MH370 – A case for transparency

The Chinese have been accusing the Malaysian Govt for lack of transparency and withholding information on the MH370 and hindering investigation into its disappearance. It is understandable if information is sensitive and could compromise national security. But what is so sensitive about the cargo manifest?

I quote from Yahoo News, ‘Hansford, chairman of Strategic Aviation Solutions, said the Malaysian government's decision not to publish the cargo manifest from flight MH370 suggests they are not being fully transparent.
“To me, there is no reason why they wouldn’t declare the cargo manifest unless you’ve got something to hide,” he said.
“There is no reason you wouldn’t have given it to AMSA (the Australian Maritime Safety Authority) on the first day of the search.”’

There are serious problems here. The Malaysian Govt has been quoted to say that there were several tons of mangosteen and rambutans or durians in the cargo hold. And there could be more. The reluctance to disclose the cargo manifest is creating more doubts and suspicion as to what really were in the cargo hold. Just because it was stated to be mangosteens or other fruits does not mean that it must be so. Likewise, just because a passenger checked in to be an American or whatever, needed be so.

There is a need to know the truth and more transparency needed from the Malaysian Govt. If they did not want to make it public, they could reveal it to govts with vested interests in the case with the provision of confidentiality. The cargo manifest could hold some clues to the case. Who knows, the mangosteens and fruits could be hijackers and their weapons. Who knows?

What is there to hide this information? The Malaysian Govt has a case to answer and needs to answer it fast. In fact it is already too late. That does not mean that they should no longer disclose the real content in the cargo hold of MH370. Have they investigated the cargo handlers or whoever had access to the cargo hold and could load things into the aircraft?

PS. I have a more interesting story by piecing a few leads together and it makes a lot of sense. Will hammer the story together and get it out tomorrow. It has a lot to do with the tons of mangosteens and durians on board MH370.


Anonymous said...

I maintain that the MH370 was hijacked by CIA when it got wind of strategic materials in the plane bound for China - Beijing. The evil Americans via CIA used AWACs to disable the manual flying system in the plane and switched it to flying by remote control system. In this way the plane was flown to the Malive Islands where it refuelled before it flew on to the American military base at Diego Gacia. At Diego Gacia the cargo of strategic materials was safely removed and the crew and all its passengers were either gassed to death or simply deprived totally of oxygen. After this cruel and wanton act the treacherous Americans then used remote control to fly the plane with all its dead passengers into the deep Indian Ocean before ditching it into the vast deep ocean.

American aggression, terrorism and cruelty knew no bounds. The world should unite to teach the treacherous Americans a painful lesson.

Regarding the missing MH370 what makes it more disgusting and outrageous is the way America purposely and intentionally misled the world in a wild goose search.


Anonymous said...

Boeing 777 can fly by remote control meh?

Anonymous said...

"It’s only confusion if you want it to be seen to be confusion."
If it's not really there, then it must be somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Najib gave a press conference (more like press statement) at 10pm 24th March, stating that Inmarsat, and the Air Accidents Investigation Bureau of the UK, using the latest technique, have confirmed that MH370 flew along the southern corridor, and is lost in the southern Indian Ocean.

Anonymous said...

Don't be disheartened, guys. Now the next part of the mystery: Why???? Who??? How??? What happened??? You can still speculate!