MH370 – State terrorism is a crime

The reasons given by Najib to confirm that MH370 was down in the southern Indian Ocean was simply bullshitting. Let me quote what he said, ‘ Immarsat, the British company that has provided satellite data indicating the plane had either flown in a northern or southern corridor, had performed further calculations of the data, using a type of analysis never before used in an investigation of this sort. Based on the new analysis, Immarsat and Britain’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch concluded that MH370 ended up in the southern corridor.’

What the above means is that they did not know. And the new analysis is ‘guessing’ or nothing more than the prediction of a bomoh. It is a very flimsy reason to use as justification for knowing where the aircraft was. But this does not mean that the aircraft was not where it was said to be. Many people knew, especially the rogue states involved in this crime against humanity. When Abbott jumped the gun to inform Najib, his eagerness and haste were signs that he knew. How would he know when there was no concrete evidence? Who told him?

From the final position of the MH370, it is obvious that no pilot, no matter how mad or fanatical, would have flown it there. A terrorist pilot or organization would have announced to the world of this great feat to spite whoever it wanted. And there was no reason after getting away to want to kill himself.

The location of the MH370 resting place could mean the aircraft took two possible routes. One route was to Diego Garcia and the other was to a military airfield in Australia, unloaded whatever, refueled and dumped in the southern Indian Ocean. The route to Diego Garcia would be picked up by India as it had avoided the Indonesian radars. India conveniently told the world that it was so poor and could not afford to switch on their military radars all the time. Can you believe that?

This whole tragedy involved at least one rogue state. And from the beginning of the incident till now, the actions and comments of the rogue states were as innocent as angels. They did not know, but they did it. It is state terrorism and of the worst kind. 239 lives were sacrificed, terminated, by evil people who conducted this operation. It is unforgiveable, and it must have the consent from people in very high places who put on an act throughout the episode while the families of the passengers agonized in pain. 

They must be made to pay for it.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

Sir, your deduction serves to rekindle hope to the waiting families and friends, albeit a false one.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo RB, I think your deduction is also as good as the Matland Bomoh lah. Sama sama.

Kopi kau.


Anonymous said...

I strongly believe in karma. If there is a sinister reason for the down plane or a coverup the culprits will be severly punished in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

If the search in Indian ocean cannot confirm any debris from MH370, then I think RB deduction make sense lah.

The plane was hijacked, stolen and hidden for the next Sep 11 probably.

As regards 239 passengers and crew, of course terminated lah. How to let them alive to tell the story, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

It's suicide.
Who? The chief pilot.
Why? He is so depressed that he break down after 2 Opposition leaders were sentenced to jail by the oppressive and corrupted UMNO government for some flimsy accusation.

Anonymous said...

Who? The chief pilot.
Anon 9:27 am

Stowaway pilot not possible meh? And some more nobody will ever know because not in namelist, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

But if want to commit suicide, why flew so long and so far to do it?

But maybe also possible lah. Some people commit suicide by going missing, u know.

But if suicide, the pilot really cik-ah.(cruel)

Anonymous said...

There is definitely an international collusion involved in the Loss of MH370.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please don't blame the pilot. There is no compelling reason for him to do such a dastard thing. Even if he wants to fly there, he could not do so without refuelling.

The location is chosen to dispose off all evidence to trace the culprits behind it. The search parties were only lured to the site after more than a week when most of the evidence could no longer be found. It is unlikely that they could find the black boxes at all. They are likely to be stripped off during a stop over somewhere before dumping the aircraft there.

No terrorist organisations could mastermind this act. Only a very exceptional ONE can do it.

Anonymous said...

Find the scriptwriter u find the culprit

Anonymous said...

RB, u mean the plane landed somewhere in the Indian Ocean, all on board killed, plane stripped of the vital parts, the rest and bodies dumped in the Indian Ocean?

Hmmm. Beginning to sound very plausible.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the chief pilot. He is estranged from wife, obsessed with flight simulator, received phone call maybe from girl friend to break off, upset with Anwar conviction, etc. Dig more, you will find some more.

I think the Malaysian police did poor job investigating the pilots. Always saying they are not guilty until proven, to spare their feelings - how then to investigate effectively with this attitute? You are police, so your attitute must be everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Lousy police work. Interpol and FBI offered help, but brushed off because too proud - Malaysia boleh!

Hope RB is right. To commit suicide like this make no sense. They are still alive somewhere.

Anonymous said...

RB, you might want to read the follow-up report from the Russian intelligence in today's European Union Times. Gives your piece some support.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi 10:03, it is a horrifying thought to think that anyone would kill 239 innocent people in cold blood. I too cannot believe anyone will do it or give an order for it to be done.

Let's hope no one is insane enough and evil enough to do it and the passengers are still alive somewhere.

The mastermind is after something in the aircraft and has no reason to want to kill the passengers other than to silent the lambs.

It is so sinister.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:13, have read that and a piece supposedly from Israeli source. Have written something about it and wanted to post it today but holding it back because of this new development.

Will post it later, perhaps tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Najib must have been shown some proof by the perpetrators of this crime and had no choice but to confirm that the aircraft was down in the Indian Ocean.

Anonymous said...

More proofs to show that it's suicide by the chief pilot

1. He is probably the only one in the plane who has the in-depth knowledge of everything and anything about commercial plane.
2. He knows the loophole when he reversed the plane just before it reaches Vietnam airspace, the plane will not be monitored by the Air-Controllers in both Vietnam and KL
3. He purposely flew the plane up to 45,000 feet in order to kill everyone in the plane.
4. There is no emergency distress call of any fire or mechanical failure.
5. All radar contacts to the plane were manually switched off
6. He tried to evade the plane from been detected by flying at lower height.
7. He then direct its plane to Indian Ocean and let it flies on auto-pilot mode until the fuel runs out before it crashes down to the sea. The location where debris is detected is exactly almost the same distance the fuel can carry the plane that far.

Yes, to everyone there is no compelling reason for him to commit suicide with so many passengers on board but we should never discount the event causing him to have nervous breakdown after hearing that Anwar was sentenced to 5 years jail. He attending the court case in the morning before his night flight.

As for state terrorism, it can easily be dismissed outright as preposterous

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:35, in your post there are so many technical errors about aircraft/radar and aviation. You need to get the technical details right if you want people to take your points seriously : )

Anonymous said...

no one can be 100% sure of the answer why MH370 ended at the indian ocean.....

only the flight recorder has the answer.....

it is now a test of the world technology in locating the flight recorder.......

it would be a shame if the world fail in this mission.....

Anonymous said...

They will not find it. The recorders already stripped and removed from the aircraft and sitting safely in someone's safe.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Indeed there are questions which scream for answers.

And yes, I agree with redbean that there are probably folks around who know MUCH MORE than they are letting on.

As usual, us dumb taxpaying peaceful citizens are given yet-another-con-job by "authority".

I note with glee the many christian blogs blaming the pilot for "suicide" and hence murder, because there is evidence to suggest that the chief pilot was an atheist -- he subscribed to Richard Dawkins and atheist channels on YouTube.

As usual, many dumb-fuck christians think that atheists are baby-eating satanists who have no morals and also engage in bestiality. WOW!! As an atheist, I must be missing all the fun, becasue I don't do any of that stuff...but I do, like Jesse Ventura, love the teachings of George Carlin

Anonymous said...

Funny, the bomoh could be right.

When he was looking for the aircraft two days later, he said the aircraft 'is still in the air or has crashed into the sea.' Many could not believe the aircraft was still in the air when it had only 8 hours of fuel. It could, after refuelling and flying to the spot it was dumped into the sea.

And the eagle hovering over MH370 causing it to plunge could be a country which has a national emblem of an eagle or often been associated with an eagle.

One thing the bomoh did not say, the passengers were dead.

Anonymous said...

The USA has started 3rd WW.
United States Of America has started the ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

Good, now they have three fronts, the Russians in Europe and China in Asia, the Muslims in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

RB, your reasoning is like the Chinese adding cardboard into their paus, looks good at first sight but crap on the inside. I think you've lost the plot and with it your marbles.

Anonymous said...

I think Najib must have been given some proof that the plane crashed most probably in the South Indian Ocean and all 239 are dead, otherwise he is putting his neck out to make such a daring deduction.

How can be be so sure bugs me, without real evidence shown to the world. There are really secrets that cannot be revealed.

Anonymous said...

The Aussies has a top secret over the horizon radar facility that would have detected this plane since it was heading in the direction of Australia.

That Australia failed to even hint that the plane was in the Southern Ocean area for more than two weeks indicates special reason for not becoming public.

It is terrible. So many innocent lives are lost and maybe sacrificed all in the name of protecting military secrets.

Some people knew. The Malaysian military did not even chased the phantom plane on their radar.

All the wayang for days.

I am not flying MAS at all.

Anonymous said...

It is time the public worldwide demand that cockpits be visible to ground controllers via CCTV and that all communications be sent to satellites.

Why should a cockpit be a closed off space? The pilots are well paid and are on duty...not to invite women inside, to play games on their tablets, to sleep etc.

Pilots have been given too much liberty. Now we cannot trust a few of them. Our lives are at stake.

We can see cab drivers, train drivers, bus drivers and even ship captains at work. So what is so special about cockpit pilots who are paid to fly safely?