Khobragade won against the American bully

She was an Indian diplomat in New York and accused of making false submission on her maid and even suspected of drug smuggling. To make things more embarrassing, she was arrested in broad daylight in a public area and subsequently subjected to the most humiliating search conducted on a woman by the American police.

This sparked a diplomatic row and the Indian govt cried foul, brought her home and then appointed her as a counsellor to India’s mission in the United Nation. This immediately raised her status and protected with diplomatic immunity. Though this was technically foul as it was done after the accusation and charges, so what? This is the only way to deal with American treachery and devious plots against their political target.

After months of diplomatic chest thumping, the Americans finally backed off and dismissed the charges. India has succeeded in facing up to the international bully by being tough, as tough as the Americans to win this case.

Well done India. Other countries must learn from this episode and take the Americans by the horns when they turned devilish if they are to get an even chance to shrug them off. China better learn from India in how to deal with the American bully.


b said...

It is a trick. The wilful cowboys are not afraid of the smelly ahnehs. They have kicked out their rulers, they will do anything to continue the legacy. It is very difficult to beat a lunatic.

Anonymous said...


The cowboys need the indians to take part in their China Syndrome dance. So, they have to act 'soft' towards the ahnehs to buy their support.

It is a trick to make the most out of a bad situation.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah, all governments are prone to being big bullies. That's how they get things done.

Both China and India's governments bully people within their respective territories on a daily basis.

That is the nature of governments.