Japanese lie and western conspiracy

In a Reuter report yesterday titled, ‘No sign’ Japan’s plutonium stocks risk being diverted to military use, the IAEA Chief, Director General Yukiya Amano said, ‘there was no sign that nuclear material in Japan “has the risk of being diverted” to military applications.’ How assuring is this confession? How convenient for the IAEA Chief to be a Japanese overseeing the Japanese nuclear programme and guarding the weapons grade plutonium in Japan?

Can you believe and trust the Japanese that they needed to buy 300kg of weapons grade plutonium for research purposes when this could produce 50 nuclear bombs? Can you believe the Japanese for hunting and killing millions of whales annually for research purposes? The West believe it.

The Japanese have kept the 300kg of weapons grade plutonium since 1960 and finally gave in to US demand to hand over to the US. And this is done now with Japan having acquired 159 tonnes of its own plutonium from its nuclear plants as at 2012. And how many kg is 159 tonnes? It is 159,000 kg, which means Japan has enough plutonium to make 26,500 nuclear bombs! So what is the returning of 300kg back to the US?

And the question, what is Japan going to do with the 159,000 kg of plutonium in her possession? Amano declared, ‘All the plutonium…in Japan is under IAEA safeguards.’ So, Japan has never touch the plutonium and has not done anything to it and, ‘There is no reason for concern that plutonium held by Japan could be diverted to nuclear arms purposes,’ said the United Nations watchdog in Vienna.

How many of you trust and believe the Japanese have no nuclear bomb and have not done anything with the plutonium, including those acquired in 1960 for research. Maybe they were trying to convert plutonium to green tea.

Can anyone see this gigantic conspiracy between the West and Japan? What is the truth? The Americans believed that Japan was not going to declare war in WW2 and lived to regret their naivety and stupidity. Now they believe the Japanese have no nuclear weapons and would not strike America a second time.

How Japan is behaving towards China and towards its war crimes are testimonies to the character to the Japanese people and what they would do if they are allowed a free hand to do as they please, and with military might.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't think the Japs should have anything to do with fissile material. The Japs have a record of VERY BAD LUCK when it comes to dealing with radioactivity from plutonium and uranium.

1 & 2. Hiroshima and Nagasaki

3. Fukushima

Seriously Japan... You Nips should just shut the fuck up and enjoy your bukkkake, burusera, ramen, sake and sashimi. Don't play military -- you have very bad luck with that shit.

Oh BTW, how the debt situation going? Must be ok, since you have printed enough Banana Currency to buy fissile materials.


Anonymous said...

If PAP can say "GST is to help the poor"
Then why Japan cannot say "plutonium is to do research?"

Abhinav Raj said...

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b said...

'How Japan is behaving towards China and towards its war crimes are testimonies to the character to the Japanese people'

- The cowboys will use jap to threaten china just like china will use nk to threaten the cowboys. so long as they played their games well, nothing will happen. it has nothing to do with the people. the people are merely manipulated as tools for the rulers to achieve certain purpose. hopefully, they will realise that one day and kick out their rulers.

Anonymous said...

'Japs have a record of VERY BAD LUCK'

- they also bring a lot of bad luck to those countries that worked with them.

Anonymous said...

Their tight secrecy and refusal to allow foreign experts to investigate Fukushima after the meltdown indicates that they have something important to hide.

Yes, I agree that the Japs were trying or have intention to get their hands on the bomb.

Never trust the Japs, whatever it is. They screwed the Americunts at Pearl Harbour. They screwed their neighbours during WW2 and still deny their atrocities. Would you trust such a people.

The best that Asians can do is just give them the whole bukkake treatment.