MH370 – Explaining the bizarre, strange and questionables

The information flowing out from Malaysia over the weekend made many people saw red and at times shocking to know that Malaysia had the information but chose not to tell.

MH370 was seen and tracked by military radars. Why did Malaysia take so long to tell the world? And the Chief of Air Force General Daud was reported to have made a trip to Butterworth to find out what they saw on that fateful morning. It was also reported that there was a military radar at Kota Bahru. This fact is not confirmed. At the point where the plane disappeared, Butterworth was unlikely to have it on radar. Even if they were plotting it, they would have erased it off as it was going away, off their radar coverage. Why did the information came out so late?

Let me make a guess. Butterworth or whichever military station was stood down for the weekend or manned by a skeleton crew. And very likely all were ‘kooning’ or on a very relax mood and did not see anything or track anything. How embarrassing to admit that this was the case. So they need to piece together a story, that they saw and were tracking the aircraft from the moment it turned back and disappeared. But they did not know that this was discredited by the aircraft flying at normal height to be tracked all the way to Penang/Butterworth.

Why was the pilot flying to Penang/Butterworth to be seen on radar when he was trying to avoid it? One possible reason, he thought by switching off the transponder the air traffickers could not see the aircraft and he could fly anywhere and at any level he liked. Unfortunately, the radars used by the air traffickers could also see the blips even when the transponder was switched off, and the radar operated like any primary radar and picking up any aircraft in the air. The second reason, the pilot somehow became stupid that he did not know his flight path could be tracked by military radars. He did not know of the existence of military radars! This could not be as all experienced Malaysian pilots would know the existence of military radars in Malaysia.

Why fly towards Penang/Butterworth to be picked up by radars when his destination was Northwest? I dunno. Maybe he was mad. Maybe he wanted to show his face to the military radar controllers.

And the new theory, he was a political fanatic and decided to hijack the aircraft after attending Anwar’s trial. So he made up his mind to hijack an aircraft full of passengers in a fit of a moment. Did he plan anything, where to go and where to land? You don’t fly an aircraft like driving a car and could park anywhere. And if it was just the pilot who was angry and doing the flying, what about the second pilot and what about the rest of the crew? They could not be sitting there doing nothing. The passengers too would not be sitting idly by and let the pilot do whatever he wanted. They might not know anything. But the fact that none could send out a mobile message or attempted to was an indication that they were restrained or prevented from doing so. How could the pilot restrain 238 passengers alone?

Oh the decompression theory of flying to 45,000 ft. If I am not mistaken the aircraft cabin pressure is designed to maintain at a certain level, normally about 10,000 ft, independent of the height the aircraft was flying. There would be no decompression just by flying at 45,000 ft. When there is a decompression due to malfunction, the aircraft is designed to drop the oxygen masks for the passengers.

Anyone wiser?


Anonymous said...

the plane may still be in one whole pc, landed somewhere, to be used later for other missions....

the landing runway used by the plan may be laid secretly over months somewhere we don't know.....

not sure of survival of crews and passengers......

can this be the case....what say you.....

PRAY for the BEST!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Latest comment on Yahoo News.

'Investigators believe the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 employed a dangerous flying technique called "terrain masking" to avoid appearing on radars in at least three countries.

The technique is often used by military pilots on stealth flights and authorities believe, based on the estimated time it spent in the air, that MH370 would have passed over at least three countries.'

Is this another bullshit or what the Malaysian govt said was bullshit, that the aircraft was flying at 29,000 ft for them to see and track?

Also flying at 5000 ft would put the aircraft at great risk to hitting mountains. And if they were to fly across towns or villages, they would hear the roar above them. Cannot be missed. But no one is coming out to say so.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Like I've mentioned previously: we're getting late Intel and a lot of info is deliberately being withheld.

My theory still stands.

1. The criminals did a great job hacking the avionics and software, and covering the trail of electronic breadcrumbs.

2. Negotiations have been going on for a few days already. Not every hi-ranking official" is aware of this; only a few people are in the loop, and they are keeping Silent to protect the hostages.

3. There are 100s of possible landing sites to put down. Pilot was experienced "Lau chiau" and even had a flight simulator at his home.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When did he installed this simulator at home?

Anonymous said...

Have you read the posting on Sammyboy of the Soviet intelligence report of the "capture" of the plane by the Americans? The plane was said to carry a highly dangerous cargo and was stolen from the Amercans leaving 2 Navy seals guarding it dead.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When did this happened?

I find it hilarious that the Malaysian govt said it checked the cargo manifest and found that there was no dangerous items be loaded. Would anyone want to declare dangerous items on the manifest?

And did they check what were loaded by the 5 passengers who did not board and subsequently their luggages offloaded? Such incident is highly suspicious and dangerous. People loading luggages into a plane and refusing to fly in the same plane.

Anonymous said...

The report is very detailed together with a UTube video. Too long to summarise. Go read it at the Courtyard Café.

Anonymous said...

The biggest mistake that Malaysia and their air force has failed to admit was that they did not scramble their air force planes to intercept an unknown plane in their air space. That is the biggest fuck up ever

Anonymous said...


Malaysia "squandered" precious time and resources by releasing dramatic information on the plane's fate a full week after it vanished.
"It is undeniable that the disclosure of such vital information is painfully belated," Malaysian officials were guilty of an "intolerable" dereliction of duty. Malaysia had taken so long to cancel search operations in the South China Sea if it already knew the plane had doubled back and flown towards the Indian Ocean.
"And due to the absence of timely authoritative information, massive efforts have been squandered, and numerous rumours have been spawned,"
"As the leader of the international search and rescue mission, Malaysia bears inescapable responsibility,"
"The Malaysian government's behaviour in this affair can be summed up in one word: 'deceptive',"
Najib revealed Saturday that the Boeing 777's communications systems had been manually switched off -- one after the other -- before the jet veered westward. Satellite and military radar data made investigators believe it had been deliberately diverted by someone on board and flown on for several hours -- either south into the Indian Ocean or north towards South and Central Asia.
The now week-long search for the Boeing 777 initially focused on waters in the South China Sea between Malaysia and Vietnam, where the plane disappeared from primary radar on March 8.
This is after a week of confusion and competing theories, prompted questions over how long Malaysian authorities had been privy to the new data, and whether they had missed an opportunity to intercept the diverted plane.
Much of the data confirmed by Najib had already been leaked in the US media, but it was only on Saturday that he announced the end of search operations in the South China Sea.
The prime minister insisted that Malaysia had not allowed national security concerns to prevent the "real time" sharing of confidential information with other authorities.
"We understand the desperate need for information ... but we have a responsibility to the investigation and the families to only release information that has been corroborated," he said.
Malaysia Airlines also issued a statement defending the delay between acquisition of the satellite and radar data and Najib's statement.
"It was critical that the raw satellite signals were verified and analysed ... so that their significance could be properly understood.
"This naturally took some time, during which we were unable to publicly confirm their existence," the statement said, adding that validating new information before releasing it would remain "paramount".
But security and aviation experts continued to question why so many resources were deployed in searching the South China Sea for so long, and how the Malaysian military had failed to identify the plane as it backtracked over the peninsula.
"It is an astonishing failure of security," said Ajaj Sahni, executive director of India's Institute for Conflict Management in New Delhi.
"And it seems an astonishing failure of technology in every aspect that something like this could happen."
Terence Fan, an aviation expert at the Singapore Management University, said Malaysia's crisis management was flawed and had tested public confidence.
"Why did they need days to 'corroborate' from their own radar images that the airplane could have turned west?" Fan said.
"Couldn't they have known from day one that the different communications systems on the aircraft were turned off at different times?" he added.

oldhorse42 said...

This is all a big conspiracy and cover up lah.

Najib discovered that the pilot was an Anwar supporter and even helped out in the last election. The pileven harbour aspiration for political high office like minister for transport in anwar's cabinet.

So the pilot must be blown off like the mongolian model. The plane, rest of the crew and passengers were just collateral damage.

This must be the only logical explanation.

In this day and age, how could a big plane gone missing for so long one!

Anonymous said...

I think there is a third reason. The pilot knew full well that even if Malaysian radars could detect it, that the people on the ground would not react to the information.

This is exemplified by an incident 6 years ago when a plane without a proper flight plan and a faulty transponder full across the entire peninsula Malaysia without any alarms raised.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Russian Intelligence report mentioned by Anon 11:56 put on a different spin to the MH370's disappearance. If it was true, the Americans and the Malaysians were thickly in this plot in the transportation of a highly secretive cargo which Najib has denied all knowledge of, having claimed the aircraft manifest did not have such dangerous cargo. Did he just done a Freudian Slip?

The Americans are keeping as quiet as they could, and MH370 could be in the American base Diego Garcia, a few miles sought of Gan. Hishammddin has categorically denied that the aircraft had landed in Diego Garcia.

Now why was he so sure? Another Freudian Slip?

The Russians claimed to have been tracking the cargo and had informed China and the latter had the intention to divert the aircraft to Hainan.

This conspiracy theory makes the whole disappearing act more interesting and suspenseful.

Could this be the real story and the Malaysians are lying through the skin of their teeth. But it did not explain why the cargo in American's hand could go to MH370 only to return to Diego Garcia.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Imagine if this story is true, the whole world has been on a wild goose chase by the Malaysian govt. At the moment it is only fiction or a new leak.

Anonymous said...


About the flight simulator:



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The most value for a flight simulator is take off and landing. The flying from point A to point B is a piece of cake to experienced pilots, in fact very boring. They switched to auto pilot.

It would be good to practice on landing at new airstrips, emergency landing like landing on a beach or on water.

Anonymous said...

Hello RB. You are right to say oxygen masks will drop above 10,000ft but you forgot pilots have the capability to turn off oxygen supply to the cabin. In this case, it is likely that the pilots (whether hijackers or otherwise) could have turned off the oxygen supply and open the outflow valves manually causing the cabin altitude to increase (to be the same level as aircraft altitude). This would have knocked out all persons on board except the pilots who would be breathing through the portable oxygen bottles.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The landing on Diego Garcia is tricky as it would reveal American complicity and with 239 passengers, how to get off the hook? If the Americans are involved, they would want to stage it in a way that it was done by some other parties and they are innocent.

Anonymous said...

What is their motive?

Only a mad person(s) will do drastic things without motives.

And if the pilot(s) or 3rd or more persons are mad, how can they fly for so long and do those things to evade detection, u tell me lah?

If there is method in their madness, then they are not mad.

And if they are not mad, then what is their motive?

Maybe only Najib knows? And cannot reveal yet because need to corroborate?


Anonymous said...

Remember the Altantuya case? The Mats could even erase their immigration records, as happened before.

So how about radar records?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 3:20, the pilot has a crew of 12. Unless he intends to kill all of them, I am not sure if he could turn of the oxygen in the whole cabin, they will recover when cabin pressure is restored soon enough.

Yes, what is the motive? Anwar thing, not enough for such an act. Pure hijack for money or separatist agenda?

Anonymous said...

Three things now established make the Russian intelligence report more likely to have substance. First,the fact that the last 'ping' from the aircraft was sent from land. Second, 19 Chinese families' calls on their cell phones rang but there were no replies. Last but not least is that one of the two air corridors that the plane could have taken leads to Diego Garcia. As for the disappearance of the crew and passengers the article helpfully links the CNN first report of the fake crash into the Pentagon and the subsequent disappearance of the crew and 64 passengers which was never repeated in subsequent broadcasts. Things sure get curiouser and curiouser, as Alice in Wonderland would say.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It would be better that they land in Gan than Diego Garcia. It would allow the Americans a way to wriggle themselves out of the fix. If in Diego Garcia, they would have to terminate everyone with extreme prejudice to cover their asses.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is missing the point.
I ask for the umpteenth time.

Who are the 2 ukranians onboard?

Who are Oleg chustrak and Sergii Deineka?

One has a facebook acct, 45yo and works for utel? What does Utel do?

What happened to the passenger aboard a commercial airline flight from Ukraine to Turkey who tried to hijack it to Sochi, Russia after the Winter Olympics started.

Also, what does the blonde girlfriends of the co-pilot do for a living? Is Malaysia govt/intell is sleeping on their job?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To hijack such a big aircraft with 239 people on board you would need a team of at least 10 to 12 hijackers or more to control all the hostages.

The two Ukrainians at best could be part of the team. Don't be surprised some could be smuggled in through into the aircraft with some help and thus not shown in the passenger list. The pilot and co pilot too could not do it on their own.

b said...

There are many ways to hide any negligence, incompetency, mismanagement. One way is to give as little information as possible. Lack of transparency is used in many dictators situations. Another way is to give a lot of information that are confusing, baseless, misleading, self promoting. The best way is to find the evidence first and then draw conclusion latter. No point speculating. It may take years but groundless facts bring more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

why do you assume it needs that many hijackers with firearms to subdue 239 passengers.

All it takes is some sleep-inducing substance to drug out the majority of passengers after the flight start beverages, the rest is easy to execute thereafter.

A highly skilled 4-5 men team can do the rest.

Anonymous said...

Sat, Oct 13, 2007
The Straits Times

Stowaway on SIA flight from KL hides in nose wheel well

CHANGI Airport had an unexpected passenger drop in on it on Thursday night - he fell out of the nose wheel well of a Singapore Airlines aircraft that had just landed.

The Palestinian, Osama R.M. Shublaq, 27, is said to have hidden in the well on Flight SQ 119 from Kuala Lumpur.

Ground crew waiting to serve the twin-engine Boeing 777-200, which had just taxied to Gate F33 at the airport's Terminal 2, were stunned when he fell about 2.4m from the wheel well to the ground.

He was arrested immediately by airport police. Passengers on the flight said they saw several police officers amid a wail of sirens and blinking lights.

An SIA spokesman said yesterday that the company would not comment on a matter under police investigation.

Pilots and aviation industry sources were amazed the stowaway survived his stunt.

A veteran pilot, noting that the well had just enough space to accommodate the nose wheel, said: 'He could have been crushed by the retracting nose wheel, depending on where and how he was positioned.'

Meanwhile, the Malaysian authorities are puzzled as to how the man could have breached ground security at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and climbed into his cubby hole unnoticed.

Mr Azharuddin A. Rahman, a director at the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia, said: 'You've got to be a superhero to try such a thing!'

Dato Azmi Murad, the senior general manager of operations of Malaysia Airports Holdings, the body which runs KLIA, said the airport would cooperate with the Singapore authorities in investigations.

Industry sources said they believed this was the first case involving a stowaway in a wheel well at Changi Airport.

The danger behind what the man is said to have done is underscored by previous cases of stowaways found dead on arrival elsewhere in the world. They were either killed by the cold, the lack of oxygen at high altitudes, or crushed by retracting landing gear. The air in the wheel well is not pressurised or heated.

But three weeks ago, a 15-year-old Russian boy survived a two-hour flight in Russia by hiding in the wheel well of a Boeing 737 jet.

The short flight time was probably what saved this latest stowaway, pilots told The Straits Times.

They explained that while schedules put a KLIA-Changi flight, which covers a distance of 300km, at 55 minutes, the actual flight time was only about 35 minutes, with the remaining time spent on the ground.

One pilot noted that the cruising altitude for such flights was around 23,000 feet, but the aircraft spent only about six minutes at that height.

He estimated that the temperature outside the aircraft could have dipped to minus 15 deg C.

The stowaway was said to have been wearing a coat and long pants when he was arrested.

The pilot said, however, that the man could also have been saved by the hatch closing immediately after the plane's landing gear retracted, which would have protected him from winds.

But as Flight SQ 119 came in for landing at Changi, the hatch would have been open for about four minutes.

The pilot added: 'However, what he did was risky because even in the air, the nose wheel gear continues to spin. He could have been crushed by the moving parts.'

In court yesterday, Osama was charged with entering Singapore without a valid pass or permit. If convicted, he could be jailed for up to six months, caned three strokes or more, or fined up to $6,000.

Anonymous said...

Sorry RB, where is Gan? There does not seem to be any place called Gan. Did you mean the American naval base at Guam which is in the Pacific? That aside, you might Google Diego Garcia Island. You will find an interesting thread discussing the disappearance of MH 370 in relation to that secretive nuclear base operated by the Americans. It should whet your appetite.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Gan Island was a British airbase with an airstrip. It is a few miles north of Diego Garcia, in the southern most tip of the Maldives.

Anonymous said...

Could it be possible there was a stowaway "pilot" on the plane which slipped through airport ground security?

So this fellow was not reflected in the crew and passenger list and also cannot be found out lah, tio bo?

In Matland, sometimes "tak boleh" can become boleh.

Just look at their tidak apa response to the blip on their military radar.

Anonymous said...

RB, to answer your question: "Why fly towards Penang/Butterworth to be picked up by radars when his destination was Northwest?"

Which other way is there, if you want to go Northwest? If it had flown northwest from the South China Sea, across the Gulf of Thailand and into Thailand, Burma etc.. it would also have encountered radar stations. By doing what it did maybe the smart thing to do. It followed known navigational waypoints, regularly used by commercial flights, so as not to arouse suspicions. It hoped that the military radar mistake it as one of the normal commercial flights. As an analogy, what is the best way to hide a needle - in a haystack, or among many needles? But we will only know everythihg, if we know why MH370 was hijacked.

This is what was said by "top officials": " It could also have taken advantage of busy commercial routes, meaning the flight may not have raised the suspicion of those manning military radars in the nations it flew over. It would have appeared to be just another commercial aircraft on its way to its destination, the paper said."

Matilah_Singapura said...

Re: Diego Garcia:

I doubt if MH370 could have landed there. For those who have been there or know the place, you would know that security is so tight that visitors are not allowed to bring their laptops or phones. AFAIK the only commercial airline allowed there is the SIA flight to and from Singapore.

Gan is probably out too. MH370 would have been picked up by civilian radar, nevermind the super-duper top secret Area 51 technology the Americans have on Diego Garcia.

The said...

Those in the radar control room must have been sleeping on the job. And this is not the first time.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi The, that's what I thought so. In peace time environment and on a weekend at 1am, can't blame anyone for being on a relac mood with guards down.

Anonymous said...

read this..
i don't really get the point why MH370 being hijacked and why malaysia became the 'black sheep'..

but this theory show some possibilities..