MH370 and Mas Selamat similarities

When Mas Selamat disappeared from the detention centre, it was like falling out from the radar screen. Troops were activated to search the estates around Bukit Timah. And the search extended to all the parks in all corners of the island. The only area that was left untouched was the water catchment area around the reservoirs. Not a trace was found of the disappearing act.

MH370 had disappeared and all the searches were in the area around where it was last seen. This is perfectly logical on the assumption that it had crashed or exploded in mid air. Now these two possibilities have increasingly been written off and the theory of hijacking is gaining prominent. And the search started to cover a wider area and into the Straits of Malacca and Indian Ocean. And like Mas Selamat, the South China Sea is left practically untouched except for the vicinity of the last sighting. And like Mas Selamat, not a trace was found.

Both cases are like they have disappeared into thin air a la David Copperfield’s magic show. And there were even leads or false leads pointing towards the Indian Ocean and the Straits of Malacca. Could the aircraft be sitting somewhere safe in Peninsula Malaysia or somewhere in the east, in the islands of Philippines?

When a crash is ruled out, the next logical thing is to look at the possible destination of the hijackers and how much fuel the aircraft had and how far this would take it to. It is likely to be an isolated or deserted location that has little human traffic or activities to conceal its presence. And by now, if this theory is to be true, the hostages would have been splitted into smaller groups and scattered in many safe houses very far apart to avoid detection or rescue by any task force.

The aircraft and the passengers/hostages could be like Mas Selamat, sitting safely somewhere by now.

PS. If the aircraft would to fly another 4 hours as rumoured, the destination is likely to be the Philippines.


Anonymous said...

yesterday when you talk about yr kota bahru theory, I asked about the indian ocean theory......

heard that now the US is for the indian ocean theory and search would conducted......

also hope that yr theory that MH370 may be still sitting somewhere safe in Peninsula Malaysia or somewhere in the east, in the islands of Philippines is correct.....

pray for best......

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> The aircraft and the passengers/hostages could be like Mas Selamat, sitting safely somewhere by now. <<

And unreported in the media, and even unknown to many top government officials, negotiations for the release of the hostage plane and passengers could be well underway. Or a SEAL team already deployed on mission.

Imagine -- Filipino Islamic jihadists in sympathy with the militant Chinese Islamists, capturing the aircraft, adding o the already tense relationship between Pinoyland and China, who is mega pissed-off with Malaysia.

If Robert Ludlum were still alive, his cock would be standing.

Anonymous said...

For Mas Selamat, his motivation is to have freedom, freedom from detention.

But with no demands until now, what is the motivation of the hijackers for hijacking a plane?

Even those who committed suicide have motivation, to escape suffering.

Only insane people do drastic things without motivation, tio bo?

And if they are insane, how are they able to hijack and fly a Boeing 777, u tell me lah?

Unless they are suicide hijackers lah, which explains their motivation.

But if suicidal, why continue to fly for hours, u tell me lah?

So this is a great mystery. And Mas Selamat case is no mystery. Just that the Sinkie govt didn't know his relatives well. Cannot anyhow compare.

Anonymous said...

Fast backward to the TV series "LOST". The survivors, ie the crew and the passengers, led by the baldie capt. and his amorous first officer are now on a deserted island wondering where the fuck are the rescuers.

Unknown to them, there is a media circus in KL, presided over by inept politicians and their bemedalled sidekicks, still scratching their heads as to where the plane could have disappeared to.

Some scientists think that SEA people are slovenly, slothful and stupid. the three "S". Guess it must be the weather. Add the current hase and the lack of rain exacerbating the reality.

Meanwhile, China, using the excuse of many of their countrymen involved is flexing it's naval muscles by having the most powerful flotilla amongst the nations involved in the search.

What a theatrical spectacle.

It's time we do away with the bullshit and come out with the truth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you are the hijackers and with 239 hostages, what would you do to them? One thing they would likely to do for their bargaining power, is to spread them all over to prevent rescue. This will take time and effort.

The fact that the two black boxes are not transmitting homing signals mean that the aircraft is in good condition or very far out of range.

They are definitely not suicide bombers. Suicide bombers would have blown the aircraft to bits long ago, and the debris would be all over the place, and the black boxes would be screaming for attention.

patriot said...

How about getting a panel of experienced pilots and Radar
Experts to assist in the Search
and investigation?


patriot said...

How about getting a panel of experienced pilots and Radar
Experts to assist in the Search
and investigation?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot,

All those helping in the search are experts inthe fields.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention all the confusion experts that have come out with all kinds of theories, raging all over the internet and others picking up the gossip to provide more confusion that even Confucius cannot comprehend.

Think again said...


Cyber attack of plane & air control tower.
Just ask Israel.

Anonymous said...

If I were the hijackers, I will fly across the South China Sea, across the Yellow Sea, and land in North Korea. Radar is nothing like it is cracked up to be, without the transponders switched on. It is only a blip. It seems that a few China relatives hear ringing tones on their mobile, but nobody answered. North Korea is very close to Beijing, and may be covered by the mobile network. All the handphones are confiscated and not turned off. Why is it other nationals cannot get through their mobile? Give a call to Kim Jon-Un.

patriot said...

Chin Leng;
The Experts at the Press Conferences were administrators and managers rather than experts. Even the Uniform Personnels such as Army Chief, Police Chief, the Minister and of course the Bomoh are no expert to be asked all those technical aspects of the Missing Aircraft.
As for those doing the search, there is no doubt they are working under the instructions of their respective commanders make up of mainly military and police.
Commercial aircraft pilots, cabin crew, civil aviation security specialist and radar operators familiar with commercial airline operations will be great help in assisting the search.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, Put it this way. The air traffic controller at KLIA was the last person supposedly in touch with MH370. What did he see on his radar screen? Not blips but likely to be some squawks from the transponder if it was switched on. Personally I doubt he could see the squawk at that range. Whatever they claimed to see could be false. He might hear him saying goodnight as he was going over to Ho Chi Minh airspace and contacting the air traffic controller there.

You know what would likely happened? The KLIA controller would have taken his attention off this aircraft as he was leaving his control. He would not be monitoring MH370 anymore.

The air traffic controller would have the flight plan of MH370 and was expecting him. But he was not going to call MH370 unless there was a long lapse and he had the present of mind to want to know why MH370 did not call when due.

There would thus be a non action period, a lull of sort. Both KLIA and Ho Chi Minh controllers would not be looking at MH370. It may not even appear on Ho Chi Minh's radar.

Nothing happened during this handover phase until someone at Ho Chi Minh discovered that aircraft had not call. KLIA would not think of anything not in order. Very likely Ho Chi Minh controller after failing to make contact with MH370 then he might check with KLIA on its whereabout. By then quite some time had lapsed before they realised something was wrong.

And by then, nothing was on the screen, nothing on RT. Everyone would be checking and asking what happened. And the aircraft gone....

This was likely what happened that night.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In some situation the procedure would require a controller to hand over the aircraft to another controller by calling him and telling him the aircraft heading, height and location. In this case I am not sure they would adopt this practice. If they do, the disappearance would be noticed immediately and reported.

b said...

The situation is more than just searching for a missing plane now. A few ships (warships?) from china are already sent to south china sea. The cow boys panicked and came out with the theory that the plane may ended up in indian ocean and also sending ships there.

Anonymous said...

The cowboys are trying to mislead everyone to look elsewhere but not at the Ppines.

Now we can see how good the cowboys claimed to be. There satellite can see everything, their intelligence etc etc.

agongkia said...

Another similarity you forgot to mention is that
One say that MAS is either in Singapore or outside Singapore.
Another say this MAS is either in the air or in the sea.
Both have similar best answer for the MAS.

patriot said...

Chin Leng;

rightly or otherwise, me has the Impression that the Vietnamese Civil Aviation Authority and even its Military Authority might have been lax in monitoring air traffic.
I am supposing that MH370 has flown into Vietnamese Territory Airspace and was under its regulation.
The Flight Path between KL and Beijing should be an established and regulated route. Assuming that Flt MH370 once entered Vietnamese Airspace, it would be monitored for compliance to its Flight Path and Safety on top of other requirements. If radar contact was cut off with no reason, the Vietnamese Authority should be duty bound to find out the Reason(s) and to co-ordinate with other Authority and the Airline(MAS) in said Case, is that not supposed to be the Case be it for violation and or for safety of the Aircraft and those on its path?

Me wonders why both Malaysia and Vietnamese Authority did not seem bother about MH370 after they lost contact with the Pilots of Flt MH370. And more baffling was that the Malaysian Military was non chalant in the Radar Detection of a flying object in the early morning hours in their Airspace and did nothing to identify it.

Me talking about the Matter just to make some senses out of it. Got to say here that I am ignorant of most of the technicalities involved. Should I have made any nonsensical or illogical view here, please forgive.


Anonymous said...

There was no handshake takeover by Vietnam air traffic control from their KLIA counterpart. Vietnam waited for MH370 to announce it's entry into their airspace. But if MH370 was hijacked/kidnapped and deliberately shut off it's transponder, why should it announce it's arrival. Vietnam was puzzled, so it made a call to all asking if anyone had heard from MH370.

The plane could have just continued flying with all it's transmissions turned off, compounded by some sloppy air traffic control work. According to the Wall Street Journal, it continued to ping for about 5 hours after it disappeared from civilian radar screen (presumably KLIA), the last ping over water at "normal" cruising altitute. This would put it over the Yellow Sea on it's approach to Pyongyang or a North Korean military airfield. Once it landed, the pinging stopped.

This is my amateur guess, it is a possibility. Sorry if I am wrong. North Korea has hijacked a plane in 1969. It is a rogue state. Who knows what mad schemes they may have, especially with Kim Jong-Un being re-elected 4 days ago with 100% votes. There are regular flights from KL to Pyongyang. Have the pilots of MH370 ever flown this route? The plane cost over US$260 million.

Anonymous said...

Flying all the way to Pyongyang at cruising height will be picked up by all the air traffic from HCM City, Hanoi, Hainan, HK, Taipei and all the Chinese radars.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is very unfair for the PRC victims to blame the Malaysian govt for everything. This looks like a professional job and they have the expertise not to leave any trails behind them.

It would now take a very big international effort to seek the hijackers out. Should they come out to make demands, it is going to be even tougher as they have 239 hostages all hidden in small groups in different places or even countries by now.

They have scattered, that's the reason why they are taking their time not to issue any statements. You can't even threaten to attack them and risk losing lives of the hostages.

This is if the hijack theory is turns out right.

Anonymous said...

If MH370 had turned back, it would have re-entered KLIA airspace, why was it not detected? Why was it not detected by Subang or Penang air traffic controls. And these are the ones who know that MH370 was missing! Maybe it didn't turn back! Air traffic controls act like relay stations which depend on communication and the plane's transponders, and on the plane itself to announce it's arrival or departure. The system don't work so well with any of these links missing. And these civilian radars have many blind spots because of their limited range. It was detected by military radar because it monitors everything, eg our AWACs, but without transponders, it is only a guess that it is MH370.

What are the chances then of MH370 being detected, if it had flown over the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and the Yellow Sea, with all communications and transponders shut off? Would any civilian radar controllers know, especially when they don't expect it, without the coorperation of the plane itself? It was only at 07.48 am 8th March that a media statement announcing that MH370 was missing that the world learned about it.

Just my 2 cents.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 12:11. Many of these sighting reports are just reports. Remember it was Sat Mar 8. Under peace time condition military radars could have stood down or skeleton crew. The controllers if they are watching would be watching for threats coming in. An outbound civilian routine flight would scarcely be looked at. The last few sightings could be fake. At that range they might not see it and if it disappeared, it was normal, going out of radar range. Nothing to be alarmed.

The military radars in Hainan and other parts of china, Taiwan and the Japanese radars are always at high alert. Any aircraft appearing in their screens would raise alarm for sure. They are in a state of tension. They would not miss MH370 even without the transponders on. No way it could get passed undetected in the environment in East China.