Hsien Loong – the govt doing the right thing

This is what Hsien Loong said during his tour of Britain to a British audience. The statement was an absolute truth 20 or 30 years ago but this is no longer the case as the sentiment has changed. And this is best proven by the electoral defeats in the last two by elections. Hsien Loong and his party could still believe that it is so, and this is expected as they must believe that they were doing the right thing. Can’t imagine the outcome if they did not believe that they were doing the right thing in the first place.

On the other extreme, especially the moods and comments in the social media, things are not looking right for his govt. There has never been so much anger among the people, so many grievances and so many ‘right’ policies but seen as bad policies being paraded as anti citizens or bad for the citizens. But this is just a perception of course, and depending on who you are, where you are, there are many who would still swear by the PAP as the best govt there is. Some are still enjoying their golden years with unbelieveable comfort and luxurious lifestyle they have never imagined could happen.

There are always many views and many angles to look at a situation. But some of the policies are going to have very serious impact on the nation and people in times to come and could make or destroy all the good works built over the last 40 years. The high cost of living, of properties, of medical, and of everything, are serious matters that cannot be ignored. But none is more threatening, divisive and dangerous than the open door immigration policies that led to the surge in population and the influx of foreigners. There are many signs of a mismatch and tensions, that the foreigners would supplant and undermine, undercut the docile population that have been domesticated and no longer know the law of the jungle, how to fight as a clan, how to cheat, and the survival of the fittest.

Singapore is in a way like Israel. The Israel of today is dominated by a new breed of Israelis, the migrants from Europe. They have taken over from the native Israelis, the original people of the land. They are the new rulers of the land. But the saving grace is that they are quite homogeneous in a way, with a very strong historical sense of being, of being a people with a common destiny.

The rojak citizenship of Singapore is itself a problem. Before this rojak becomes a complementary mix, the original people of the founding generations are now faced with a new threat from a breed of foreigners with very different attitude, aggressiveness and motivation. The new citizens are here to grab everything they could for themselves, from the founding generations. They may look similar but they are very different in many ways. They are aliens and they do not take kindly of the domesticated citizenry. Even at this early stage of their presence there are all the signs or repugnance, abrasiveness and thuggishness that the original citizens could be bullied, taken advantage of and dismissed as and when they pleased. And no one is holding them back.

The future Singaporean mix is not going to be like the Israelis, one people, one nation. It is going to be many people and no nation. Or worst, alien people ruling over the original Singaporeans, in a way more like Troy.

Are the govt really doing the right thing? This is a very subjective question and many would disagree as many would agree. What is the future holding for the original Singaporeans with the govt thinking they are doing the right thing?

Kopi Level - Yellow


Virgo 49 said...

After 45 odd years of National Service, serving two to three years of full time active service together and reservist service for the next one and half decade, ARE WE United as one people??

Looking out for each other and not leaving anyone behind???

Think the Hong Kongers are more united than us even though they are gelled as a Nation and people

Virgo 49 said...

Should be NOT gelled as a Nation and people

Anonymous said...

RB, I think whether the policies are right or not depends on the individual position and station he holds at the moment. If he is doing ok, he will support the current policy and if kena retrenched for example to be replaced by FT then he would now say policy is bad. This you can read from the many postings from people who mentioned that they used to support the government and now in bad time, curse the government.

So net net, currently 60% of the people are still happy and as woody used to say! there is no such thing as absolute Hapiness only net happiness so as long as 60% of the people are happy! the policies are the right policies! Tio Bo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, don't call him woody lah. Not nice. If he can wriggle around absolute happiness and net happiness, he cannot be wood right? More like smooth or slippery.

Anonymous said...


Because 60% also said govt is doing the right thing. If not, why would they still want to vote for the incumbent PAP govt, u tell me ah?

Anonymous said...

But why Teochew Ah Hia cannot make the 60% vote for WP?

Or rather why can't he make the WP able to contest 100% seats like the PAP?

jjgg said...

Right policies must stand test of time..stop at two..right policy..politician is from minority dialect group n so introduce speak mandarin..right policy..? Spending billions on armaments n fancy military toys..right policy..temasick ..right policy? Which government minister is a cheque signatory..there are lots of them who defend it...do they know what they are defending..have they even been invited to temasick's tea parties...hehe..n the list goes on. Face it..whether the govt's policy is right or wrong only the 3rd/4th generation Singaporeans will know...so far we know the stop at 2 policy is fucked...

Anonymous said...

"Or rather why can't he make the WP able to contest 100% seats like the PAP?"
Anon 10:16 am

I have a gut feeling Teochew Ah Hia will announce just before nomination day that WP will contest 100% seats. Of course that means WP is ready to be govt lah, no need to say one.

If announce now ah, kena fixed by PAP then how? Not strategic, tio bo?

So be patient and wait for Ah Hia's announcement to shock the PAP just before the battle!


Anonymous said...


I have a gut feeling MH370 debris or even survivors will be found just before nomination day, about the same time as Ah Hia's announcement to contest 100% seats.

Anonymous said...

If PAP will to lose another 2 to
3 GRCs in the next GE, politics
in this city state will never be
the same again.

There will be "tsunami" within
the PAP.

The big question is whether can
the oppositions join force to win
the 2 to 3 GRCs.

Anyway, once a while it is good to dream. Please dream on.......

patriot said...

9000 Sinkies turned up to celebrate Singapore Day with PM Lee Hsien Loong. It was more than double the Number that attended activities at HLP Speakers Corner.
And do read his Facebook Page, it is filled with lickers. So, right or lousy policies, it will be 68++% to
PAP comes the Next General Election.


Matilah_Singapura said...


>> The rojak citizenship of Singapore is itself a problem.

IMO this is a definite STRENGTH. Singapore is moving toward true diversity and plurality. Add to that an injection of ideas, culture, skills, capital, and a stronger gene pool to boot.

>> It is going to be many people and no nation.

Yes, yes, yes? Isn't that FANTASTIC? There is no reason for Singapore to be a "nation". It is a CITY -- which means its going to be open borders and cosmopolitan.

Think of it as "many people in a theme park", or "many guests in a glitzy Hotel".

Nation? fuck that shit. That is so yesterday. Get with the program lah. We're in the 21st century.

Confyewscius said...

Rb: // Are the govt really doing the right thing? This is a very subjective question and many would disagree as many would agree. What is the future holding for the original Singaporeans with the govt thinking they are doing the right thing? //

All the "KPKBs" in social media for the G to do the right things may be futile WITHOUT knowing what is really going on in the heads of the city state's supreme leaders. But one thing is for sure as of now and very highly likely it is that the "TOP UP BY FOREIGNERS" of the indigenous natives of this little red dot would continue like clock work and as surely as the sun rising from the east and setting in the west in the years to come.


Because whether caused by deliberate or non-deliberate policies, the latest TFR in 2013 is only at a meagre 1.19 and 31,000 babies in absolute number. By default the original indigenous born natives would be half in each passing generation. Worst still, with current settings and more and more growing up young people having little motivation or almost zilch confidence in getting married or having their own offspring, this yearly replacement new citizens "VERY SOON" would likely "OVERTAKE" the local born babies in absolute numbers as the demography trajectory is clearly showing a fast shrinking number of babies procreated each year and "NATURALLY" to "maintain economic vibrancy", more needs to be "imported" to fill the "GAPING HOLE". Likely, with the current "dislike" and "disinclination" to have babies even if married among the younger generation, WITNESSING the TFR plunging below the 1.0 major psychological and numerical support level is becoming more and more a reality than a far away "danger". How can the original local born indigenous natives not become a minority in the soon to come by years in the not too distant future. The future may be "BLEAK" for some but "VERY BRIGHT" for yet many others depending on from WHOSE perspective.



Matilah_Singapura said...

Dun know why people kpkb.

Of course the govt is doing the right thing. They are the govt. In their eyes what they do is ALWAYS right.

Remember Sheeple, it is a REPUBLIC. Which means the Sheeple have the right to self governance and self-determination. Which means, without exception, because it follows so logically:

The Sheeple Get The Government They Deserve

So if you kpkb, you are really wasting your time (which is worth zero, I know) and your breath (also worth zero), because people who complain about shit they brought upon themselves are simply a waste of oxygen :-))

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The sheeples don't stand a chance against the wolf packs that are brought in. They are moving in packs and the sheeples are behaving like sheeps to be shooed around by a sheep dog.

There will be no sheeples left when the wolf packs have their days. They will eat up the sheep dogs for breakfast as well.

Confyewscius said...

Rb:// The sheeples don't stand a chance against the wolf packs that are brought in. //

// There will be no sheeples left when the wolf packs have their days. //

That's why some sage said sinkies need to be spurred in their hides. With so many spurs like a porcupine, it is not easy to be eaten by any animal, let alone wolves. For those not able to be spurrred despite all right efforts, right policies, right things done, it may mean beyond hope or help. Then even if Rb is a god and try help them, it may beyond heaven and earth's means to save these sheeples from being somebody else lunch, anywhere they go. Can on line PM do anything about such sheeples to elevate their plights even if he becomes the real thing? Think easier to be blogger and kpkb than try the real stuff"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Confyewcius, welcome to the blog.
The social media is helping to raise awareness and an awakening among the people who have been fed with drugs for a life time. Need to cut off the drugs, see and feel the pain, to wake themselves up. And they are waking up as the pain is starting to hurt.

Conloongscius said...

Rb: // The social media is helping to raise awareness and an awakening among the people who have been fed with drugs for a life time. Need to cut off the drugs, see and feel the pain, to wake themselves up. And they are waking up as the pain is starting to hurt. //

Who are "the people", the "they" and "themselves"?

The "ruled" or "rulers"?

Who are "feeling the pain" and "waking up"?

The "ruled" or "rulers"?

What "drugs"are being fed?

The potion of "million��" or the lack of it?

Or the potion of "elixir" or "daftness��"?

b said...

'But none is more threatening,..than the open door immigration policies'

- actually the most threatening is the NEW WATER that we drink recycled from sewage. I suspect the new water is intoxicated with urine from third world migrates that are full of bacteria immune to any cleaning agents. There is a high surge in the number of chronic illness in young children in sg these days.

Anonymous said...

To cover up, they simply increase the population so as a percentage of population, the number does not look significant. However, if as a percentage of local population (excluding pr, new citizens, foreigners) that number is alarming. We need a change of the gov to learn the truth. With the current bunch, they will cover up inorder to prolong their millions dollar paycheque.

b said...

Sinkies are undergoing a stage which I will term it as an enlightenment stage (like the chrysalis stage when a worm changes into a butterfly). They will realise that 1) all politicians are evil, some more evil than others 2) those in power when they are paid too much will cover up whatever serious issues and put up a false front to continue to earn their astronomical remuneration 3) politicians will resort to all kinds of tall tales to distract, confuse, lure, manipulate the voters to their benefits 4) they will accumulate as much wealth as possible during their term to enable them and their offsprings to enjoy super luxury living after their retirement 5) they will amend, abolish, create laws that will be in their favour in years to come.

patriot said...

There are others as evil and in some way more dangerous than the politicians. These are the Academics that work with the Rulers, amongst them career diplomats, tertiary teaching staff, so-called market professionals like economist, researcher, consultant, adviser etc, those running financial institutions and career internet brigade. These afore-mentioned are working hand in glove with rulers. They complement each others in their schemes to get power, wealth and both.

I suspect that some are critical of certain policies but are sharing the same table for their plans and foods. Some shared beds.
How many wake up from their conscience and start rationalizing policies but keep close relationship with those that implemented them? Who pay them for their academic and career diplomat appointments.

The Only Reason they suddenly became critical of some policies is to reduce the impact that is gathering strength on the Rulers. The smaller foxes could be worse than the wolves.


patriot said...

Ah, me forgot to mention the Top Civil Servants and Quasi Civil Servants that serve their Paymaster with great loyalty. All these years, they seemed to have turned all the Rulers' Plan and Schemes into Laws all sheeples have to comly. Did any Government Department Head ever rationalizes policy with Rulers? What about Stae Policy Researchers? What do they do? Apparently helping the Rulers to justify their Plans and Schemes know as State Policies.


Anonymous said...

I want to be a translator like Lee Kuan Yew.
I want to work as a translator for the Foreign talents.
Just like Lee Kuan Yew worked as a translator for the Imperial Japanese Army in World War Two.

Why do we work so hard in National Service?
Why not we become an army of translators?

Anonymous said...

/// The big question is whether can
the oppositions join force to win
the 2 to 3 GRCs. ///
March 31, 2014 11:41 am

The bigger question is whether PAP is brave enough to organize an internal party revolt to replace Lee Hsien Loong with a more competent leader.

Does PAP have enough talents from within to challenge Lee Hsien Loong for party leadership?

Or is PAP just a one trick pony?
And Lee Hsien Loong is their best available talent?

Anonymous said...

Hi redbean
I saw this cartoon ... and the first thing that crossed my mind was ....


Matilah_Singapura said...


>> The sheeples don't stand a chance against the wolf packs that are brought in.

Of course they don't. They are Sheeple. They cannot act nor think for themselves. They need a leader. They are robots who are inactive because their master has vanished and no one is at the controls. To be a Sheeple, you have to be inert. Got free-will. But have never learned to use it properly. They just stand in a state of stupor -- like the goodoo in the playground after the school bully has kicked sand in their face.

So who let the "wolves" in? The Shepherds did. However, remember that the Sheeple and the Sheeple-herders come from the same genetic and cultural stock . They are THE SAME. By some sort of cosmic accident, they broke into two groups -- one the governors, and one the governed. (Please revisit the works of George Orwell for an entertaining education). Under a framework know as The Republic, the governed gives consent to the governors to govern -- i.e. perform the role of the ONLY territorial authority who has THE MONOPOLY on LAW, JUSTICE, DECISION-MAKING and VIOLENCE, if the situation at hand requires violence as the only option. And of course The Republic runs by rule of law -- monopoly law -- no if's, no but's...courts' decisions are FINAL, whenever the law is to be enforced.

So yeah. I don't buy your excuse about the wolves. My claim still stands:

The Sheeple Get The Assholes-In-Charge They Deserve

b said...

'The Sheeple Get The Assholes-In-Charge They Deserve' is an absolute rubbish.

- Extracts from Putin speech, August 1999 (There is no such thing as a thriving state with an impoverished population.)

- NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ILL TREATED. Human beings are born to fight against ill treatments.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, it is not what the people at the top doing it to others under them and saying it is the right thing.

It is the people at the receiving end of what the people at the top did to them that can say whether it is the right thing.

Saddam Hussein can say he did the right thing. Hitler can also say his persecution of the Jews is the right thing. Abe can say what the Japanese did to the Chinese, Koreans and Asean nations is the right thing. So, too can Kim of N Korea.

Anonymous said...

An emperor that demands National Service.
And offers nothing in return.
Huk Pui !
Subsidy mentality.

Anonymous said...

If the emperor says he is wearing fine clothes even though everyone can see that he is naked, how does that change anything?

Just wait for 2016 and do what is really, really right.