Protection from Harassment Bill, all the good intentions

The anti stalking and harassment Bill looks so innocent and angelic that the victims of such acts would be all too glad to receive it with open arms. And factually many innocents have fallen victims to the aggressive behaviors and acts of their harassers and stalkers and badly needed a law for their own protection. We have laws against physical body harm but most of the time the laws were proven useless as the victims of physical abuses are left to seek justice in the courts if they have the money to do so. No money means they should quietly accept being beaten, resign to their fate, it is a private matter.
So, we have this great bill, like the white knight coming to the rescue of people in distress. Would it be so or would the victims ended up like those being physically attacked and have to buy justice with their own money? No money no justice.

The other aspect of this Bill can prove to be more hazardous other than the tediosity in its implementation. You would need an army of police and judicial officers to enforce this Bill. And there will be the battles of definition as to what constitute harassment and to a lesser extent stalking. An example of the definition in the media, ‘ Speaking or acting in a threatening, abusive or insulting way such that a person becomes harassed, alarmed or distressed’ looks more frightening than good. A thin skin asshole will see himself being harassed, alarmed or distressed even by the look of another person that he disliked. He would feel ‘very threatened’ even by the person’s voice or singing or the sight of his post. How is the law going to protect the other party who actually did nothing to harass such a thin skin ass who could probably be faking?

The other danger provided by this law is for the so called ‘victims’ to harass and threaten the innocent party by invoking this law. It is so damn easy to fix anyone for harassment with the slightest and skimpiest excuse. This law could prove more deadly and dangerous to the innocents than its intent to protect the real victims of harassment. The men in blue will be very busy as every asshole that has an axe to grind, a hatred or grievance or dislike of another can go to the police post to make a police report. Would the police be in a position to throw out the wanton and spurious accusations? Would they be in a position to sieve out the nonsense? Or would they simply do the necessary to assist, facilitate and perpetuate another form of harassment using the police report as the tool? Would the police and the judiciary become the accomplice of harassment?

And, just another point without being exhaustive, is that this law could be the law that is needed to curb and gag the social media. Any damn thing spoken can be an act of harassment. It is only a matter of whose opinion and who feels harassed or ‘hurt’. There shall be no more criticism of the govt or any policies as that would tantamount to harassment. Political satire too would be harassment as someone would act and feel like a victim and seek redress from this law. How is this law going to differentiate fair discussion on social political issues without being slammed by this law?

With its comprehensive and wide ranging coverage, even covering the spurious, what is the real intent and purpose of this Bill? We will need another Bill to protect the victims of this Bill.

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agongkia said...

Its all depend on individual upbringing lah.
Many call me moron,idiots or whatever and release their anger on me in cyberspace but I just do not feel that I am being harass or whatever,but welcome them and feel shiok instead.
To me,such so call harassment is to wake me up,make me more intelligent and built up my self confidence.It dun call it harassment.
My Ah Kong taught me to have proper temperament.He hinted to me that Sinkies are getting more petty in times to come.Getting more daft and doing the boleow,producing more and more chialeowbees.

Anonymous said...

Many of the things posted here can be claimed to be harassment. Many of the comments by bloggers would not be allowed and many would be hauled up for harassment for sure.

The Bill is too sweeping and too dangerous for the good of the people. It has to be clearer in and narrower in the definition on harassment.

Anonymous said...

All bloggers need protection from this Bill. They will sure to be harassed by you know who or IBs

Anonymous said...

I feel very harassed when those people came knocking at my door to say the MP was coming.

Anonymous said...

I oso feel very harassed everytime CPF raised the minimum sum or changed the withdrawl date and I cannot withdraw my money.

Anonymous said...

Is sending legal letter a form of harassment?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

albino bastards:
March 3, 2014 at 7:23 pm albino bastards(Quote)
Law ministers say can call him a moron as long as there is not false accusation, so can I ask Shanmugam now that I call you moron, will you sue me for insulting you? So which is which?

It is so vague and loose and PAP can sue anyone as and when they feel insulted who call them dying Harry, Pinkie Long or Woodie Goh

The above is posted in TRE by a blogger in the tread, 'Anti-harassment bill introduced in Parliament'. I think the situation now has changed with this new law. Before you can call him moron and he can sue you for damaging his reputation. That is more a private matter in Tort. Now he can sue you for being insulted under this Bill if passed. It is a criminal case now.

Tiok boh?

b said...

Yet another law to protect the rulers and rich. This is initiated due to the rich banker ANton case. Besides 贪得无厌, the gov are also 无法无天. I think there will be another bird flu coming.

Anonymous said...

Only the rich and powerful need protection.
The poor and weak will have to bear with bird talks and reverse logics from bullies. This is Sin, You know?