Kunming, 29 killed and 143 wounded

10 Xinjiang separatists dressed in black with faced hooded, went on a killing rampage in Kunming Railway Station. They went killing anyone in the station. The Police managed to shoot and kill 4 of the terrorists, wounded 1 and hunting for the rest. It was reported that the terrorists were Uighurs from the Xinjiang region demanding for self rule. 
Xinjiang has been part of China since time immemorial and the Uighurs minority group is getting more violent in demanding to break away from China.

In many countries around the world, the minorities are challenging the central govt and wanting to form their own govt. Some of these minorities have been there for centuries. Some minorities are new to the land, especially those in Europe and the Americas. As the minorities grow in number and strength, there is a natural tendency to want to be their own masters. The fragile states of Central Asia, China and Russia, even Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, are countries plagued by the presence of a more vocal and demanding minorities. Violent protest and violence as a means to achieving their political goal, often with external support, will only embolden the separatist movements.

Would Europe and countries that practiced free immigration laws end up with a substantial minority population that would make demands for their existence, for territorial and sovereign rights or political representation from the adopted countries? When their populations are small, they are like benign cancerous cells. When they grow in size, many would turn malignant and become a social and political problem of their host countries.

When would the pressure from the substantial presence of foreigners as new citizens in Sin City become a real problem and to challenge the original citizens for a bigger say, representation and the economic pie of the state. When would these apparently very nice people turned to become not so nice or even violence when they feel their interests are not satisfied or their expectations not met?

Are we planting the seed of communal violence for the future by bringing in so many foreigners into our midst? We have managed to keep the lid on for the last 40 plus years with the 3 major racial groups and a smaller Eurasian community living in relative harmony and co existence. With the new intakes, this delicate balance is going to be challenged and we can’t be so naïve not to foresee what the future has installed for us by our reckless immigration policy.

In the Kunming incident, it looks like China will no longer be acting nice to the terrorists and separatist movement. A dragnet is likely to be cast over Xinjiang and the strong arm of the law will inflict pain on the reign of terror of the separatists. Historically China is like an ocean of people and even the larger minority groups like the Mongols and Manchus ended up as Chinese after their conquest of China. The minority Uighurs would hardly stand a chance to think they could separate themselves from China. They are asking to be whacked real hard on their butts for their violent and wanton killing of the innocents. There should be no pity should the perpetrators and their supporters be dealt with in the same way they killed the innocents in Kunming.


Anonymous said...

Yes, when Central is not fair, parts of country would want to break away. Soon, Hougang may ask for independence.

b said...

Fundamentally, it is all about the love of money and power. History will repeat itself.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Can't wait to see China fuck up the Muslims -- who love to settle their differences by violence.

Chinese cunning vs Islamic dogma. Kung Fu vs Koran. Ah...nothing like a VIOLENT clash of cultures to keep the news a constant source of ENTERTAINMENT.

Anonymous said...

The foreigners in S'pore have already started their terrorist activities. Recently quite a number of Ah Tiong hawkers in S'pore have been caught sucking gutter oil from our sewage and recycling it to cook and sell. Shit yucks! I'm never going to eat at an Ah Tiong stall again!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, some Ah Tiong advised me not to eat at hawker stalls as their main motive is to poison the foreign Ah Neh that are usually in the loud, dirty and smelly category.

Anonymous said...

ah neh don't eat ah tiong food lah. ah neh eat ah neh food. sinkies eat ah tiong food, especially the economy rice stalls.

Abao said...

Hmm, google eating my comments... maybe due to my noscript settings..

Anyways what i had said was depending on whose point of view, Tibet may or may not be a part of China proper. Especially the western regions of China, those nations had traditionally held their own armies and customs and nominally paid tribute to the Son of Heaven.

However in times of Chinese Dynastic weakness, such tributes and trade usually will stop and they will seek their own means of survival..

IMO the extent of Chinese traditional rule is the extent where Han Chinese had populated, that will be the China proper (refer the territories held by Han, 3 Kingdoms, Jin, Sui, Song and Ming.)

Of course, this topic is better left to the political and cultural experts to debate.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ancient laws of civilisation is survival of the fittest and conquest. Why is America, Australia and so many far off lands from Europe are owned by Europeans?

The border states of China came under Chinese control now and then under the ancient laws of conquest and power. In contemporary times, they were part of China and would remain as parts of China under the modern rule of law and national sovereignty. Any attempt to break away will be seen as secession and would be dealt with by the might of the country's military power.

To keep these lands as intrinsic part of China becomes even more critical and strategic as losing them would mean the creation of a hostile state to be exploited by external powers like the US to create more mischief against China.

These minorities are being exploited by the Americans to serve the interests of the Empire. The support of the Americans are not meant to be altruistic.

Anonymous said...

Turn it around and suppose that the PRC Chinese go on rampage into those areas where the murderers came from, the tribed will vanished totally in days.
Those murderers must be mad to believe that they were heroes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'So what do these terrorists want? They want a separate East Turkestan nation. The East Turkestan independent movement was nurtured and funded by the CIA and Congressional allocations from the 1980's when the funding was very substantial until today. They are pawns in a game of chess, used by the Americans to provoke unrest in China to slow down China's economic, political and military development. Why do the Americans do that? So that they can remain on top.'

The above comment is by a Singaporean Prof Michael Tan lecturing in Kunming.