MH370 - Crashed into southern Indian Ocean, says Najib

It is so unbelieveable! Just heard Najib on live telecast pronouncing that MH370 crashed into the southern Indian Ocean. This conclusion is derived from some mathematical calculation or computation, a new method not unlike the use of bomoh, of satellite information on MH370 done by the British civil aviation experts. Can you believe it?

While the rest of the search parties were still unable to sight or confirm any debris seen as part of MH370, Najib has accepted the computation of some satellite projections like the astronomers making some calculations to say a meteor will appear here or there.

I smelt a conspiracy just like my bad feelings when Australian PM Abbott jumped the gun to call Najib of some rubbish found in the Indian Ocean. It was like he already knew that the debris was from MH370, like he was tipped off. And now Najib is accepting a finding without any solid evidence.

How did the aircraft flew along the so called southern corridor, passing Indonesia without being detected by Indonesian radars or the KLIA radar? It is not a stealth aircraft for sure. It is a flying mammoth in the air.

And was there any logical reason for the pilot to fly 239 people on board all the way to the southern Indian Ocean to crash and kill everyone, without anyone being able to make a phone call out from the aircraft? The whole episode suggested that there must be many people involved in restraining 239 people on board. And they all died together with the MH370 passengers? And the blackboxes are so silent!

What is going on? Who is behind this whole tragedy or tragicomedy? I am still in a state of shock at Najib's pronouncement based on whatever was given to him as proof of the where about of MH370. It was like someone crashing the aircraft and getting a bomoh to tell him yes, that is where the aircraft had crashed.

Let's see what other evidences Najib is going to disclose in tomorrow's press conference.


Anonymous said...

I think there will be more questions than answers by saying the journey ended in the southern indian ocean. It opens up even more questions. Eg. Why did the pilot flew in that direction. Why no ping fm the black boxes being received by high tech planes searching in that grid. Why only now can they comprehend the radar data. Many more other "why".

jjj2usg said...

Is it not cruel to just make the announcement without detailed explanations and concrete evidence. Why so inconsiderate and cruel to allow all these families members to suffer thru the night with all the unanswered questions and shock??? It's really cruel and too sudden to accept! I am bleeding from within and puzzled with such abrupt announcement.

Anonymous said...

Let face the reality. It's a plane. If the plane did not land in any country by day 2, it's 100% confirmed crashed into the sea. No point give false hope to the plane passengers' families members and they have to accept the tragedy. Most probably pilots on suicide mission.

Anonymous said...

What is a night of bad sleep when it has been worse sleep for the last 17 nights? Far better to break the bad news to them so they can cry out their tears tonight, and have the strength to deal with the facts tomorrow. And of course, Najib fucking better have concrete evidence that those debris found indeed matched the mh 370 or he will be the stupidest PM the world has ever seen on international tv.

Anonymous said...

Whether crashed in Indian ocean or not, Najib announce or no announce, after 17 days and with no news, it should be assumed bad news beyond reasonable doubt.

Human beings cannot survive without water for 7 days, u know.

Anonymous said...

BBC on their intell. Now the world knows they sat on the information and delayed acting on them..so much for those boleh folks. Lost precious time and prolonging their agony.

Anonymous said...

Easy, state a place where evidence will be hard to retrieve.

How candy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A successful hijack would mean the lives of the hostages would be alive and need not die. It is very evil and mentally sick people that would kill the hostages in such cases.

Anonymous said...

"We demand the Malaysian side state the detailed evidence that leads them to this judgement, as well as supply all the relevant information and evidence about the satellite data analysis," Mr Xie said, according to a statement on the ministry's website.

China demanding to know how Najib could come to such a conclusion with so flimsy info.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

Look at the "Southern Corridor" again. Not only will be be detected by Indonesia radar, it will also be detected by Singapore radar. And I'm betting that Singapore has the most advanced radar in the region.

Another interesting point - what about the positive radar trace that another plane had made a Left turn and flew in Western direction? Would that be the secret military plane that collided with MH370?

Folks, when a magician screams for you to look at his Left hand, you would be wise to look at his Right hand. Right now, it is not too late to look at the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam, where the plane first disappeared. For netizens in particular, there is a site offered to let us search the oceans from satellite. Even if you do not spot any debris, you might spot some suspicious vessels retrieving evidence.