MH370 - Theory by Yoichi Shimatsu

Is MH370 The Latest Casualty Of The Pentagon's Pivot To Asia?
By Yoichi Shimatsu

The closer that millions of online sleuths come to tracing the trajectory and destination of the missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner, the likelier it becomes that the National Security Agency and CIA will resort to disinformation, including the planting of falsified evidence, to throw off their pursuers in what increasingly appears to be an electronic hijacking by those spy agencies.

More layers of the ongoing cover-up are being hatched now that eyewitnesses at the Huvadhu Atoll, a diving area in the southern Maldives,, have reported sightings of "a low-flying jumbo jet.: South of Huvadhu Atoll, the closest U.S. military facility is Diego Garcia in the Chagos Islands. The joint U.S. Navy submarine and Air Force facility has underground hangers huge enough to conceal B-52 bombers, a convenient hiding place for a Boeing-777….

Pieces of the wreckage spotted by US ally Australia further south of Diego Garcia could be a decoy site, salted with physical evidence of airplane parts that have been moved surreptitiously….

Malaysia Targeted by Air-Sea Battle Plan

The case of a MH370 has been solely focused on the possibility of a route diversion by the on-board crew. Completely ignored in press releases and news reports so far is the elephant in the room, or perhaps a better analogy of a Great White Shark in the bathtub - the massive U.S. Navy and Air Force presence in the seas and airspace surrounding Malaysia.

There is absolutely no way that a flying object as large as a Boeing-777 could evade the 24-hour watch over the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea by NSA-USAF spy satellites, high-tech AEGIS destroyers, the new class of Littoral Combat Ships and P3 surveillance planes.

The reasons for targeting Malaysia becomes clearer by examining the bigger picture of an aggressive military build-up in the Southeast Asia region by the combined armed forces of the US, Japan and Australia under Washington's "strategic pivot to Asia" policy. This geopolitical strategy is carried out by the Pentagon and its military allies through the Air-Sea Battle Concept, which disperses Navy and Air Force fighter jets across a network of civilian airfields and secret landing strips.

Beijing is not the only target of the Air-Sea Battle Concept. Malaysia runs a close second to China on Washington's enemies list. Flight MH370, destined for Beijing, is the literal embodiment of the economic alliance and political relationship between : China and Malaysia, making the airliner a most convenient target.

Pressuring Kuala Lumpur

Located on the geostrategic Malacca Strait, Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim oil-producing nation with a "Look East" policy allying itself with Japan and China. Last year the Malaysian and Chinese governments established an economic alliance, which includes Asian access to world oil reserves. In the eyes of Washington and its allies, these are sufficient grounds to treat Kuala Lumpur as an adversary….

Warnings from Washington were repeatedly given to Malaysia over the past few years. In late August 2013, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel flew to Kuala Lumpur last year to pressure the Defence Ministry to cooperated with the strategic pivot through joint naval-and-air exercises directed against Chinese forces in the Malaysian-claimed islets in the Spratley group. These spits of rock and sand located off of Sabah, the Malaysian state in northwest Borneo, have names longer than their diameters, for instance, Investigator Reef and Mariveles Reef.

At the same time, a mystery force led by a claimant to the title of Sultan of Saah send a group of Filipino gunmen, allegedly trained by a retired American commando, attacked Sabah with a series of shootouts with the Malaysian Army. US counterinsurgency troops happened to be operating in the southern Islamic-dominated areas of the Philippines, where the "sultan" recruited his desperado guerrillas….

How to Knock Out Aviation Electronics

The flight paths of MH370 were not across uncharted waters, as news reports suggest, but over some of the world's most heavily watched maritime channels. As soon as the jet lifted off Kuala Lumpur, its communications signals and radar image were picked up by US Navy signals intercepts officers stationed at Changi Navy Base and Sembawang dockyard in Singapore, which are effectively bases for the 7th Fleet. Triple coverage would have been provided by USAF listening posts at Halim Air Base near Jakarta.

The Malaysian airliner would then been picked up by the many USN ships patrolling the South China Sea, in and around the Spratley Islands. Besides AEGIS radar ships, the Navy has dispatched a new class of Littoral Combat Ships, including the USS Freedom, to the pivot.

Beamed from one of these ships, a powerful type of radar called X-band or narrow-aperture radar could easily have disabled all of the planes. The advanced radar system, now used in electromagnetic warfare to knock out missile and planes, led to the unintended blackout of Los Angeles Airport (LAX) in April 2004….

As reported in the news, MH370 was steered toward the Indian Ocean by the insertion of a computer command into its navigation system. Since at least the 911 incident and possibly earlier, Boeing passenger jets can be remote-controlled by the US intelligence agencies. Any recently built American-built aircraft can now be electronically commandeered and operated like a drone.

The only question is whether the American government is willing to engage in such a reckless disregard innocent lives. That point has already been proven in countless drone strikes against civilian compounds in places like Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, the Horn of Africa and many unreported locales. Though illegal and immoral, death from the skies is official policy. Without any effective restraints, the Pentagon can easily eliminate the passengers of Malaysian Airlines.

Perhaps it is not too late to save any surviving hostages, but that task would require a commando team capable of rescuing them from inside a heavily guarded U.S. Military base in the center of the Indian Ocean and flying them to India, the only coastal country in the region secure enough from a Pentagon counterstrike. Rambo, are you ready?

Flying Under the Radar

After its electronic systems were knocked out, MH370 made a sharp left turn toward the Kra Peninsula along the thinly populated and insurgency-troubled Malaysia-Thai border. The jet dove to 6,000 feet and possibly lower, enabling it to evade detection by flying below the ground radar. Its path, however, was briefly picked up from the northern side, where the Thai Air Force bases a fleet of Saab jet fighters….

Then MH370 crossed over the Strait of Malacca and the Andaman Sea, which is crowded with commercial vessels and oil tankers. That particular section of the strategic passage is constantly monitored by NSA-CIA surveillance stations assigned to protect Indonesia's Sumatra offshore oil platforms operated by Exxon and BP. Just north of Phuket is the Thai Navy's 3rd Headquarters, where American servicemen keep track of all ship and airplane traffic over the Andaman Sea.

It is impossible, in short, with so many radar facilities and airbases in that oil-rich sea for any jetliner, especially along an unscheduled air route, to go unspotted. So somebody is lying, and perhaps everybody is lying.

The Impunity of Criminal States

The cargo manifest for MH370 has yet to be released…
The other possible motive is the human assets aboard the jet. The passenger manifest does not disclose the occupation or rank associated with the names. Was there a VIP on board of extreme high value to Western intelligence agencies?

The lesson of MH370 is that the Great Powers act in secrecy and with impunity. Wars of strategic interest are no longer waged openly but are conducted by proxy armies, mercenaries with guns, propaganda agents placed inside of human-rights groups, media blackmail, social media manipulation and spies in the sky….

The all-powerful hunters will become the frightened hunted, as is starting to happen now as millions of online users narrow down the destination of MH370.

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan Times Weekly, is a Hong Kong-based science and technology writer.

PS. I have removed some of the elaborations to shorten this long article.


Anonymous said...

RB. You are too stressed up liou. Have a cup of copi. No point speculating at this time. the important thing is to retrieve some of these items to confirm they belong to MH flight. Find the blackbox to solve the mystery.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hahah, posting this article is the easiest thing to do. No stress for sure. And thanks for the kopi.

Anonymous said...

The Indians are the smartest to say they did not switch on their radars all the time, only once a while. So when the aircraft flew pass they did not see because their radars were switched off.

Who can beat this kind of explanation?

Matilah_Singapura said...

For a sci-tech writer, this Jap has certainly let his imagination run amok.

What a fantastic screenplay! I hope he gets a movie deal! James Spader can play PM Najib and The Bomoh could be a role for Kevin Hart to work his "magic".

Matilah_Singapura said...

Kevin Hart

Anonymous said...

The white Americans are thieves and robbers and terrorists since the days they set foot on the new land in America. They had mercilessly killed and murdered almost eighty-five million native American Indians and illegally took over their land.

Recently China had bought tons of gold . American intelligence via the CIA had got wind that the gold was to be flown to China in MH370 and as America is owing China trillions of dollars they planned the hijacking of MH370 to rob off its tons of gold. Gold is only one part of the strategic material. The other strategic material could be drone remote control systems which China might have bought from Israel on the quiet but subsequently leaked out by some treacherous pro American Evil Empire Jews .

It seems there is no limit to the amount of heinous and most wanton criminal acts that the Evil Empire will do to other countries. Therefore all countries beware. To trust the Americans is to sign your own death warrant and consign your country to hell and destruction.



Anonymous said...

what is the use of showing
satellite pictures of the 122
items when so many high-tech
military planes and vessels
cannot even find a single
debris from MH370....

sad sad sad .....

Anonymous said...

It is the Preamble to the Third World War. There will be retaliations soon.
MS will not have to wait for movie making to enjoy the Show. His hometown Oz will be actively participating.

Anonymous said...

Basically the consipiracy theories cast America as the Villain and Malaysia/Muslim-world/china as the victim in the MH370 incident.
Such being the case, I am only wondering why is Malaysia so cooperative to the villain? Malaysia has not cast a single even satirical statement making themselves look honourable and the angmo's conniving. Surely, if KL is aware of the strategic cargo on board, KL would have been tracking more closely the whereabouts of the aircraft on its entire route? Yet, KL didn't even seem to know that the aircraft flew past Malaysia for some hours?
The strange reactions of Najib which to me is totally, in favour with the West, makes me doubt the conspiricacy theory. This whole thing is very very puzzling.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> His hometown Oz will be actively participating.

Actually only a few agencies will be: the military and maritime authority, obviously, and the hotels -- I doubt the distraught families will be "sightseeing".

Also the Chung Wah association (Perth's Chinese association) -- with which I have an on-off-on-off relationship with. There are about 100 volunteers for translating purposes. (i.e. I get on with many of the members, but some particular members find me too "full on" and I find them high on the "Yaya-papaya Asian Asshole" scale)

The rest of western oz will just do what they do best: drink, fuck and enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

If there is genuinely gold in the cargo, and assuming those boleh guys are sleeping or corrupted on the job, ergo, they didn't know anything other than mangosteens and the harmless lithium ion batteries, then all it takes to call out the bluff is for the supposedly recipient of the gold to confirm that he has lost his package. Now, will China openly say it out loud to the public? Nothing shameful about some gold import right? So what's stopping them from doing that?

On further scrutiny. There is jewish russian guy who is onboard and the little report about him is a 'professional diver and athelete".. whatever james bond espionage that comes to mind..you go figure.

b said...

No point speculating. We will never be told the real truth. We will only know what they want us to believe. This world is full of bullshits.

b said...

'gold was to be flown to China in MH370'

- lol. china gold must be transported using malaysia airlines? think china so cheapo? this is the most ridiculous stories.

b said...

'Basically the consipiracy theories cast America as the Villain'

- honestly, i think white people are better leaders and that is why so many asians flocking to western countries by hook or by crook.just do not understand why so many anti white/west people nowadays. green eye monsters? Beware of muslims propaganda.

Anonymous said...

The white villians are so good that after they raped your mother and you will still say thank you to them. Honestly.

Anonymous said...

Actually the thought of remote control drones and it's military use is frightening, when we consider that those technology can be secretly installed in US made planes, which can then be used as weapons in times of confrontation or war.

Is this one area that they are testing, using real commercial planes? Is this also the next stage of weapons development that focuses on remote control and using planes that do not belong to them to carry even nuclear devices that operators are even unaware of? Just a thought.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> i think white people are better leaders [etc...] <

Actually no. The best leaders are in Asia, Russia, Africa and South America. These are real political animals, and masters at manipulating their citizens.

In the (free?) west, the individual and his rights to freedom is held up as the "gold standard". Hence the campaigns for civil rights, gay rights, women's rights -- the right to individual freedom and equality under the law -- doesn't matter if The Individual is a minority or lower social status. Every individual has rights. If need be, individuals will come together to defend those rights.

In the west, governmental power is LIMITED by law. The smallest individual in the society can criticize the highest office bearer in government -- in the media and in public, and the dissenter is guranteed his rights protected under the law. Oh, it helps to have INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY too ;-)

Most unenlightened Asian cuntrees are run under doctrines influenced -- to varying degrees -- of Confusionism. For me: FUCK THAT SHIT -- gimme western culture -- with all its imperfections and lunacy.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Western culture -- individual AUTONOMY i.e. you govern yourself. The govt functions more like a gatekeeper or referee. No leadership required. Most half-decent middle managers can do the job. (i.e. super talents in govt ...unnecessary -- individual autonomy and freedom take care of most things)

Anonymous said...

Feeling a touch of insomnia, I got up in the middle of the night, turned on computer to see what Mr. Bean is up to and lo and behold, I saw his posting of this article by some Jap.

After reading the piece of garbage, I could not sleep any further as I was laughing like shit in the middle of the night.

What a piece of fiction worthy of a blockbuster directed by one Mr. Cameron. Wahlau, this Jap can be a fiction story writer equal to the likes of Frederick Forsigh and Mr. Bean can be his kopi boy bringing him more caffeine to boost his runaway imagination.

Enough of reading the hogwash, I went back to bed but not before posting this comment for Mr.Bean's tabloid blog.

No kopi for you today.

Anonymous said...

"No kopi for you today"


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anyone wanting to know how CIA is implicated, go google 'MH370 CIA' and you will have a lot of articles posted by Americans on this subject to add another angle to what you are reading in your daily mails.

Anonymous said...

What happen to a country in future when the youth not confident of their future, don't want to married or born babies, you will know the likely scenarios, a countries good at importing people all the years to boost the GDP less concentrating on making and innovating? The wrong pay structure to its leaders and what is the outcome?