MH370 – Who did it?

15 days after the disappearance of MH370, everything is a blank. There is not a single trace of its where about. While the family members are griefing and in a state of desperation, the experts are still searching for an answer. Assuming that it is indeed a hijack, it can be expected that it is a professional job executed by a fairly big team of hijackers. With this as a basis, let me ask a few questions that hopefully could narrow down the list of suspects to a few possibles.

  1. Who have access to the cargo bay of MH370?
  2. Who have access to the ground crews loading the aircraft? These two items assume that there are many hijackers and weapons to be loaded into the plane. Remember the mangosteens and durians in the cargo manifest?
  3. Who would be able to get the ground crews to work for them?
  4. Who would know the flight plans and details of MH370?
  5. Who would know the radar locations and their performance specifications including the air traffic procedures and location to handover from KLIA to HCM City?
  6. Who could file imitation flight plans without being detected or cause suspicion. This would allow the aircraft to switch transponders and fly as another legitimate aircraft in the commercial corridors after it disappeared and reappeared. All flight plans of aircraft transiting through the spot MH370 was last seen at about the same time need to be investigated.
  7. Who had the technical knowledge of the aircraft instruments?
  8. Who had the knowledge to fly the aircraft to avoid radars?
  9. Who could prevent the pilot and co pilot from transmitting emergency calls?
  10. Who had the ability to silence 239 hostages from making a single call out?
  11. Who would have access to remote airfields within the range of MH370 and could land stealthily and without arousing suspicion?
  12. Who could secure the aircraft and passengers in a large and safe place undetected?
  13. Who have the resources to keep 239 hostages alive and unseen?
  14. Who knew the topography of the Antarctic Ocean and where to dump the aircraft and black boxes and with very slim chances of recovery?
  15. Who had the facilities to refuel the aircraft and fly it to the Antarctics?
  16. Who had the presence of mind or informed knowledge to search in such far off and remote area that was unreachable by MH370 without refuelling?
  17. Who could bring the pilot and crews back to safety from the Antarctics after dumping the plane? Items 14 to 17 assume that the aircraft is dumped in the Antartics?
  18. Who would have a reason to want to attack a Malaysian aircraft with mainly Chinese passengers?
  19. Who had the logistics to hold the hostages for so long without making a demand?
  20. Who could do all the above and successfully complete this hijack mission and keeping the whole world in the dark?

The answers to the above questions could point to a few possible suspects with such capabilities, knowhow and resources to pull it off. The whole exercise is a logistic nightmare.


Matilah_Singapura said...

There is no evidence to prove that it was a hijack. There is some data which would make any hypotheis sound "plausible", but so far nothing can be proven -- it is ALL speculation. There is evidence--but no physical debris yet.

Debris spotted, but nothing so far recovered and positiverly identified at part of flight MH370.

So before running amok with a "hijack" theory, prove that th eplane was hijacked to begin with. Otherwise is like chasing the site for Atlantis, or the Loch Ness monster.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the Australian PM had been tipped off well in advance that the aircraft was in the Southern Indian Ocean. He was elated and quickly tipped off Najib and was screwed for jumping the gun.

His latest press statement was a bit tone down, but it still came out that he was very sure that was where MH370 crashed.

Go figure.

oldhorse42 said...

Who could gain from the disappearance of MH370?
If you could answer that, then you have found the real perpetrator!

Anonymous said...

I think there was a stowaway on the plane. And this was no ordinary stowaway, and well hidden inside the plane.

How come those investigators did not think this could be possible?

And it had happened before, hidden in the landing gear, and also the plane was from KL. Read below.


Stowaway survives SIA flight from KL hidden in wheel well
Fri, Oct 12, 2007

CHANGI Airport had an unexpected passenger arrival on Thursday night when a Palestinian man dropped out of the wheel well of a Singapore Airlines jetairliner at Changi Airport.
The man, Osama R M Shublaq, is said to have been a stowaway aboard SIA Flight SQ 119 that flew in from Kuala Lumpur at around 10:56pm.

He stunned ground crew who were waiting to serve the twin-engine Boeing 777-200 after he fell out, apparently dizzy from a lack of oxygen, from the area where the front landing gear is stowed. The height from the wheel well, where the landing gear strut and two nose wheels are stowed during flight, to the ground is about 2.4 metres.

The stowaway was taken away by Singapore police.

The SQ airliner had just taxiied to Gate F33 at Changi Airport's Terminal Two after a 55-minute flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Aviation industry sources said they were surprised the man survived his ordeal.

They said the flight's short duration could have saved him as the airliner does not have to ascend to the same height as passenger planes on long haul journeys. Furthermore, as the wheel well is not pressurised, the lower flight altitude could have helped the stoway to breathe easier, as compared to an airliner flying in the thin air of around 35,000 to 40,000 feet -- the cruising altitude for most passenger jets.

Malaysian airport authorities told The Straits Times that they are reviewing how the man could have breached airport security and smuggled himself aboard the plane.

Dato' Azmi Murad, Senior General Manager, Operations, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, said:"We were told by Singapore Airlines this morning that there was a stowaway on SQ 119 from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. We will assist and cooperate with Singapore authorities to investigate on how it happened."

Anonymous said...

Wah lau eh, the plane in the stowaway case as mentioned by Anon 12:06 pm was also a Boeing 777-200, same type as MH370!

What a coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Maybe even more than one stowaway?

Possible, tio bo?

Scary man.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Please lah. I've lived over 30 years in Oz, and IMO every Aust PM has been a fucking idiot, and says dumb shit because they simply can't control their mouth using the brain.

Abbot was irresponsible and wrong to shoot off his opinion. But he is a chrisitan, and every chrisitan is slightly "brain compromised" because they believe in dumb shit and invisible beings. Wso one can understand his eagerness to share his unproven opinion -- therby rendering false hope or escalated anxiety to those families who are going out of their minds for 2 weeks already not knowing the fate of their missing kin.

Insensitive prick.

agongkia said...

Who did it is not important.
Go and concentrate on the more important issue that Sinkies are facing.Speculate here and there everyday no use one.
But one thing we must learn a lesson from here.
For safety reason,
I always tell my family members not to take the same flight together when they go for the Qing Ming.Never put the eggs together in one basket.
And I may off load myself if I know there is any Special VIP on the flight.

Anonymous said...

You are not 'gong' as your name suggest.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia's life very important. Don't pray pray.

Anonymous said...

Go back to the pilots again.

What are they withholding? Why are the malaysian govt not forthcoming with details and information of the pilots? ARe they waiting for wikileaks to reveal more? How do they sleep at night seeing how the mothers of (victims) kneeling down on national tv pleading and thanking for the help to locate her sons ?


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, even our $2 million dollars minister are not able to explanin, an our defence budget of $12 billions is not able to determine where it goes...

It is simple lah...it went down, just like the "missing mongolian model."

Just look at the location lah.and why is the Malaysian government refuses to release all the data and documents for the flight..

Anonymous said...

This person Mr Who has a lot to answer for Mr Chua.

Anonymous said...

Research done yesterday was 'no'

Research for today is 'who'

Tomorrow's research will be 'what'

Day after tomorrow the research will focus on 'why'

RB has never been this busy.

Anonymous said...

All the oceans are full of debris. Are the debris in the southern Indian Ocean reasonable to be linked to the MH370?

Could the pilot fly there? Does he have any reason to want to fly there with 200+ passengers? and ability to fly there undetected?

Anonymous said...

The search in indian ocean is all just a diversion.

Why don't boleh govt come clean about the boeing's intell re pakistan? Why don't they have the guts to confront their counterparts in Pakistan?


Anonymous said...

If you think the pilot is mad, there is method in his madness.

The method is that he flew undetected all the way to the southern Indian Ocean!

If there is method in his madness, then he is not mad.

Which means he wanted to commit suicide.

And by choosing this method of suicide, was he trying to make a point?

Anonymous said...

I'll stick my neck out and say that, if you draw an arc across the northern route, using roughly 8 hours flight time for the plane, it intersects between Western Sinkiang (maybe the Taklamakan desert) and Krygyzstan. Why not detected by radar? Well, stranger things have happened. If it is a hijack, it must have been well planned. Flying all the way south into the ocean makes no sense.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Overland, it is not possible to avoid cities and mountain ranges and radars without being detected.

Definitely not with a huge Boeing 777 loaded with passengers and cargoes.

Anonymous said...

RB, are you sure? Indonesia and India have said that nothing entered their air-spaces. Assuming MH370 turned west and then south, it must have! I suppose they don't see it on their radar because they turned them off at night to save electricity. What cities are there in the mostly barren Tibet and Sinkiang? I am no expert, but don't mountain ranges block radar? And who willingly shares their radar data because of security issues? Just my wild 2 cents.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Before hitting the mountain ranges, there are many air traffic radars that the aircraft must fly through.

I have also mentioned it is possible to fly through air traffic radars if the aircraft is squawking a legitimate identity with a flight plan filed and no one would know the difference. It could have returned back to Malaysia after disappearing and reappeared using a new identity and sitting in one of the airfields or civilian airports.

That could be the reason why it could not be found all over the world till now.

The said...

The butler did it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, this whole thing is turning everyone crazy. It could be a very simple thing. So far it does not look like a terrorist job as they would want to tell the whole world of their depraved act. It does not look like the works of hijackers as they would be demanding for ransom.

It cannot be done by one or two mad bugger as the job is too big and too complex to do so.

It is looking more like state terrorism with a bigger political objective that is yet to unfold.

Anonymous said...

Answer to all the questions: USA

denk said...

1] malaysia [fukus is no1 terrorist] is in deep shit.
2] china n malaysia, formally on very friendly terms, are embroiled in bitter recriminations.
3] top technies from china on board mh130 taken out.

cui bono ???

denk said...

see that angmoh cyclist beating the red light like no body biz ?

CheramieIII said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Cheramielll, welcome to the blog.