MH370 – 7 pings that sealed the fate of 239 passengers

Immarsat said their satellites received 7 pings from MH370 after the ACARS was switched off and the aircraft disappeared. Were the 7 pings normal, expected to be sent by the aircraft in such a situation? Or were the 7 pings something abnormal, not designed for, but somehow were sent to the satellites and not other satellites? 
Are there instruments in the aircraft that could send out such signals after the ACARS was switched off all the way to the satellites? How did Immarsat confirm that the 7 pings came from MH370 across 10,000 miles in open space? How sure are they?

Everyone following this incident, including the experts and govt officials, have accepted the 7 pings on face value, that they came from MH370. What if they were not, were something else, or from some unknown sources?

The importance of the 7 pings is such that the fate of the aircraft and the lives of 239 passengers depended on this mysterious signals that may not be what they were claimed to be. Could Immarsat tell the world how reliable is their claim that the 7 pings indeed originated from the missing aircraft? Or is this another wild goose chase?

This whole thing is looking like someone wanted everyone to look at the Antarctic and somehow there were satellite images in that corner of the world, pings also pointing there, and now more debris are found floating there. And another mystery is appearing, no one has picked up a single piece of debris and no signal from the black boxes despite so many planes and ships in the area.

Does anyone have any doubts about the credibility of the 7 pings?

PS. Always question information and their sources when in doubt.


Anonymous said...

mr redbean... Sir you are damn smart fellow. i see your point. it is so clear and simple but no one has ever thought out of the (black) box ...pardon the pun...to arrive at your excellent viewpoint.
i am certainly getting suspicious

my only question is if the evil forces were trying to pull a fast one on malaysia and/or china.. how come they were so cooperative and docile.

Anonymous said...

I thought the original story of the pings were so convincing that Najib was cocksure that the plane went down at the location about 2500 km South West of Perth. Wonder what he has to say now?

Now it looks like after some 'tuning', the 'retuned' pings indicate that the correct search area should be about 1,100 km North of the original location.

Obviously someone realised that the goalpost has to be shifted again to stall for time for the black box to run out of battery power and thus never recovered. Or maybe, there was no black box to locate at all, if the plane never really went down in the South Indian Ocean.

Never mind about the black boz locator being ready, they just want to make sure it is for show only to make the plot more credible. The idea is to stall for time by changing the location.

Now we can more or less have a feel of the plot so far. First they created a diversion away from the North East corridor and sent all the searchers on a wild goose chase down South. Then, to make sure all those involved in the search are kept in one location, they created all those stories of 'potential' and 'credible' sightings of debris to keep the searchers stuck in South Indian Ocean. They know that if they tried this too often with the 'rubbish found' story, people may grow suspicious, so they now move the location North. Wonder whether they will find anything besides rubbish?

Maybe, in time to come, the search will move further Northwards onto land, maybe with nothing found in the end. There is a theory circulating that the plane may be parked in an undergound airfield in Diego Garcia, to be used later for a false flag operation. How true is that, nobody knows.

Anonymous said...

Whatever lah, be it in the Southern Indian Ocean or elsewhere (conspiracy theory), all those on board will not survive lah.

Assuming the conspiracy theory is true, how can the perpetrators let them live to tell the story, tio bo?

That's why even though the scenario (in Indian Ocean) may not be true, but for sure no one survived is confirmed true.

Anonymous said...

I will help you out here


Matilah_Singapura said...

>> Does anyone have any doubts about the credibility of the 7 pings?

Everyting reported in the press, all the wild-assed LSD-fueled conspiracy theories, ex-spurt opinions...all this chatter on MH370 ... should be treated with healthy doses of DOUBT.

3 weeks later -- still NOTHING. Big fat ZERO. Even the debris recovered was a red herring.

Nobody featured in the media knows SHIT. Even the loud-mouthed ex-spurts are talking nonsense, but believe so strongly in their own BULLSHIT, without one bit of TESTABLE evidence.

If the plane is in the water, depending on the temperature of the water -- the bodies would be so decomposed and fatty tissue turned into "soap", and eaten by fish and crabs, they'd be unrecognizable. Identification possible only by dental records, assuming of course that in cuntrees like China, they actually have dental records.

Matilah_Singapura said...

WOW! Fucking hell. It seems that The Illuminati is involved.

Thing to do on Sunday:

1. Take plenty of drugs and wash down with plenty of alcohol

2. Bang head violently on hard surface, but not to the point of unconsciousness.

3. Alleviate pain from self-inflicted head trauma with more drugs and alcohol.

4. Formulate theories on the disappearance of MH370. Don't worry about evidence. Interpret all available evidence in your favour, invent any old shit to cover up gaps in your argument.

5. Post those theories on the net, on blogs, forums, social media.

6. Call up all your friends to ask them to help spread your ideas virally.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good morning Matilah, are you ok?

Hi Anon 11:09. The answer to your question, when one is willing, you can believe in anything.

And thanks 1:53 for the link. There is a good discussion there on the pings and the explanation sounds very logical. There were a few valid questions asked, like each ping from a moving aircraft would create a new arc. So there should be 7 arcs to give a better picture of the distance of the aircraft from the satellite.

The other question raised was the duration of 6 to 7 hrs. Would the older data be erased like the black boxes that kept data on a two hour loop? A two hour loop means new data will overwrite old data and only the last 2 hours data will be available.

In the case of satellite, with the volume of signals, it would likely have a similar feature to overwrite old data. This poses a question as to how Immarsat could have 7 hours of data available. Another convenient truth?

The other issues related to MH370 is the assumption that the pilot and everyone on board were knock out instantly. Thus no time to send out distress signal. And the aircraft was on auto pilot.

This should take it to Beijing. The fact that the pilot made a turn to head south implied that there was an emergency and the pilot was making a conscious turn, ie, he was not knocked out and could make a distress call. Secondly, flying a southerly direction from its last position will head down to Singapore and Indonesian airspace and must be picked up by radars, and would end up in Australia, not a convenient no man's land in the remote Antarctic.

The supposedly crash site is just too convenient to be the crash site of an aircraft with a dead pilot and 239 passengers on board.

Virgo 49 said...

All these countries searching for nothing but debris from discarded items from the ships or the Ganges river.

The truth is the plane landed some place in custody and they are giving false info for a wild goose chase

Anonymous said...

The wild goose chase keeps everyone busy looking at the wrong spot, at the wrong thing and wasting precious resources and time like silly asses.

The masterminds and perpetrators of this crime must be laughing themselves crazy.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm laughing myself crazy too. Especially at assholes who claim that there are "masterminds" behind a so-called "plot".

Must be the same kind of thinking most people in the world believe that there is an invisible ghost living in the sky, who created everything using "magic".

When you ask for proof, they say that it's unnecessary: you just have to believe.

Anonymous said...

They needed three weeks to locate the black boz locator, which just arrived.

What were they doing?