MH370 – Many questions to answer

At this point in time, all fingers are pointing to a hijack. This prompts many questions on how a hijack could take place. Presumably there must be a pretty big team of hijackers to be able to over power and control 239 passengers. And they must be heavily armed.

So, how could so many hijackers board the aircraft and were they in the passenger’s list,  and went about unnoticed? Also, how could the firearms be smuggled into the aircraft? I am presuming they have firearms to be able to control so many passengers. Were they aided in some way by the ground crew? It is not easy to bring so many pieces of weapons on board.

And on Mar 8, when was the aircraft discovered to be missing, and what were really seen on the radar screen? Were they really detected on the radar screen, civilian air traffic radar or military radar? Could someone be telling lies and misleading everyone?

KLIA’s radar is unlikely to see the aircraft. Military radars could be off for the weekend or on skeleton crew, and in a relaxing mood as it is peace time and no intrusion is expected. It would be pure good luck for an operator sitting in front of a screen and monitoring all the happenings to MH370, a routine flight when there could be other civilian aircraft in the air.

What was real and what were speculation and misinformation?

While I was pondering over the above, I heard over the news that Najib had more or less confirmed that MH370 flew towards Penang and then northwest towards the Indian Ocean at about 29,000 ft. The information seemed to be confirmed and the aircraft actually was seen on military radars, probably one in Kota Bahru and then seen again by the radar in Butterworth. He also said that it was confirmed that someone deliberately switched of ACARS and the transponders in the aircraft.

What he did not say but implied was that the aircraft was deliberately flown to wherever it wanted to and to be seen on military radars and to be tracked. This is something that is contrary to the view that the aircraft was doing all it could to avoid being seen on radars. Over the last few days it was reported that the aircraft was not seen by radars at least from the spot when it last disappeared and all the way to Penang and only appeared over Pulau Perak. Now it is reported that it was seen flying from where it last disappeared, yes reported disappeared but was seen flying to Penang, tracked by military radar!

If the information is true, Malaysia is doing the right thing to search in the west and stop all searches in the South China Sea. But if the information was fake or misleading, it could be misled to search exactly away from where it should be searching.

Interviews with an ex FBI agent Steve Cutler and a Singaporean expert Paul Yap, both still believed that whoever was flying the aircraft he was trying to avoid radars. How to explain the new facts that the aircraft flew into the thick of radars in Penang and Butterworth and even seen by the one in Kota Bahru? They are now claiming to be seeing the aircraft all the while since it last disappeared or reported to have disappeared up to the Indian Ocean?

What is going on?


patriot said...

Malaysia has much to account for the Success of the Hijack of Flight MH370, if it was indeed a hijack.
The Families of the Hijack Victims should pursue the Case by seeking the helps of their respective governments.

The Hijack apparently happened under the noses of the Authorities in Malaysia. They did nothing to intervene, not even tracking where MH370 was heading. Knowing that it was flying away from its destination and doing nothing to find out what was happening?


b said...

What happened? Maybe a gigantic sea monster emerged and captured it.

Anonymous said...

Their bomoh said a big black bird snatch it from the sky!

Anonymous said...

No news from veritas these days... i guess he is one of the PRC onboard.....

Anonymous said...

Veritas could be in a black hole.

Anonymous said...

RB, in your earlier post "M370 - Why radars cannot see where it could be" of 3rd March 20:41, I posted the following comments:

//More than 150 passengers were China nationals. Scrutinize their passports and identities. If it is a hijack, it must be from this group. There are a lot of dissidents in China, especially those from the Autonomous regions.

March 11, 2014 10:38 pm//

//Distances and flight times from Kuala Lumpur:
To Beijing (China) - 2700 miles, 6 hrs
To Dushanbe (Tajikistan) - 3120 miles, 6 hrs 39 mns
To Bishket (Kyrgyzstan)- 3191 miles, 6 hrs 38 mns
The plane had enough fuel for 8 hours of flight. Go figure.

March 12, 2014 10:14 am//

According to Najib's press conference today, it stated "So far, experts had located the last point of communication as being inside one of two large geographical corridors: a northern corridor stretching from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand, and a southern corridor stretching from Indonesia to the southern Indian ocean." "The last confirmed communication between the plane and satellite was at 8:11 am."

This would place the plane as already travelled 7 hrs 30 mns. If you discount approximately 1 hour for the plane's turnaround, and the distance already travelled, this places the plane roughly in the region of Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, your post was on 11th March.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Since everyone is using the same available so-called "facts" (what we are told to believe by "authority") to pull theories out of their anuses, here is mine -- pulled out on Monday and ripened to an exotic aroma over the last few days:

1. The plane "vanished" on Sat.

2. By Sunday/ Monday certain "key people" were contacted and demands made by the hijackers/ kidnappers/ pranksters

3. Negotiations began

4. Under threat of lethal harm toward the people on board MH370, no MSM or other officials from any cuntree were privy to the "real story". The kidnappers -- as kidnappers often do -- will no doubt have threatened to kill victims if their crime and plans were made public. **Note: cell phones of the victims apparently were still working. Hah! So many didn't turn off their cells during flight.

The engineers of the hijack were so good at shielding the electronic footprints of the plane...but they forgot about the cell phones. ("The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray")

5. And so the multi-nation SAR mission continues on BOTH the eastern and western vicinities of the Malaysian peninsula. (this alone is fucking incredible)

6. The Internet: The internet does a fantastic job of disseminating data and information. It doesn't however discriminate: the internet will spread BULLSHIT and MISINFORMATION as fast and efficaciously as it does information of factual nature. Negative information carries with it more "power" because we are essentially a species who is motivated by fear and associated negative emotions, and thus "tuned in" to the worst of the worst possible scenarios -- which we will willingly ACCEPT WITHOUT PROOF.

7. There is solid intel. A few "key people" are privy to this intel...but no one else, at least at the moment.

8. The Malaysian government is going to be holding the can on this -- quite unfairly, perhaps. Or maybe Najib and his gangsters deserve a good punch in the nose. You be the judge. My opinion about UMNO and its cocksucker members is going to be biased, as I've never held back my disdain for these despicably racist and religiously-hypocritical motherfuckers.

9. The ideologies behind this mass kidnapping: The usual 2 suspects: politics, and religion, a a good dollop of money thrown in, because lets face it both religion and politics purport to "help the helpless and the poor", but both religion and politics can't wait to take as much money as they can for themselves -- leaving the poor still poor and helpless still helpless, remaining convenient scapegoats for the next time! Do people fall for it again? Yes, again and again and again...

Disclaimer: This is a wild-assed theory I pulled out of my asshole. I have no proof. It is pure opinion and gross speculation.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck me, this is hilarious....

The witch doctor has the answers :-)) Around the 2:00 mark, this fucking fraud of a bohong bomoh uses bamboo galas as "binoculars" and a fish trap for the plane!! Wahahhahahah...

At 5:00 he convinces a member of the public to make a complete asshole of himself, now preserved for posterity on the internet.

Steady lah mat. Sila gunakan kayu buluh itu untuk melihat puki mak anda!!

Anonymous said...

Matilah! 4.49 pm

// because lets face it both religion and politics purport to "help the helpless and the poor", but both religion and politics can't wait to take as much money as they can for themselves -- leaving the poor still poor and helpless still helpless, remaining convenient scapegoats for the next time! Do people fall for it again? Yes, again and again and again... //

Your F--KING statements quoted above are all "Bulls Eye" spot on. "Chun chun" WACKED the "HOLE" TRUTH right at where it should be.

If you write it into a book, high chance will give the other "Erection State" Truth a run for its $$$$.

Btw, in case some "daft" doesn't know what "Erection State" Truth implies, pop a dozen blue pills into your mouth. Confirm will know what is it after half hour later!

How all?

Which truth better?


Btw, know why it was called that way by one other "matilah akang datang"? Because if it was intended that way! Has to be in that "Viagra induced state" to wack and wack the cheesebyes and arses of the "daft" until their sanity exploode! Heard about "Piak and Piak". If the TRUTH not "viagra induced", how to wack the "dafts" cheesebyes and arses until all kind of things come out.

Anonymous said...

Another "Mongolian" disapperance act

Virgo 49 said...

All the while, this Nasib knew it was a hijack.

Let so many countries waste so much resources and manpower on a wild goose chase.

Press conferences ee ee ahh ahh. Knew their officials mistakes and tried to cover as much as possible.

In the end had to disclose the truths. Military radar tracked all aircrafts in case of surprise intursions.

So last ruse, said tracked plane flying over Penang after making a return turn and declared it is a deliberate diversion.

Later will declared eventually it is a hijack.

Next cry wolf no nation will help.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh! Can only happen in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

There must be a manifest listing the contents of the cargo hold. Perhaps there was a transfer of gold or a container of uranium. Maybe the governments involved are so petrified as to the where abouts of the precious cargo, that they are intentionally slowing down the search for the plane.

And i ask again, who were the other 2 passengers who had the fake identity which MAS is still witholding the information. Why aren't reporters following it up?

Earlier we had 911 for Sep 11. Now we have mh370 for March 7. Sweet.

Virgo 49 said...

Think now whole episode is the work of the senior pilot.

MAS bleeding and his contract may not be renewed.

Hopefully, all passengers and plane landed safely.

Rest can settle later

Anonymous said...

IATA, FAA and other bodies need to impose new rules:

- Missing commercial aircraft must be broadcast to all nearby nations and military.

- Transponders, etc cannot be switch off. Fire risks must be minimized.

- When transponders are off, then satellite tracking must automatically be activated.

This tragedy showed the danger of relying on flight crew being able to safely manage the planes.

Anonymous said...

Capt of MH370 was a close ally of Anwar who was convicted on the eve of his departure and to be jailed for 5 years.

Also his wife took their 3 children and walked of him a few days before his departure.

Could he have committed suicide?

Anonymous said...

“We must change!”

That is the title of the upcoming post.

Why spending so much time to dwell on it, think about it, worry about it, sleep on it, even “eat” on it because even while eating is thinking about it?

Why bother?

Anything to gain?

Materially, NO!

Potential trouble, YES!

Scared about potential trouble? NO!


Because one is not doing it for himself, one is doing it for society at large!

Suppose there was this sick person A on the road and another person B found him and carried him on his back all the way to the hospital because that is something B innately wanted to do and he did it but he get punished for it, then so be it! If a society choose to punish a person who carry a sick man he found on the road all the way to the hospital, then even if he did not do it, he did not carry the man, he still would be punished, one day in another way. Not because he did something wrong or he is evil but the society chose to be that way. But in the end, the person would still choose to carry the sick man whether he get punished or not because that is the right thing to him to do. At times, we should and we need to do it if intuitively we feel that is the right thing to do. Spontaneous! No need to worry whether one would gain something from it. What is the price to pay? If its right, just do it! Sometimes, not always!

So stay tune.

PSS pro-sustainable-sg.blogspot.sg

Anonymous said...

I strongly suspect it is an inside job.

Pilot(s) turn suicidal or went bonkers? This cannot be ruled out.

Anonymous said...

This incident just happened a day after Anwar was convicted for sodomy.

Is there any link? Perhaps an act to embarrass the Najib govt?

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

There is mo mystery about the hijacked missing Malaysia Airlines MH370. It is hijacked by CIA in collusion with extreme militant Malay muslims and the treacherous airline ground crews and officers as well as the pro muslim terrorists immigration officers. If you want to know where the missing plane is you have to check the American military bases in Guam or Manila. Don't be misled by the Americans in a wild goose chase. Neither can you trust the Malaysian prime minister Najib, who likes to play drama or wayang wayang.China and the world just need to be prepared for the worst things that the desperate Americans and their terrorist arms CIA and the Pentagon may unleash on the world.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I think I prefer the bomoh's explanation ;-)