MH370 – Misinformation and fuzzy logics

A few days after the disappearance of MH370 and the failure to locate any debris in the surrounding seas, the possibility of it being hijacked became very real. And the few evidences available pointed to a highly sophisticated team of hijackers who were doing everything they could to avoid detection by radars. And it took 6 fruitless days to discover nothing, absolutely nothing to tell anyone where it could have gone to.

Then on the 7th day after its disappearances there was a flood of information, even confirmed to be genuine, coming out to tell everyone a completely different story. The aircraft did not disappeared but was seen all over the sky and making all kinds of illogical manoeuvres to tell the world where it was and where it was going.

When such things happened, when logic becomes illogical, when the information made available, volunteered even by normally reliable sources, even by friendly sources, one must raise the antenna of doubt. If the information does not make sense, and telling some wild stories, one has to be suspicious and to question its validity and reliability.

Often information can be offered for the wrong reasons, mischief, misinformation, spurious, given under duress or circumstances that are unacceptable. And why, when this information was supposedly known, was not made known earlier and led so many nations on a wild goose chase in the South China Seas for almost a whole week?

The new information that was withheld and now made public include: Aircraft flying to 45,000 ft and descending to 23,000 ft. Aircraft flying to the west and under military radar screen. Aircraft flying at 29,500 ft and towards Penang into the centre of Butterworth and Penang radars with no attempt to hide its position. And subsequently aircraft flying towards the direction of India, presumably towards central Asia, where it would be seen by civilian and military radars. It was like the hijackers telling the whole world here I am, see, come and catch me. Why no longer trying to avoid radars?

All the information is saying that the first premise that the aircraft was manoeuvred to avoid radar detection is not true. The aircraft did not have that intention and was on the radar screens of military radars. Why didn’t the military raise an alarm and scramble fighters to intercept an unknown aircraft flying into Malaysian airspace? If it had hostile intention, it would have succeeded in whatever it wanted to do.

MH370 was claimed to have climbed to 45,000 ft when its max ceiling height is only 43,000 ft. It is not easy to fly an aircraft beyond its height ceiling. The pilot would have to fly it like a fighter aircraft, accelerate on descend to max speed and pull it up to hit a new high. A commercial aircraft doing such a manoeuvre would subject the fuselage to excessive stress and the wings could fall off. Is it believeable?

And the aircraft was happily flying into Penang and Butterworth radar zones at a height that it could not be missed. How ridiculous could this be? Are the hijackers suddenly became that stupid?

In my earlier posts though I mentioned a westerly route, 280 to avoid the Butterworth radars and staying at the verge of Phuket air traffic radar, I ruled this out as flying further would make it visible to radars in the west, unless it is hitting some deserted islands in the Indian Ocean. The best route to take is the easterly direction where there were no radars to pick it up on their screens.

The new information throws all the earlier premises into disarray. It suggests that the hijackers are likely to be associated with the Uighurs and their destination is central Asia. They could not fly there without being picked up and it was exactly that way, it was not picked up by anyone at the level they were supposed to be flying. They could not fly low level without burning out fuel for that kind of distance and not seen across India or countries in the region.

Najib spoke as if the latest information were gospel truths, unquestionable.  Really? Could the information offered, that were concealed for so long, be misinformation, fabricated information or spurious information?


Anonymous said...

"Could the information offered, that were concealed for so long, be misinformation, fabricated information or spurious information?"


What can the relatives of the victims, majority from PRC, do? What can PRC do?

In fact the main contractor for the recently opened Penang 2nd bridge is from PRC. It was also built with a large loan from PRC.

And PRC developers also invested heavily in Johore Iskandar.

Anonymous said...

Will u still want to travel by Malaysia Airlines now, even if it is the cheapest?

Anonymous said...

PRC cannot do much except to scold those Mats lah, tio bo?

Just like how Sinkies scold the PAP, which is what Sinkies can do.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Any of you heard of the island of Gan in the centre of the Indian Ocean in the Maldives?

This was a former British outpost with an airstrip and within the range of MH370.

Anonymous said...

Gan island is a retreat, just google.

If landed in Gan, why no news? What are they waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Human beings can live without food for 7 days, but not water.

So even if landed safely in a deserted place without water supply, I think those on board is as good as gone.

But if it is in a inhabited place, why in this internet age, no news till now?

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the plane was shot down (in Bay of Bengal/Indian Ocean) after it was diverted and violated another country's airspace?

Of course, if this can be withheld and kept quiet about it, better lah.

After all, even if the debris are found, also can't tell whether crashed or shot down, tio bo?

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

I am not an expert in reading body language......

But during the press conference, Najib looked OK, like everything is in control, is OK.....

Did he know something that we don't....

PRAY for the BEST..........

Veritas said...

Everyone in the world are fooled by Malaysia Islamofacist government who apparently tried to cover up and tell everyone the plane went down in SC Sea. China another supporter of Islamofacist, and others play sucker and went in there to dig and found nothing.

Malaysia has long time habor and trained Islamofacist terrorist, and one wonder, what happened this time.

Fortunately, we have uncle USA Sam, who debunk the lies of SOB Malaysia Islamofacist, telling to the whole world that the plane flew to Indian Oceans for 5 hrs.

Malaysia has no choice but to revealed a small part of what she knows, confirming that MH370 indeed flew towards Andaman. I believe Malaysia is still hiding a lot of things, and USA is still holding a lot of information and secret through her satellite and various terrestrial surveillance system.

China now become a clown. Again USA play the courageous cowboy.

Up till now, the above is the true story. The whole world need to wake up that the whole piece of shit Islamofacist Malaysian government is a cancer to the world

Anonymous said...


Do you suspect High cast FTs hand in this ?

Anonymous said...

wow.... our dearest Veritas is back... i was scared whether veritas was in that flight to beijing.... bcas 152 PRCs... very high chance one is veritas....

oldhorse42 said...

All these years people laughed at Malaysia when they shouted " Malaysia Boleh!"
Now they show the world what they could do: they could make a passenger plane disappear from the face of the earth and nobody could find it despite the intensive and extensive search by the ships and planes of many countries.
Crashed? No debris. Hijack? No claim.
In the mean time, the acting minister for transport was enjoying every minute of media exposure appearing in suit and sometime in baju. He would be confirmed as full Minister in no time.
Najib for once was receiving world attention that would make Anwar die of jealousy.
Media personnel all flock to KL to cover the news and boost tourism numbers and dollars sky high that would make Malaysians vote BN and Najib over and over again.
After they have squeezed the publicity dry, the Malaysian would pronounce that they have found the plane still parked in KL airport.
It is all a case of misunderstanding they would say.
Malaysia Boleh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With so many hostages and probably western subversive elements involved in planning, training and executing this complex hijacking, they need a lot of time to disperse the hostages as well as the westerners directly involved in the execution.

Only when everything is done, when the clues are removed, would the real actions begin.

Anonymous said...

I heard IMH370 flew over the cuckoo's nest.

Anonymous said...

"Only when everything is done, when the clues are removed, would the real action begin".

This is exactly what happened with the case of the mongolian lady who was blown to pieces. First the fast arrest, then the long accusations, then the long investigation, then they finally told us they arrested the wrong people after few long years. In the meantime, the clues disappeared and the main mastermind/culprit got off without anybody knowing who he is.
What justice? All bull-shit and nothing but bullshit.

Malaysia boleh!

Anonymous said...

RB, You seem to place so much faith that radar can detect everything. Let's see the reality.

1. Civilian Radar: This uses secondary radar, and only works well if the plane's transponder is on. Hatyai ATC only saw MH370 leaving KLIA, and did not see the plane's return, and neither did Penang, KLIA, Subang or Pukhet ATCs, when the transponder was off. So much for civilian radar or Air Traffic Controls.

2. Military Radar: This uses mainly primary radar, which sends a ping, and sees the reflected signal on it's monitor. It cannot tell the identity of the object, and depends on the skill of the operator. In an area with busy commercial flights, the operator may dismiss the blip as a commercial plane, instead of calling a fighter jet to intercept, especially in the early morning hours. This is the case of Kota Bahru and Butterworth military radar. Only after the event, when they were looking for MH370, did they check back to see the records, otherwise it would have remained buried in their records. Some of the radars in the Andaman Islands were actually turned off for the night!

If MH370 followed the normal commercial flight routes to the Middle East and Europe, who is to say such a scenario did not keep on repeating itself, especially if it is piloted by someone with the intent of avoiding detection. Some may have seen it, and dismissed it, like our Malaysian counterpart. Nobody was informed to keep a lookout for MH370, until around 06.30 am when both Malaysia and Vietnam made an alert broadcast to all ATCs.

Based on the pings to the satellite, the last signal was at 08.11 am our time. If the plane had flown west, the most likely countries it would have reached are the following, and their local times:
Afghanistan: 04.41 am local
Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan: 05.11 am local
Kazakhstan, Krygyzstan, Western Sinkiang: 06.11 am local

You see, everybody was probably "kooning", including the military radar operators, and the radar operators along the "busy" flight route, such as Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh, East India, and over the Himalayas: Nepal, Tibet, Western Sinkiang! You think all these mostly mountainous 3rd world countries have very good military radar capabilities covering vast areas? Why does even a small country like Singapore want to invest in AWACs? Forget about civilian radars and over the open ocean!

"One thing that does bother me greatly is the fact that unidentified aircraft could navigate back over Malaysia and out to sea without a physical or material response to that fact," said Britain-based aviation security consultant Chris Yates. "They were not watching." (Associated Press)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 12:14, I have already said that a lot of information put up were suspect and may even be misinformation. And I also stated that the military radar crew could be 'kooning' like you said. So there are a lot of bull out there.

If you read what I posted you will see the discrepancies and illogical statements made and a pilot, supposing to be evading radar but flying into radar.

Many of you are confused by what the media reported about secondary radar. A secondary radar detection is caused by the emission of the transponder. They still use practically the same primary radar which means they can see the blip as well.

All commercial flights must file flight plans and the military as well as civilian controllers have that information and will match a blip against the flight plans. Those detected at places and time that were different from flight plans were unknown and could be hostile. Even without the transponders on, the military crew would know if it is a civilian aircraft.

Many of the socalled experts are not very conversant of what the radars could and could not do and how the industry works.