MH370 – A confluence of Incompetence

I may be jumping the gun to say this as no one is really in the picture and those in the know would be smiling quietly. For all the while goose chase, there is a pattern, like they say, even madness has a pattern. Who knows, from the very next day the Malaysian Govt was already in contact and negotiating with the hijackers and the rest of the chase was just a big wayang kulit.

Putting this aside, the incompetence of those managing this affair is showing. When MH370 first went missing, the first thought that it could be a crash or an explosion was reasonable and the search for a crash site and debris a very logical thing to do. The stupid part about this was that though there were other possibilities mentioned, there was no serious effort to follow up in those directions. The most important of which was a hijack scenario. Instead, all efforts and resources were ploughed into searching for debris in one location. And when this was fruitless, everything was turned towards the Indian Ocean to follow a new lead.

The authorities should have dovetailed the search, from just looking for debris and a crashed aircraft to looking at where the hijackers could possibly take the aircraft to at the same time. Before ruling out a crash, a hijack cannot be ignored and ruled out.  It could not simply ignore other possibilities while sitting on one. Ok, I am saying this assuming that they did not know and were not negotiating with the hijackers. Without chasing this possibility and other possibilities, without looking at possible landing sites, many precious days were lost and now it is as good as impossible to locate them except for the hijackers to call.

In the case of a hijacking, and not a suicide bomber mission, the plane would have to be flown to an airstrip or some islands where it could land with minimal damage to the aircraft and loss of lives. It could be a friendly airport controlled by sympathetic forces, or an island prepared for this mission, fully secured by members of the hijacking team.
In the first couple of days, the aircraft and passengers could be at the landing site. By now they would have been dispersed to far away locations from the landing site. The aircraft could have been camouflaged or hidden or dumped somewhere else. If it landed in an airfield, it could be inside a hanger or even be repainted. All clues would be gone.

I am afraid by now any searches to locate where they could have landed would be in vain. There would be no traces of their presence or where about.  One possibility, as in the case of the debris in the Antarctic, is that after off loading the passengers and doing all the necessary, they would be dumping the aircraft as far away as they could to hide their tracks.  

The initiative is now with the hijackers and everyone could just wait patiently for the phone to ring. The last lead is for the intelligence services to make contacts with their sources for information. If it is state terrorism, it would be a very different proposition. Do not expect them to tell you even if they are openly offering assistance.
All the search parties can now make a last ditch effort with the Australian lead in the southern Indian Ocean before going home for a good rest and hope for more leads.  For sure, whatever that could be found from the latest lead would not lead to the passengers or the hijackers unless the passengers are sacrificed and buried with the aircraft.

For so many days, everyone was just reacting to news and would rush to wherever something was seen moving. It was funny but pathetic. Everyone was waiting for something to fall onto their laps but nothing came. They were not using their heads to look at other possibilities. To anticipate what could be and looking in different directions.

What theory are they going to explain for a pilot or hijacker to dump the plane in the Antarctic if this is the case?  The aircraft was airlifted by alien spacecraft and dropped off in the Antarctic Ocean? Or could it land in a remote airfield in Australia or Diego Garcia, off load the cargoes and passengers, refueled to fly to the Antarctica and dumped into the deepest corner of the ocean, not to be found again?

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Wayang kulit is right. However the Malaysians don't have a clue on what they are doing, so yeah, it's incompetence -- gross, unequaled balls-to-the-wall complete and utter fuck up.

The big international bucket of shit that has fallen on the Malaysian government's head is going to stay there and stink for a long, long time.

Talk about "losing face". Fuck man, the Chinese (majority of passengers) are not going to let this one go. Relatives and friends of the passengers have been torn apart by the stress of not knowing, exacerbated by the bumbling clumsiness of the Najib government.

The fucking Malaysians can't even track an aircraft in its own airspace. WTF?

Anonymous said...

Convenient of any armchair specialist to spew nonsensical comments without really being productive

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11am:

Are you telling us to shut up?

If you see a group of friends around a table at a coffeeshop 'spewing nonsensical comments' about an issue are you going to tap one on the shoulder and say, "Convenient of you armchair specialists to spew nonsensical comments without really being productive!" I'm sure their response is to tell you to fuck off.

So here it is:

Fuck off!

Anonymous said...

I see more sense in what RB has been commenting about the disappearance of MH370 than what I read in the mainstream media and in other websites. I don't know what RB's profession or past employment is but from what I've read, even a layman like me can sense he has experience in the aeronautical field.

Anonymous said...

This is not the time for anyone to call someone dumb or silly. The World is shaken by the bizzare lost of a huge aircraft.
AND BEAR IN MIND, THE AIRCRAFT ENGINE MANUFACTURERS ARE MONITORING THE ENGINES OF THE SAID AIRCRAFT OF FLT MH370. So, the Aircraft can be repainted or whatever, it will be discovered the moment the Engines are started. Here, there is huge logistical facilities needed, it is not driving into the garage behind your house kind of job.
Hijack, though highly probable and if huge aircraft is involved, will require swift action of demand. This has not happen and to keep 2 hundred over humans as hostages for so long is as difficult as could be imagined.

Let us be patient and not add anguish to those whose family members were on the Flight.
Lets wait and hope for the best.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 1100:

>> without really being productive <<

Oh. I see. You are one of those douche bags who goes to forums and blogs to "be productive". Bwahahahahaha... what a truly non-thinking, non-acting LOSER.

Perhaps you'd be better off upgrading your skills so you yourself could be more productive in the real world -- lest a "more productive" foreigner "steals" your job, which would relegate you to performing acts of fellatio on swarthy and sweaty imported labourers for $5 a cum shot on your sour-face.

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Anonymous said...

Those individual expert is helping out behind keyboard.
Those directly^indirectly involved are mustering all they could. And all those with monetary and espionage gains are happily taking advantages of the Event.
Some wish to show their expertise and experience and others are concerned for the lives of those onboard. Wish that all get to play their part and everything ends up with a happy note.

Anonymous said...

The whole episode smells like one big conspiracy, involving many parties.

Delays help the conspirators to get rid of evidence, and all I can see over the last two weeks have been false leads luring everyone to chase thin air, created by those with a hand in the disappearance of mH370.

The latest sighting by satellite near Antartica is an example. Why did the Americans take four days to alert the Australians, who in turn had to tell the Malaysians the location. Why can't the Americans go straight to Najib immediately on Sunday and start the search immediately?

Speed is the utmost importance in such a situation, and here they are taking their own sweet time. It just shows they are not interested in having MH370 found, or just out to delay the search so that the perpetrators can get rid of the evidence.

For all we know, the plane could be parked somewhere on land and all the search elsewhere are diversions.

Anonymous said...

Looks like China's satellites also picked up some floating rubbish in the Indian Ocean, eh RB?

Anonymous said...

Tomoro if someone found a piece of rubbish on top of the Himalayas they will also think it is from the MH370. Or it could be a piece of rubbish in the centre of the Pacific Ocean ships and aircraft would also be diverted there.

Anonymous said...

hello redbean,

I am sure you have seen the posting in TRS The Real Singapore, which mentioned the rush of usa and Chinese disease control experts to indian ocean island. Strangely enough many other blogs did not repeat this story and it is not widely dissemintated.
What do you think of this interesting news.

Anonymous said...

If it is mentioned in TRS The Real Singapore, then it must be REAL news, not those censured ones, right ?

There must be conspiracy to this, don't trust those main media reports. Read internet media for better informed developments and news updates.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am not sure if it happened after the disappearing of MH370. And I am not sure if the gathering of disease control experts in Diego Garcia is true. Certainly Diego Garcia is in the news these few days.