MH370 – Appealing to a few good men

After nearly 3 weeks, not a clue is found to confirm that MH370 has crashed into a remote corner of the Indian Ocean. The pictures of debris circulating are just that, debris, and no agency could confirm that they belonged to MH370. No bodies were found too.

All the theories suggested like a suicidal pilot, fire on board, etc etc were unsound and far fetched given the facts that have been made known. The facts point to a professional hit job and the aircraft had been flown away by very skilful people who knew what they were doing.

There is still reason to hope that the aircraft is hidden somewhere and all the passengers are still alive until proven otherwise. Every country must not abandon this hope and resign to accept that the passengers are already dead. This would embolden the perpetrators to dispose off the passengers knowing that the world has given up hope on them and not going to look for them. There is still the possibility that they are undecided as to what to do with them.

The act of killing all 239 passengers in cold blood, just innocent passengers in an aircraft, should put a lot of pressure and guilt on whoever is going to do it. There must be more pressure to be put on the perpetrators not to do so, assuming they have not done so. The world, the families of the victims, must appeal to the good conscience of a few good men among the perpetrators to release the passengers. There must be many people involved and there must be someone among them who would be pricked by his conscience to want to expose this heinous crime against the innocents. Appeal to that someone who knows what is going on to speak out to save the lives of the passengers before it is too late.

Do not give up on the lives of the passengers. Cry and pray for their return, alive. The world media must work together to make this desperate appeal for the lives of the passengers heard in every corner of the earth, in every media and home to reach out to that one person. Let the one that matters hear the cries and feel the pains of the hundreds of family members of the victims in his hand. Let him know how much pain they are causing to innocent people and to do the right thing, the conscionable thing to save lives that have no reason to be taken away. Let the goodness in these men triumph over the evil in them and in others.

There is no good reason to kill so many people. Let them live. Stop the killing while you still can. Do not let it happen and do not be a party to this cruel crime against the innocents. A crime of such evil nature will be revealed today or tomorrow. Do not regret for not doing anything or to participate in the killing and live a lifetime of guilt.

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Anonymous said...

RB, good morning to you.

You are very good!

Yr theory sounded very real and
very exciting.

Director Jack NEOooo may be
interested in yr theory.

TGIF! Happy weekend! Cheers....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wait till you hear from the Americans on what they know about the CIA and its finger prints all over this case.

There are so many misinformation being churned in the main media to confuse everyone by the main perpetrators of this hit job.

Anonymous said...

Armchair conspiracy theorists are the worst scum on the internet.

Virgo49 said...

Hi anon@08.39.

Steven Spielberg is more appropriate in directing/producing this Cover Up Drama.

Jack Neo is only good for local production like Ah Boys to Men.

Mr RB, no secret can be kept secret forever. Hopefully, one guilt conscious guy/gal will like the Wiki leak guy tells the TRUTH of the whole episode.

Ah Ha, you can see many red faces like dumb fools including our SAD FACE LHL in wayang on World stage, offering his sympathies.

How suddenly, the Aussie PM and his kakis can pinpoint to the exact location claiming the the plane went down there.

They have all been briefed weeeks ago and at the correct time declare to the World of the findings.

All these perpetrators in cahoot with each other.

KARMA will catch up with them FAST and SOON.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon 9.14am,

RB is not a conspiracy theorist. He is just searching for the truth, intelligently. If you believe the shit the mainstream media is feeding you, you are welcome to feast on it. No use and no point calling people a scum when you eat shit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 11.22.

You either see things intelligently or just swallow what the MSM feed you.

But some may think they are too smart and attempt to correct others when they themselves come up short in intelligence and knowledge. I always let others see the real foolishnes of such people by their comments by ignoring their outburst.

As they say, nobody will know someone is a fool until he opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...


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