Meritocracy above nationality

‘Grit, groundedness and good sense should count as much. Finding the best people must entail appointing whoever can do the job best, regardless of gender, race, age, background, or even nationality.

So please, let’s go easy on the anti-foreigner ‘Singaporean first’ rhetoric that has become so popular these days. Give the job to whoever will deliver when it counts.’
I lifted the above quote by Warren Fernandez, ST Editor, from an editorial post in the TRE titled, ‘ST editor uses MH370 incident to champion pro-FT policy’

Many politicians and non politicians have been saying the same thing about meritocracy and may the best men be employed regardless of nationality. It means that Sinkies must give way if a better man can be found to replace him. I just want to remind these charlatans that the Sinkies are the citizens and NSmen of this country and have been conscripted to defend this country with their lives. Their family members have to live with their sacrifices to protect this country. If they can be so easily replaced by foreigners, then there is no reason or need for them to serve NS when their sacrifice for the country means nothing.

What are they defending when the political leaders and the elite do not think twice to replace them with supposedly ‘more able foreigners’? Is this the message to be told to the NS men, the citizens of this country? Should the govt disband National Service since NSmen are dispensable if they are found no better than a foreigner? The govt demands loyalty and a pledge to fight and die for the country from NSmen. What shall the NSmen demand from the govt for their ultimate sacrifice to die defending this country when they can be replaced by foreigners so easily?

What is happening? Now who is talking cock?


Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Meritocracy above nationality <<

Absolutely. Cuntrees are never forever. The idea of "nationhood" is becoming an old fashioned idea in a globalised world.

However, MERITOCRACY is a universal standard of excellence and value. i.e. if you are good at your "thing", you can go anywhere. Your ability to do your "thing" par excellence will be universally sort after.

Time for those who can't to raise the bar on themselves.

Meritocracy forever! Keep up, or die out like the dinosaurs!

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between meritocracy and national interest. If just look for better suited person to replace national, there is no more nation left. In that respect, we will replace our PM with another foreigner. Certainly there are a lot more better canditates for his post.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Who says the PM has to be "the best"?

In govt I actually want my candidate to only be "average". The best and brightest should be in the private sector -- where the "real work" needs to be done.

Fuck the govt. Let them have the dregs lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. "National interest" is a bullshit word. There is no such thing, because it cannot be quantified and measured. People just "guess" what the national interest is...or should be.

What you can gauge, quite accurately is individual interest. We all know people will behave in ways which benefits themselves. ("What's In It For ME?)

That's HUMAN NATURE, and that won't be changing anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

"What shall the NSmen demand from the govt for their ultimate sacrifice to die defending this country when they can be replaced by foreigners so easily?"

Silly it may be, I think it is better the NSmen demand that the opposition be ready to be govt than to demand anything from PAP govt.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> demand that the opposition be ready to be govt <<

I think better learn how to crawl first before attempting a marathon.

I don't believe these fuckers can even get out of bed in the morning, let alone govern. Perhaps they are so useless, this is what the cuntree needs :-)

Boh cheng hu. Now I for one, would really like that! :-)

patriot said...

Sinkies should oppose conscription ad a matter of Principle. Conscription is a VIOLATION OF HUMAM RIGHTS, PERIOD.
And in the Case of Sin, Chin Leng had just given us the Mother Of All Reason why NS MUST BE DELEGISLATED.


patriot said...

My apology

'ad a matter......' should read as 'as a matter.......of Principle.'


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, the family is also an outdated institution. Now you can choose who you want to be your father and mother and who you want as your children.

Same reasoning, meritocracy and survival of the fittest or most meritorious.

Anonymous said...

People who talked about replacing Singaporeans with foreigners are traitors and commiting treasons against the citizens.

Anonymous said...

" Now you can choose who you want to be your father and mother and who you want as your children."
RB 2:40 pm

Can lah. Just have a god in front.

God-father, god-mother, god-daughter, god-son.

b said...

Every country is run by rulers who over promise and under deliver. Every country has good and bad days. Every country has good and bad reporters. Perhaps, he will be replaced by someone 'irregardless of gender, race, age, background, or even nationality' very soon. The very basic question is why do we need meritocracy? It is not to replace national interest. It is to build up national interest. But when meritocracy is working against national interest, it should be scrapped.

Anonymous said...

If meritocracy is alive, those lower in the food chain would never be employed. And I must add, no better qualified person would be out of job for even a minute not to mention days, weeks, months and nowadays it is not uncommon to hear many PMETs who are in limbo for years.

fish 'n' chips

Anonymous said...

Now you people know why matilar practices incest as to him family also no meaning. That is from what I read in the past he has been screwing his sisters, daughters and mother and even mother in law . That guy is an animal, knn

Anonymous said...

Good post.

Talking about National Service, I've vaguely read that females in Germany do national service in community service sector for one year. Can anybody verify? I've been wondering why this could be such a hushed up matter in Singapore (if what I thought I read is true).

Anonymous said...

For Matilah_Singapura

You say it best, it is most deserving of your honest and most candid opinion.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To my detractors and concurrences :


>> the family is also an outdated institution. <<

Not quite, the idea of "family" is extended in meaning and scope. The classical family is fast becoming outdated -- meaning biological parents -- your own "blood". (or one biological parent and one non-biological step-parent)

Nowadays the idea of "family" extends to non-blood -- fro e.g. 2 same sex parents, transgendered parent(s), 3 or 4 parents in the cases of bisexual, poly-amorous relationships.

Children who grow up in these environments tend to be more open-minded, bigotry-free, mentally rational and emotionally mature. Compared this to today's screwed-up kids, who by living 24/7 under strict authority has had the life and their unique individuality squeezed out of them. Their adorable little souls are then replaced by a conformity rooted in a sick-fuck culture, promulgated by control-freak jerks who have anger and fear issues. Yeah, classical family values...woo hoo! Damn shiok, huh?


>> That guy is an animal, knn

Yes, I am. Jealous ah?


To be fair, NS is going away, albeit slowly.

The thinkers of liberty -- rooted in the idea that the individual is sovereign, asked the question: "When is it proper for the state to violate the liberty/ self-ownership of the individual?" The best answer is from John Locke; basically "When the preservation of life and nation depends on it, and there is no other option at the time"

Rothbardian libertarians like myself, consider that it is NEVER proper for the state to violate the liberty, and that the state is essentially EVIL, because everything it does -- which boils down to two things -- TAXATION and REGULATION, and their ENFORCEMENT, by violence, if deemed necessary -- violates individual rights and self-ownership. Which is certain cases is just: Murderers, rapists, fraudsters and thieves get the right justice when the state kicks their ass and takes away all their liberty, and violently violates their self-ownership by caning them until they shit and faint . Few people have a problem with that. Sometimes violence is completely JUSTIFIED.

If we are going to have conscription, I like the Swiss way. Every man attends training, and gets to keep his assault weapons at home. He is ready to deploy at a moment's notice, all the time.

As you know, I am a big proponent of having a well-armed citizenry. Makes invaders think twice before they try to fuck with you.

Anonymous said...

Meritocracy is when a PAP crony makes a profit.
National service is when PAP cannot get any of their cronies to embark on a money-losing venture.
So Singaporeans will get volunteered to do "national service" in the name of "greater good for Singapore".

Anonymous said...

'Nowadays the idea of "family" extends to non-blood -- fro e.g. 2 same sex parents, transgendered parent(s), 3 or 4 parents in the cases of bisexual, poly-amorous relationships.' Matilah Singapura

Children brought up in such families would turn out queer or confused. Please do not encourage or condone such acts.

Anonymous said...

How did a scientific and logical guy like MS has such sick and perverted definition of family will be beyond any sane man, even the greatest scientist.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Many of you people are despicable bigots who are non-accepting of people who are "different" from you.

You and your ilk need to fuck off and die quickly, so that the rest of humanity can get back on track on striving to be more accepting of each other.

I suspect your religion (i.e. belief in an invisible sky-dwelling fairy who can break the laws of science and knows everything even before it occurs) has messed up your ability to be decent human beings. Religion tends to make people more fearful, less tolerant, more judgmental, more bigoted.

So fuck your gods. All of them :-)

Matilah_Singapura said...


Since you asked for it, here is the motherfucking SCIENCE:

1. Homosexuality in Animals

See this image from the book of 2 male dolphins fucking. Note in the 2nd picture where the "top" dolphin sticks his dick

2. Bisexuality in animals

i. | ii.

Bigotry against LGBT or alternative sexuality is simply IRRATIONAL and UNSCIENTIFIC.

...but it is understandable if you are religious. Because religious does indeed damage your ability to THINK.

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to have MS around with his fucking theories of science.
Enjoy your sex with whatever you like, including the holes of bottle, dolphin or whatever you fancy.
Perverts are beyond persuasion.

b said...

MS is sometimes very high on drugs so he screws anything and writes rubbish.