MH370 – Malaysia needs foreign talents

In his article ‘Lessons from the MH370 tragedy’ in the Today paper, Devadas Krishnadas discussed the issue of incompetence of Malaysian leaders in the handling of the MH370 incident. He said that, ‘an abiding impression was created of a lack of competence on the part of the Malaysian authorities.’ He went on to say that ‘Organisational leaders and operational managers must be selected on the basis of competency and not political suitability. It is too late to learn on the job during a crisis.’ And his recommendations to the Malaysians are, ‘Competency agencies must have a deep culture of competency. This requires meritocratic selection of talent, transparency of performance and accountability of responsibility.’

Krishnadas is all good intention and Malaysia should take heed to his comments and recommendations. He stopped short of saying recruiting talents irrespective of nationality like what Singapore is doing. He understood that Malaysia puts the interests of its citizens first among all things and would not sell out its people and replace them with foreigners. This is a piece of shrewd advice. If he would to tell the Malaysians to bring in foreigners to replace the incompetent locals, it will be rejected outright without a second thought.

The replacing of citizens with foreigners in good jobs can only be practiced in countries where the citizens are daft and docile, or in countries that are not really countries but more like hotels. And we can see that taking place nicely and smoothly in the finance and IT industries and soon it could extend to stats boards and govt services, and maybe political leadership as well. And the result is remarkable. Singapore is so prosperous and successful because of all the foreign talents that it has brought in to replace the dull and not so talented Singaporeans.

This is the trick that Malaysia will not be able to learn. In fact many countries in the world will not be able to replicate this except for ‘chap cheng’ countries like the USA. Actually we are just following what the Americans are doing, a small carbon copy of the Empire. America is so successful today without the natives or with the natives decimated. 

We don’t need daft citizens. All we need is talents regardless of nationality.

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Matilah_Singapura said...


>> We don’t need daft citizens.

I disagree. Daft citizens create the best entertainment. The more they suffer from self-inflicted sabotage, the funnier the "content".

Einstein reminds us that hydrogen -- the fundamental element from which all other elements are formed is finite in the universe. However human stupidity is infinite.

Therefore, you can enjoy infinite entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Matland and Sinkieland tak sama (not the same) lah.

If can be sama, already sama in 1965, and there will not be this Sinkieland we now know.

Actually hor, looking at how Sinkie police handled Little India riots, I am inclined to think they are quite sama with Matland on competency, only that matters are different.

Old Hawk Still Looking For Little Birds said...

Sorry hor, we may have lots of chap cheng running about but are you sure they are all talents? Most are rejects of other advanced western countries and almost all comes in with fake degree milled pieces of shit which can only pass muster in this island.

Yes, the Malaysians put the kampong boys in high positions but say what you like, they are the sons of the soil for better or for worse. They may be abjectly incompetent but then they're not some alients allowed into the country by the planeloads at the expense of locals.

I still salute the Malaysians. Stupid, incompetent, fumbling yes, but all sons of the soil.

Anonymous said...

Stir ah stir, stir ah stir

Pot is black.

Kettle is black.

The crow is black.

So is the cobra.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Annon 10.55. This is the way to go. They may not be the best but important thing is that they are true blue son of the land. If we go by the argument of the writer, then our people will never learn and grow. By the way, why didn't the writer suggest we replace our MPs and Cabinet including our PM?

b said...

Talents are rare lah. If they swam your country, they must be crabs. Msia does not need foreign talents. The people need to free themselves from a dangerous religion that is used by the rulers to control and manipulated them for money and sex. Race and religion are manipulative tools for the rulers.

b said...

'All we need is talents regardless of nationality.'

- likewise, all sg need is to get rid of pap mouthpiece in the gov. After which humanity and sanity can be restored.

b said...

Perhaps,after the death of certain person, sg will have a referendum to vote whether to be part of matland again.

patriot said...

The Mats maybe not as advanced due to culture and mainly late developments.
We have to salute them that their Leaders take good care of their fellow countrymen. I have great respect for them in this respect.


Anonymous said...

And they will not spoil their own culture and sell their nations(Indonesians included).

Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot,

True, true. In MatLand at least the Leaders does not screwed their own countrymen and take care of their majority race.

This Krishnadas guy should considered himself lucky that he is in Sinkie Land.

Here, a magnanimous GREAT LEADER wants to teach the whole world the way to treat the minorities of his tiny kingdom that HE even Screwed his own kind just to prove that this is the way to go.

If he were in MatLand, now he be languishing somewhere near the Klang swampland besides Pasir Burong fishery port living in dilapidated huts with clothes only covering his bottoms with no tops.

He wants to teach the Bumis how to run their country??

Here, he is just lucky that he is heads up in advantage in every policies that this GREAT LEADER planned for them.

So now with his stomach FULL and becoming arrogant wants to tell the Bumis how to suck eggs.

In Matland, he be kowtowing to the Mats and carry their BAllS and dare to make these comments.

He be appealing to the Queen of England to help his own kind of unequal justice.

patriot said...

To Virgo49;

You make me feels happy that the horrible impressions that I have of some Folks that have no qualm selling their souls and throwing away their conscience. I have always wonder how Sinkies are able to treat traitors and betrayors as respectable people.
With Your Comment, it confirms that at least some of us in our sixties(age) are not swayed by schemes and propaganda dished out relentlessly for more than five decades. Though we are just a pitiable minority, me am glad that we are not swept away by sweet talks and craps. That said, it is sad to note that damages are beyond repair. Wish that the Prevision of one leading Sinkie that Singapore would possibly be merged with Malaysia again does happen early.
It will be a great conclusion to our existence.


patriot said...

Addendum to my Above Comment.

You make me feels happy TO KNOW THAT YOU SHARE the horrible impressions.......