MH370 – Why radars cannot see and where it could be?

The MH370 disappeared from radar contact about 120 nm East of Kota Baru. At this point in time there is still no trace of debris to confirm a crash or explosion and both possibilities could be ruled out. Other than the Bermuda TriangleTheory, my view is that the aircraft was likely to be hijacked. The fact that there was no radar contact means that it was deliberately flown under radar coverage to avoid detection and leaving no trails as to where it was heading. The other point to note is that none of the passengers could make a call out with their mobile phones, a sign that all their phones have been confiscated and they are under duress.  Given these assumptions, my point is that the aircraft is hijacked by a team of professionals who knew exactly what they were doing and had a meticulous plan to fly the aircraft to a destination without being tracked or seen on radar.

How could the hijackers do it? How could they fly the aircraft without appearing on the radar screens of any radar or air traffic control stations? To do that the hijackers must have knowledge of the locations of all the radars in the region. The commercial radars of air traffic control towers are in Kota Baru, Penang/Butterworth, Bangkok, Phuket and Ho Chi Minh City. There could be some military radar stations in the area which I am not familiar with. The radars in the south would be Singapore and to the east would be in Sabah, Brunei and Manila.

Given the presence of these radars and putting aside the unknown military radar stations, the hijackers must chart a course from its last known position to their planned destination without entering a radar zone.  Two possible headings, 280 to the west or 100 to the east, would keep them out of the radars in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City in the north and Penang/Butterworth and Kota Baru in the south.

The aircraft needed only to travel at below 10,000 ft in either direction for 30 minutes to be out of radar detection. Going west, however would not go far as the path would enter into Phuket if it tries to avoid Penang/Butterworth radars. The eastern flight path is safer, after 30 minutes heading 100, it could turn to 060 on a north easterly direction, climb to cruise level and fly for two hours while avoiding radars in Singapore and East Malaysia.  The aircraft would have to turn to a south easterly direction if it were to avoid the radar in Manila. Assuming that the hijackers are muslims, just assuming, they are likely to head towards the southern islands in the Philippines where they could find friendly forces to accommodate them or their fellow hijackers awaiting them.

The above are just speculations of what the hijackers could do given where they were and where they could fly to, and to stay away from radar detection. This is one of many possible explanations why the MH370 could not be seen on radar other than a total eclipse due to a mid air explosion or sinking into the ocean. If this theory is proven right, MH370 is likely to be in the southern islands of the Philippines.

Just a theory, an educated guess.


Anonymous said...


[Malaysia Airlines MH370: Plane 'changed course']

"Military radar suggests the missing Malaysia Airlines plane turned west,
away from its planned route,
before vanishing,
Malaysia's air force says."


Anonymous said...

There are quite a big number of China artists on board so there could a suspicion that they are kidnapped by the Aliens to help build the ornament for the Alien emperor's mausoleum. Aliens love diversity as much as human do.

Likely that Singapore old fart, aka the world's richest fart in the world, may have the answer since he love to fart a lot.

But million dollars clown know the answer already ""Mas Selamat is either in Singapore or outside Singapore." - "flight mh370 is either in the ocean or outside the ocean".

Does that sound convincing ?

Anonymous said...

Hijackers should have made demands by now.

Other than using the passengers as hostages to make demands, of what purpose is hijacking a commericial jet? They cannot fly the plane anywhere other than using it as a weapon like they did in 911.

This case is so puzzling with so many uncertainties.

Lets pray for the 239 people on board, whereever they are now.

Anonymous said...

Assuming what RB said can be done, but since there are no demands even till now, what then strongly motivated these "professionals" to hijack an aircraft in this way?

If there is no strong motivation, it will not happen, even if it can be done.

Just like for smart Sinkies, if they can make lots of money, then there is no strong motivation for them to join opposition to fight and replace the PAP, tio bo?

Which is why a Sinkie opposition ready to be govt did not happen even till now.

So RB's above scenario of the missing MH370, just like Sinkie opposition being ready to be govt, is most unlikely or even impossible.

Anonymous said...

Wah lau Anon 10:08 pm, how come u can even connect the missing MH370 with Sinkie opposition?

U are even more imaginative (or is it creative?) than our RB.

Or like what they said, being more police than the police.

Anonymous said...

Where are our million dollars AWACS...they are bought to look after the skies...

another "good buy."

Anonymous said...

More than 150 passengers were China nationals. Scrutinize their passports and identities. If it is a hijack, it must be from this group. There are a lot of dissidents in China, especially those from the Autonomous regions.

Anonymous said...

If it is hijacked, they will have demands and the plane also won't go missing one. Hijackers are brave but not daft lah.

But if it is a suicide attack, then the scenario as happened is more likely. Maybe both pilot and copilot kena knock out very suddenly so no distress signal sent lah.

Anonymous said...

Never fly Malaysia Airlines and there are many reasons that you should not. MAS has always been run by incompetent and corrupt personnels. The airline is always in the red and so it never has the fund to service all its planes.The company officials from the highest to the lowest rung have been observed to be lethargic and indolent in their jobs except when it is pay time.

Malaysia is supposed to be a secular state but the government has been hijacked by strong extreme militant muslims. To serve its own ends these extreme militant muslims both in and outside the government could have connived and collaborated with CIA and the Uighur Chinese terrorists to hijack the plane to Manila or Guam the American military base in the Pacific Ocean. Whatever it is China and the Chinese people must be prepared to fight victoriously in a Third World War which will be unleashed by the Americans in collaboration with the Japanese in the not too distant future. The constant and frequent military drills by the Americans and the Japanese augment the evil trends of American and Japanese aggression and is a preamble to their preparation for an uncalled for sinister war against China.

Southernglory 1

Tuesday, 11th March,2014

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Whether it is a hijack or not, only time will tell. The worst case scenario is that it is a political ploy by the Americans under the guise of terrorism.

The Malaysian reports are anything but funny. They said they saw the plane change course, port or starboard, what heading, for how long?

Now they said they saw the plane in the straits of Malacca. Where was the plane heading, for how long did they see the plane and where is it now? What time did they see the plane and given the distance from where it was last seen, did it make any sense? It is unlikely that the plane can fly low lever from the east to the west of the peninsula without being seen. It was dark but would be very loud.

This is like information from bomohs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think that this might be now a hijacking cum kidnapping.

I have a feeling negotiations are going on, for the release of the "hostages". All hush-hush, of course.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Gotta watch the co pilot too. Apparently, he makes his own rules:


Anonymous said...

Interpol 100% sure MH370 is not linked to terrorism. They know. It is linked to the works of state espionage organisations.

Anonymous said...

Distances and flight times from Kuala Lumpur:
To Beijing (China) - 2700 miles, 6 hrs
To Dushanbe (Tajikistan) - 3120 miles, 6 hrs 39 mns
To Bishket (Kyrgyzstan)- 3191 miles, 6 hrs 38 mns
The plane had enough fuel for 8 hours of flight. Go figure.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The plane cannot fly at crusing height to any of these places without been seen on radars. It cannot fly low level as the fuel would not last and also the noise would be heard everywhere.

It has to avoid radars and it did so very well. Heading east into the Philippines southern island is still the logical option and a high possibility. No radars along the way.

Anonymous said...

One more conspiracy theory. The aircraft flew straight to Clark Air Base, refueled and then to Guam.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My God, the Chief of RMAF has denied what Berita Harian reported, that the aircraft turned back to Kota Baru and then sighted at Pulau Perak. All he said was that there was a possibility that the aircraft could turn back.

Imagine how this possibility of the aircraft turning back became turning back and seen at Pulau Perak!

What kind of joke is this? What kind of reporting?

Anonymous said...

The stories coming out of Malaysia is just typical of what you can expect to come out of Malaysia, full of twist and turns, contradictions, about-turns, just like the case of the murder of the mongolian lady.

Another typical scenario is the 'dondang sayang' slow moving attitude of those involved in the incident. Nothing urgent, nothing important, it seems!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually the radar in KLIA cannot see that far to the spot the aircraft disappeared from the radar screen. The range of the radar could possibly touch Kota Bahru. But knowing the mountain ranges in Gunong Tahan, it is unlikely to see that far. If there is any radar there it is likely a small short range radar in Kota Bahru which might also not be able to see the aircraft at that range.

The only long range radar station in the north is at Butterworth. So what was all the talk about seeing the aircraft on radar? Even RT contact could have been lost by then unless it is air traffic tower in Kota Bahru. From KLIA, nay, I doubt so.

What were they talking about I really dunno.