MH370 – Australian sighted debris

The plot thickens

I had this very bad feeling that the two pieces of debris reported by Australia are parts of MH370. I hope they are not as there is no reason for MH370 to be there. The distance is beyond its fuel range even if it was to fly straight through Singapore to the spot. The plane could not fly through Singapore and Indonesia without being picked up on radars. The only way was to fly through the north of Sumatra and that would make the distance even further. It would thus need to make a stopover, refuelled and continued to the location. It definitely could not make it directly. The 12 days could explain this mystery. And very likely no passengers were found among the wreckage.

There would be many questions to be asked as the Antartica was the last place anyone would think the aircraft would be, and why would they want to fly to crash in a remote corner of the deep ocean? The aircraft deliberately evaded all the radar stations and it is simply meaningless to want to do all the manoeuvres only to crash into a corner of the Indian Ocean away from civilisation. And it is also very strange, sheer coincidence that the Australians thought it could be there and found it so quickly.

Then there are questions like why weren’t the black boxes beeping? Given the time lapse, could the aircraft actually be flown somewhere first, got its black boxes stripped, passengers off loaded and then flown there to crash into the ocean? Because of the depth of the ocean at that spot, recovering it would be impossible and would be abandoned. Who would want to do it and pay for it? No one would know that the black boxes were already removed from the aircraft.

For the pilot/crew to fly and ditch the aircraft, they must then be picked up by another aircraft or ship to bring them to safety. After successfully pulling off such a stunt there was no need for them to die there.

The whole episode of the hijack was so meticulously executed and now another piece of well planned evacuation of the pilot/crew that could only be done with great resources. It is not a simple piece of terrorist work. It is a very difficult thing to do to fly from where it disappeared to where the debris appeared, assuming it is the aircraft. The mastermind must have great expertise, technological knowhow, manpower and hardware like ships and aircraft at his disposal to get this job done. It is mind boggling to think through the whole process.

The eagerness of the Aussie PM to call Najib and the media conference said that they knew something already even before any confirmation by the lab. This is the Freudian slip.

Anyone thinking of conspiracy theory? I already have an outlined of how Hollywood would have scripted it. The big question is, what is the motive or what is it all about? Would they spare the lives of the passengers while trying to get what they want?

PS. The possibility of it flying through Singapore, say to Australia, is to file a flight plan ahead, disappeared from radar cover at the edge of KLIA radar cover, change the transponder code, reappear in the civilian flight corridor like any legitimate aircraft with the transponder squawking a new identity. No air trafficker would know anything unusual. The truth could be more dramatic than fiction.


Anonymous said...

had the plane belong to Singapore SIA, guess what is the official statements of the plane status be like ?

the statement may well be

"the plane did not vanish or disappear, it just not found yet. It may take up to 52 man years to find the plane."

"the plane did not disappear, it is just on vocation somewhere out there."

"you can't say the plane is lost when it is already lost. Get it ? Remember 1997 Cheng San GRC where three clowns go into polling area and deem ok because they are already in the station"

"no amount of engineering can prevent vanishing of plane"

Anonymous said...

The Floating items found could be hundreds or thousands of miles away from their original location(s).
Where they were found was definitely not the place of whatever mishap that happened to MH370, assuming that they were debris of the Said Aircraft.
There had been too many speculations from too many experts or expurts as MS likes to call them.
Maybe all that is needed is just a little patience. One thing for sure is that MH370 cannot evaporates into nothing. It will be found soon.

Anonymous said...

Winds and ocean currents brought it there lah.

Do you know that in olden days, before engines were invented, wind power was used to sail ships across oceans?

That was how Christopher Columbus discovered the new world of America in 1492 by crossing the Atlantic from Europe.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. After Raffles founded Sinkieland in 1819, that was also how Sinkie ancestors came to Sinkieland to seek their fortunes by sailing across the seas from China ,India and elsewhere.

In fact Raffles sailed all the way from England to become the founder of Sinkieland.

So don't underestiamte what ocean wind power and currents can do.

Anonymous said...

The Wind Of Change is as strong as the Current. And the Latter is charging like a raging bull in Sin, change is imminent as in falls of dynasties.

Anonymous said...

This is like someone losing her pet kitten in Queenstown and all the RCs and police were activated but could not find anything. They search the neighbouring constituencies and also found nothing.

Then one smart alec took a boat to St John's Island and found the kitten there and claim credit for it.

Anonymous said...

Being close to Antartica, could they have taken a block of breakaway ice-berg as being debris?

Anonymous said...

So convenient, Americans detected it on satellite, Australians found it and quickly informed the Malaysian PM.

Who are the losers in this game? Malaysia and China. Who would be very grateful to the Americans and Australians, the Malaysians. The Chinese would smell a rat.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Redbean.

I am all in favour of conspiracy theories. Do watch out, however, that conspiracy theories is one way for conspirators themselves to remain hidden.

What do I mean by that? Look at the example of Shane Todd. Various conspiracy theories were hatched and the result is they diverted attention away from the main point - the elephant in the room. The elephant in the room is that the account presented as true is full of holes and should not have been accepted.

So, yeah, in MH370 case, do not forget to keep focus on the flaws of all the official accounts so far.

I'll repeat myself, because this is very important. I myself will be dwelling on conspiracy theories, but always come back to the flaws in the official accounts when conspiracy theories come up blank.

Anonymous said...

I stand by with my previous comment that the disappearance of MH370 is the evil and satanic work of the Evil Empire - USA in collusion with militant extreme Muslim terrorists both the Uighurs and the ultra Malay muslims in UMNO and Malaysia Airways. Each of these parties has its own delirious reason to conspire against China and the Chinese people.China and the Chinese people must quickly rise up mightily and bravely to strike back and defeat all the evil conspirators.
America is always trying to drive a wedge between China and Asean countries. The white Americans are basically and intrinsically wicked and evil.They don't raise an eye brow or eye lid in murdering or killing other people especially mass distant killings by drones or long range super bombers.