Of cleavage and dichotomy in the Singapore plurality

I have been ranting almost daily on the open leg policies of the Govt practically everyday and highlighting the serious flaws and consequences taking place. Many Sinkies have fallen victims to these policies and are clamming up, resigned to their fate like what daft Sinkies often do. Those Sinkies that are not affected, yet, are getting irritated by my constant drumming and refuse to see that their turn will come one day when they lose their jobs and unable to pay the high mortgages for their nice homes and nice cars. But my drummings must have some effects, big or small, on the Govt and the elite to want to make amends to this dire state of affair. If it is all gone with the wind, then the deaf frogs can continue to remain deaf and do as they like and wait to be bundled out in the most shocking electoral defeat in the next GE.

There is an interesting article by Tommy Koh in the ST this morning, titled, ‘Is there an ideological cleavage in Spore? I would like to repost the whole article here but ST would probably come after me for copyright infringement. So I will talk about what Tommy said and quote some of his wisdoms to share with my fellow bloggers.

Though Tommy politely asked a question, but his article said it clearly that there is a wide cleavage and waiting to be healed. This global city concept is the remedy of Singapore’s economic ire as well as the cause of the sad state of affair happening daily, to its victims of mainly the PMETs. According to Tommy, ‘American business school gurus such as Gary Hamel have managed to convince Singapore leaders that there is a global competition for talent. In order to succeed, Singapore cannot rely only on its home grown talent. It must look outward and recruit talented people from all over the world, to key positions in both our public and private sectors.’

The recommendation is sound with some provisos and cannot be taken literally, hook, line and sinker. Only silly asses will just blindly accept it as the panacea and implement it without any reservations or amendments. The first point is obviously the issue of nationhood and citizens versus a hotel that has no citizens to talk about. The other point is about key positions and not all and sundry down the line. Why do they want to recruit a super talent in recruiting employees or a salesgirl, or a supervisor? And the dangerous part is to bring in foreigners to key positions in the public sector. But for this the Govt has drawn an invisible line, as long as the political office and administrative services are out of the loop, anything goes.

‘The hunt for foreign talent became a national obsession. As a result, Singapore was in danger of overlooking its own talents.’ Said Tommy. And this obsession went down to talents in sports, in housing agents, in property agents, in employing agencies, and likely in prostitutes as well. When elites are not thinking, this is what will happen.

Tommy added, ‘I am glad that there is a more balanced attitude today. This is the result of two developments. First, Singapore discovered that some so called foreign talent was not really very talented. Second, there was the discovery that, in some cases, when a foreign chief executive officer was hired, he or she discriminated against Singaporeans when hiring staff.’ This is not the bad part. The bad part is for the authority to let it happened and doing nothing about it or paying lip services and pretend that the problem is solved.

The most important statement made by Tommy, though actually very simple and any idiot would know and understand, except the deaf frogs, is this, ‘My conclusion is that Singapore should continue to welcome foreign talent. But it should do so to complement Singaporean talent, not to supplant it. Everything being equal, Singapore should give priority to its own talent.’ When this has to be said in so simple a language and hoping that people will understand, it is so pathetic, and near to hopelessness.

I would like to thank Tommy for his ranting for the sake of country and citizens. The daft Sinkies may be uncomfortable with my rantings, but hopefully they know that this is indeed a serious problem if they can see further than the tip of their nose. And hopefully some deaf frogs will wake up from their arrogant and self righteous demeanour to do the right thing, to do something for the Sinkies if it is not too late.

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The said...

Oh, how I love cleavages - especially those 38DDD and above.

Anonymous said...

But first of all, RB, how to address the tragedy of not having enough Sinkie talents in or willing to join opposition to replace the PAP as govt?

Surely Sinkies cannot, and will not, expect foreign talents to do that for Sinkies, tio bo?

So how?

Anonymous said...

Got cleavages and dichotomy meh?

But is the opposition ready to be govt?

If not, then let it be lah.

Anonymous said...

Only 40% of Singapore plurality has cleavages and dichotomy.

60% are solid and united even in the worst of times in 2011.

And since the worst is behind us, things can only get better.

I think this one PAP knows. Hope RB now also knows.

Anonymous said...

Hope by the next GE it is 60/40 the other way.

Anonymous said...

" If it is all gone with the wind, then the deaf frogs can continue to remain deaf and do as they like and wait to be bundled out in the most shocking electoral defeat in the next GE."

But how come PM Lee don't look scared leh, tio bo?

Why ah?

Maybe PM Lee know something which RB and 40% Sinkies don't know?

Anonymous said...

In the hypothetical scenario where WP Teochew Ah Hia announce his party will contest 100% seats, then PM lee will be scared. Very scared.

And if I were PM Lee, I will be so scared until I pee and shit in my pants.

Of course that's as likely as MH370 survivors being found in the Indian Ocean.


Anonymous said...

A wise man does not talk to a stone wall. He walks away.

Darkness 2014

Anonymous said...

Only a fool continues a conversation with a stone wall and waits for it to give him an answer.

Darkness 2014

Anonymous said...

We hv reached the stage where foreign talent & foreign trash are classified as FT. I don't believe for a moment that the govt has close the floodgate. Only lip service. Everywhere you go you are always encircled by foreigners. Policy makers shld walk the talk rather than just talk. Just like transportation, can they take the train for one mth (not 1 day) during peak hrs to fully understd the problem. Or walk around hdb estates to realise how many foreigners there are vs locals. Strange feeling they are aware but no one dare to reverse the wrongs. Why i don't know. Do you.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You cannot have democracy without people ranting. Ranting is free speech at its best -- it is open and honest, it is both intellectual and emotional.

Old-fashioned ideas which hold back the progress of the nation need to fuck-off and die, but those unenlightened souls who cling to their dinosaurs have every right to kick and scream as they fade into oblivion.

Hotel Singapore is a cosmopolitan, global city and anything which takes it further down this path is A-OK by me. So what if there is chaos and dislocation? Fucking deal with it, asshole! And yeah, rant until you turn blue, if that pleases you :-)

Plurality is here to stay -- it is an emergent property (spontaneous organisation) from modern humankind's ability to travel and settle in every part of the planet...why? Because we can!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you MS. Daft sinkies must accept to be booted to oblivion for being less talented and not knowing how to cheat.

Anonymous said...

"We hv reached the stage where foreign talent & foreign trash are classified as FT."
Anon 10:42 am

For PAP govt, it already happened at the start, let alone reached the stage.

Anyway, it is not the job of PAP govt, but that of their bosses to decide whether those they employed are foreign talents or trash.

Are you a boss? If not, who are you to judge, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

I want to work as a translator for the Foreign Talent Invaders.
Just like LKY was a translator for the Japanese Imperial Army.

The British surrendered Singapore without a fight in World War Two.
Is it true that maybe PAP is also handing over Singapore without a fight to the Foreign Talent Invaders?

If true, then why die fighting for Singapore?
Why do National Service?
Why not learn from LKY?
Be a translator instead.

Matilah_Singapura said...


1. If you lose your job, just find another. Lower pay? So what? Having a job is better than having no job. Losing a job is not the end of the world lah. Please.

2. The world is full of cheaters. That's to adopt a caveat emptor, skeptical attitude is a wise choice. You don't have to "cheat" to win.

Anyway: "You can't cheat an honest man". In order to be cheated, you yourself must be selfish, greedy and gullible -- prone to "dishonest" wishful thinking. The cheater exploits your own, self-made dishonesty and self-delusion.

Anonymous said...

You can always cheat a daft Singaporean. I mean an honest Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

First HE Con You.
Then Tommy Koh says HIS Son got conned by a Foreign Talent.
But who pays?
Where is the money going to come from?

From you lah!
Higher taxes.
Higher unemployment.
Lower opportunities for your children.
More sacrifices from Singaporeans.

What to do?
Who ask you?
Die, die must vote for PAP?

Anonymous said...

As a hotel, Sin has to depend on patrons, this got to be understood.
To just depend on locals, matilah Singapura.

Anonymous said...

Habis lah bergini.
Tak habis pun hanchur.

Anonymous said...

>>The most important statement made by Tommy, though actually very simple and any idiot would know and understand<<

Any idiot except the one who had to be dignified with the highest pay in the world, or the problem would have been resolved a long time ago and Tommy would have nothing to talk about.

b said...

Nice article. In other words, why go for a 38D pair of breasts when a 34B can do the same job equally well? On top of that, a 38D came with an expanded waistline, gigantic butt, lotsa of back pain, unhealthy eating habits, bad temper etc. Prof Koh should set up his own party and rally against the useless bunch in pap. THat will be doing sg and sinkies a service.

Anonymous said...

Comments by Tommy Koh was positive but it has also demonstrated that one party rule will lead to disaster for any country in the World, particularly for a country like Spore which never suffered any political setback until recently.
Isnt it sad that it is because of the setback that policies are now being U-turned?

Anonymous said...

I hope more ex-establishment folks come forward and speak up on flawed policies. Unless or until they come forward, it will be business as usual. I worry what the situation will be like in the next 10 yrs.

Anonymous said...

/// I hope more ex-establishment folks come forward and speak up on flawed policies. ///

Tan ku ku.
They are too busy enjoying their millions in France to care about you.

/// Unless or until they come forward, it will be business as usual. ///
Chee Soon Juan tell you, you don't believe.
Low Thia Khiang tell you, you don't believe.
Kenneth Jeyaretnam tell you, you don't believe.

Why you so stupid.
And will only believe and depend on retired traitors to speak up for you?
You got no brains is it?
You cannot speak up for your fellow Singaporeans is it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Uncle Tommy.
It's too little, too late.
For you to be considered a patriot.
Your chance has come and gone in 2011.
It's only a matter of time before you will shut up just like Ngiam Tong Dow.
Go enjoy your riches in France or where ever.
We don't need fair weathered friends like you and Ngiam Tong Dow.


“If ye love wealth better than liberty,
the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom,
go home from us in peace.
We ask not your counsel or arms.
Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
May your chains set lightly upon you,
and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
― Samuel Adams

patriot said...


Fuck the Stupid Sinkies.