheless cheaper and willing to work overtime; 3. Singaporean males have to serve NS and Reservist Training, something bosses do not like. Given the choice they rather take foreigners since PAP encourages them to do so (not openly but implied since they allow so many to come and look for jobs during their casual visit to Singapore). The feeling among Singaporeans is that we are cursed being Singaporeans.

You still expect us to vote for you? What do you think?

PSS said...

Social problems are likely to get more pronounced and accentuated in the coming years and decades. Decay likely has long ago set in and what is needed is to slow down and hopefully turn around the problems.

The many attempts and missteps in recent years are empirical examples that current mode of attempts at bringing about a desired outcome may be hitting a brick wall and not going places.

In particular, in society where the government plays a big role in many aspects in life, the need for different aspects in the government organisation to change is the critical ingredient to bring about effective and tangible changes.

What, how, when social problems are tackled and solved or minimised?

In order to attain such objectives , mindset change is essential and unavoidable.

PSS said...

Without changing the thinking, the mindsets and the values of the organisation, any attempt at reform to bring about a better outcome in society is likely not dissimilar to building a huge infrastructure on loose sand. The foundation is likely not there strong enough or at all to have any meaningful rebuilding.

Rapid economic development and years of chasing GDP growth at all costs may have eroded and destroyed much of the values necessary to anchor the society and forming the prerequisite for all other positive and necessary reforms to take place.

Years of auto-cruising and auto-pilot mode may have left substantial gaps in many areas and aspects.

PSS said...

Probably, one of the quickest and low cost way to bring about a change of mindset in the government organisation is through amending their existing mission statement and incorporating the new thinking, attitude desired into it.

A suggested new mission statement may be the following 28-word example but expressed in Chinese:

“以民为先, 创造价值, 开源节流, 
见微知著, 见端知末, 鞠躬尽瘁, 死而后已”

Anonymous said...

what so surprising about the fees increase......

we are a nation of "INCREASE"......

nothing is cheap in this city.......

may be SALT is the only thing left in this city that is cheap.....

this is life in the SAMPAN 2.0 for you.......


Anonymous said...

But PAP government cannot create jobs for our Singaporean graduates.
And Minister Cow Dung say our Singaporean graduates good enough to be hawkers and crane operators only.

You vote PAP for 50 years.
And this is the shit type of goodies they give to our children.

Time to vote in Opposition parties who will serve Singaporeans instead of Aliens.

Anonymous said...

Our children no need to go to universities.

Anonymous said...

Vote in more OPPOSITIONS and, you will have:

Cost of University Education going CRASHING DOWN and DOWN,

HDB prices going DOWN and DOWN,

Condos prices CRASH

Car prices, CRASH

EVERY SINKIE who served NS will be worshipped by the GOVT and given FREE HDB FLAT+ FREE CAR



CITIZENS no need work so hard and all guaranteed earning HIGH INCOME with perfect WORK LIFE BALANCE. 9 to 5 only in AIR CON COMFORT

NO MORE POOR people, all song song sitting at home behind computer screens


Anonymous said...

The only alternatve for Sinkies is to vote in more opposition into Parliament. No use trying to talk to them to change their policies. They will never change under any other circumstance.

Anonymous said...

Right hand give chicken wing, left hand demand whole chicken be given back.

Even before the right hand gives out, the left hand is already taking or have taken back via increases in transport fares, service and conservancy charges, university tuition fees etc. GST is not that far off, I can assure you.

b said...

Good one. Perhaps should ask the gov why high costs of education does not translate to employability but replacement by graduates from thrid world india. THe best university in india is ranked way down below.

Anonymous said...

Inflation in Singapore flying through the roof ! COE at record levels, University fees going up, kopi prices going up. Only salary remains stagnant. Fook the Papies who are all addicted to money !!

b said...

This world is run by some big bulls that can bullshit so well that the majority of the population are always so daft and easily manipulated. They hardly used their brains, believe what is fed into the system, do as they are told. People must question, question and question.

Anonymous said...

60% of the population are DAFTS. They support aliens.

The other 40% are CLEVER, SMART , well informed and they have the HEART in the RIGHT place ! They support LOCALS ! They can get GOOD BIG FRESH QUALITY AT A CHEAP PRICE!

When will the 60% wake up their ideas ?

GE 2016 !!

Anonymous said...


IF you want to see YOUR SALARY SHOOT through the ROOF !!

COSTS come down !!

Anonymous said...

PM Lee is doing such a shit lousy job.
Any Opposition Party can surely improve on PM Lee's "achievements".

Anonymous said...

NEVER! the tibits thrown to them was and is too lucrative to give up, just to prick your mind, even if they retain 49% or even lesser, they are still in power.

Anonymous said...

Heavily in debt before even starting to work.