MH370 – What is the truth?

Malaysia was like a child frantically wanting to know the father. Then this woman came along and pointed to a man and the child quickly and gladly accepted him as the father. The woman could point to any man and it would make no difference. In its desperation to want an answer and a closure to the MH370 incident, Malaysia was so happy to accept the explanation of Immarsat and the application of the Doppler Theory without question. How reliable is such a mathematical theory based on a few ‘pings’ to predict the location of a flying aircraft without knowing its height, speed and direction to a location 10,000 miles away? Nevermind, Malaysia just wanted an answer to close the subject quickly. Nevermind if they understood or could not understand what Immarsat was saying and the gapping holes in that methodology. Of course any thinking person would see how flimsy that conclusion was when all the debris still could not say anything positive, and could prove just the other way.

Today there is another theory from The Telegraph claiming that it was the work of a suicide mission. The big hole in this theory lies in its inference, ‘This has been a deliberate act by someone on board who had to have the detailed knowledge to do what was done...Nothing is emerging that points to motive.’ The questions, why would such a well trained, knowledgeable and rational pilot and crew, (he could not be alone), want to kill themselves when they needed not to? Why would they not shout to the world if it was a suicide mission? In a suicide mission of such a scale, it has to be political or religious in nature. They would be most happy to shout, as an example, ‘Allahu Akbar!’ to tell the world. The organisation behind them would also want to claim credit. But this is definitely not the truth. No such organisation has made any claims. And it is very unlikely to be the works of muslim terrorist groups.

But that is what they would want the world to believe, to believe in something furthest from the truth so that no one would want to inquire about the truth. They would want the truth to be buried in the southern Indian Ocean, not to be uncovered to embarrass the perpetrators. And the truth could be that none of the ‘hijackers’ die, and hopefully none of the passengers die as well.

The truth is still out there. We can only look at the theories and discount those that are outrightly illogical, contradictory, confusing and questionable, and live on those that are plausible and reasonable.

I have read two interesting ‘supposedly’ leaked theories of what could be the cause of MH370’s disappearance. The first was attributed to Russian intelligence tipping off the Chinese of suspicious cargo in the aircraft and the Chinese was planning to divert the aircraft to Hainan once it entered its airspace. But this did not happen as the aircraft was diverted. There were also comments of heavy radio jammings prior to the aircraft’s disappearance rendering all communications from the aircraft impossible. This explained why no emergency calls or mobile calls originating from MH370.

The next source was supposed to be from the Israelis. This story has more details, that the cargo was the command and control system of American drones captured by the Talibans and sold to China. There were even Chinese experts on drone technology on board. The Americans and the Israelis were on board to recover the cargo. The aircraft’s communication was jammed and control of the aircraft was taken over from the pilot by a remote controller and flew west, landed in the Maldives for refuelling before heading to Diego Garcia to unload the cargo and black boxes. In the meantime the passengers were all terminated. MH370 was flown by remote control to the southern Indian Ocean and ditched. The Australians were also implicated and probably tipped off to where they could possibly find the debris.

Both versions are doubtful as the Russians would not release such intelligence to the public. Neither would the Israelis expose the dirty works of the Americans. What was common and interesting in the two reports were the cargo, the jamming of communications and the involvement of the Americans.

On reflection, there were some slips made by the Malaysians earlier. They simply brushed aside the cargo as a non issue, declaring that there was no dangerous cargo in MH370 only to admit it later. There was the supposedly loose and innocent chatter that MH370 was carrying several tonnes of ‘mangosteens’. Thus from the beginning the Malaysians were cognizant of the cargo, probably more than the Lithium battery that was admitted as the dangerous cargo. The Malaysians’ defence of the pilot and co pilot was also an indication that they knew what was going on and that the pilot was in the thick of things.

Now the red herring of the aircraft seen in the Maldives at low level and seen by some islands could be just a decoy. There was no need for the aircraft to refuel in the Maldives when Diego Garcia was next door. And why announced its sightings in the Maldives when it could fly into Diego Garcia without being seen by people not supposed to see. The wreckage photos released by the Australians could be another decoy to divert all attention and effort to the claimed new crash site.

The Americans, Australians and the Malaysians are all implicated with China and its citizens the main victim. Isn’t it funny that the countries of all the non Chinese passengers did not seem to be panicking or expressing urgency to want to know about their citizens in the aircraft? Malaysia too is just another cool cucumber though it has the next highest number of citizens in the plane, including the aircrews.

The whole thing is looking more like a big wayang and China being made a fool by the rest of the players. Malaysia could be helping the Americans to deliver the cargo to Diego Garcia or another airfield. The big question now is whether the passengers would be spare to live to see another day. There are very good reasons to dispose them off and not to leave behind any evidence. Just wait to see if any bodies were discovered in the Indian Ocean. If the Americans were really involved, how would they put a closure to this case and walk away as innocent party and how would the aircrews in MH370 walk back to life, and the rest of the passengers as well?

The truth is still out there.

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Anonymous said...

"The big question now is whether the passengers would be spare to live to see another day. There are very good reasons to dispose them off and not to leave behind any evidence."

Tiok. Whatever the scenario, the passengers will be disposed off for sure. 100%. How to let them live to tell the story, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The southern Indian ocean is the best place to dispose the evidence.

Even if evidence is found, eg dead bodies, also cannot tell what scenario caused them to die, tio bo? Because circumstantial evidence is also hard to establish.

Lagi best for the perpetrators if the conspiracy theories put forth in above is true.

Anonymous said...

There was a case where a suspect was convicted and hanged based on circumstantial evidence, because the body of the victim was never found.

It happened in Singapore in the 1960s, the famous Sunny Ang case.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nonsensical to theorize that any of the Two Pilots wants to commit suicide.
This episode of the Missing MH370 Flight is the Most Elaborate and Sophisticated Plan ever carried out in Espionage. Heads of some powerful nations and their agencies are involved in it's execution. Malaysia, MAS and Flt MH370, its' Crews and the Passengers were unfortunately caught in the Web.

Soon, the World will get to know much of the Facts as the Events unfold. The World is very much connected and it has become extremely difficult to have secrets.

Anonymous said...

The perpetrators hijacked the aircraft, killed the passengers, sank the aircraft and then came knocking at the door as the shining white knight to offer help. And help was accepted and the victim feeling so grateful.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I doubt the truth will ever be revealed.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> circumstantial evidence is also hard to establish.

Circumstantial evidence is not "evidence". It is merely a "clue".

Courts of law may convict defendants based on circumstantial evidence. However, this is NOT some fancy legal case on TV -- people are missing family members and loved ones, and it is ripping them apart. They want hard evidence -- proof, a corpse or parts of the human anatomy enough to make an positive identification...so that they can grieve properly and bring closure within themselves.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Najib and his team conveniently declared the aircraft crashed into the south Indian Ocean without any proof but on the prediction of angmoh bomohs.

Use your blain lah Najib. As long as there is no confirmation from debris or bodies found, you cannot conclusively claim that that was what happened and the passengers all dead.

How ridiculous and foolish would he look if the passengers walked out of the forest or some islands?

What is worse is that he was telling the griefing families that their loved ones are dead!

Anonymous said...

Just look at how tired those Malaysian high government officials are when you see them on tv giving media updates.

I think they just want to wrap this thing up ASAP so that life goes on as before and besides the GE is just round the corner. Also, I don't know whether the other countries are providing their assets and help gratis but I have a nagging feeling that it's not altogether free. At least Malaysia has to pay for the fuel rights? Mounting bills, sleepless nights in KL, headaches. WTF, better wrap this up pronto or some will get nervous breakdowns.

Anonymous said...


Good discussions in reddit around the phsycis, doppler effect and trigonometry. I don't doubt the power of data mining, but we need experts who know how such things work to challenge if there were many 'assumptions' used and margin error etc.

For Najib to say we 'must assume' is crashed then say is 'beyond any reasonable doubt'..then why 'assume' to begin with? And where is the conclusive debris/evidence?

Anonymous said...

If you look at the map of the Southern Indian Ocean there is one piece of land big enough to land a plane the French Southern and Antarctic Land mass. The islands have no permanent population. Looking at google maps, the islands are on the same judicatory as where these floating objects have been spotted.

It must take an insider to know this part of the remote area. And why did Najib say there is no possible landing strips?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they crash landed on some island like the series "LOST". This looks like its going to be long series

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think Najib, like Abbott, had been shown indisputable pictures of the crash MH370 in the Indian Ocean but could not reveal this to anyone. That is why he is so sure that the aircraft has crashed into the ocean. Who would have such photos other than the one watching the aircraft being ditched?

Did they also show him images of bodies to confirm that the passengers were all dead?

Many people have already presumed that they are dead without any evidence been offered yet. As long as no bodies are found, there is still a doubt of their where about.

Anonymous said...

Rumor that key pilot's marriage was breaking now..thus his separation from his wife and children, and the mystery call to the unknown woman?
The theory that he has suicided and decided to take the plane for a last joyride in a calculated move is looking plausible now.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With his occupation as a pilot, he has all the money to have a great time with many beautiful women. And the phone call said there was one waiting for him.

There is no sound reason for a man of his position to want to kill himself. He has a very good life and enjoying it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China and Malaysia should offer a US$10 million reward to the whistleblower to expose this cold blooded murder against innocent people, young, old, male and female.

Anonymous said...

Six countries are involved in the operation to search for M 370 - Australia, New Zealand, the US, Japan, China and South Korea - after MH370 vanished on March 8, with 239 people on board, including six Australians

Why Malaysia not involved? So far Malaysia has been receiving all the help and information but not producing any, even the cargo manifest is withheld, what they see on radar also not given.

Anonymous said...

If Boeing 777 can fly by remote control, I think it makes the conspiracy theory plausible. And Matland didn't even want to reveal the cargo manifest! What so secret if there is nothing to hide, tio bo?

Maybe happened during the autopilot stage of the flight, and at the no country's airspace between Matland and Vietnam.

And some more jam/override those comm signals to prevent distress messages from being sent.

What do u think?

b said...

This is what happening in the real world - full of bullshits and the media is controlled.

Anonymous said...

//With his occupation as a pilot, he has all the money to have a great time with many beautiful women.//

What is your assumption his life is good?

Just because one has money to have great time with women, then they should be happy. So pray tell, why do all those 12 bankers from JPM decided to commit suicides?

Suicides are never rational. It could happen to anyone, rich/poor old/young. He is in his midlife stage, MAS is not doing financially well maybe more cost cutting looming etc..many reasons we dont know as yet that could contribute anxiety.

Why would he bother with all that stunts? Arguably, he flew up to 43,000ft to cause hynopxia and render the passengers unconscious. This can be seen as a compassionate killing (without fear and pain) and he can have his last joy ride into the remote sea until fuel runs out. Is a "beautiful death" one might argue.
Plus all these will make the Najibs gov look bad which will also help promote his political statement for the last time..do it for the country. So all that adds up to a plausible theory.

Anonymous said...

See no reason and need for pilot to switch off transponder and change direction to commit suicide. Do not see any reason the Other Pilot will go along with the One intending to commit suicide.
The Suicide Theory carries no water.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am right, definitely suicide and have a good time flying to the antarctic for a deep freeze with all the dead bodies in the plane and the dead co pilot beside him. Must be damn great fun. My fun is not your fun. can or not?

Anonymous said...

For Najib to make such a conclusive pronouncement that the plane crashed and all on board had perished is foolish without evidence being found to back him up, unless he has been given definite proof by those involved.

In any case, we may never get to know the truth, the same way that we never know the truth about the murder of the mongolian lady years ago.

Anonymous said...

What Najib said is totally irresponsible at this point in time.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "gapping holes in that methodology".

I agree with you on this. The Doppler effect is in relation to objects moving at some hundred mph and the speed of sound being 760 mph.

With the Pings, we are talking of planes moving at about a thousand mph but the Pings are traveling at the speed of light. Comparing against light speed, whether an object moving at a thousand mph in one direction or the opposite will not make any difference. What a dumb theory, and Najib bought that? Are there no scientists in Malaysia?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just a minor correction on 9:12. You mean 'planes moving at about a thousand(hundreds) mph. Hundreds and not thousand mph. But your explanation is still valid.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, thank you for the correction of the post of 9:12.

I have now seen the satellite position and have an even more astounding issue to report. The satellite is stationed at a height of 35,800 km - that equals 110,980,000 ft. The plane flew at 29,000 ft. How can they expect us to believe Doppler effects at this ratio of magnitude?

To make matters much worse, the lateral position of the satellite is completely not in a head-on direction of the traveling object. It is at almost perpendicular direction, which makes the Doppler thingy even more insignificant.

Go look up the position of that satellite and you will understand how impossible it is to apply Doppler-style effect. The Doppler effect is most evident when an object comes towards you and then travels away from you. That is certainly not the case with the satellite and MH 370.