How much an average Sinkie needs to live in Sin?

This is just a broad brush estimate on how much it would cost an average Sinkie to live here from birth to death, or the sum of money he needs to earn and to pay for the privilege of living in Sin City. It will only consider a few basic factors without going into nitty gritties of living.

For the first 25 years, it could range from $500k to a million to grow a child to an adult. The same amount would be needed from 65 to 80 or more during the golden years. These two phases of life will cost between $1m to $2m for each person.

For the duration of 25 years to 65, the working life, it will need something like $2.5m to $4.5m. At $1k pm for personal expenses, this will work out to about $500k for 40 years. Add in two children will be an additional $1m to $2m. The flat will cost between $500k to $1.5m. A car, at $100k per car for 10 years, it will cost $400k for 40 years.

Just using these simplified numbers, an average Sinkie will need $3.5m to $6.5m to survive in Sin for a period of 85 years. And assuming that the cost for the first 25 years is paid by the parents, it is still between $3m to $6m to get by. And where is the money coming from?

A Sinkie must make this sum in his 40 years of economically active life. This works out to be about $5k to $10k pm, using the minimum and maximum estimates. Any Sinkie earning less than $5k pm is likely to struggle all the way to survive, ceteris paribus.

Can you afford to live in Sin?

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Anonymous said...

"Nominal median monthly income from the work of full-time employed citizens, including employer CPF contributions, increased over the year by 7.1 per cent to S$3,480 in June 2013."
Manpower Ministry's report on Singapore's employment situation in 2013

Wah lau eh, median monthly income is only $3,480 and RB said any Sinkie earning below $5K per month is struggling???

Meaning at least 50% of Sinkies are struggling lah, tio bo?

But then how come 60% still want to vote for PAP, u tell me lah?

So could it be a lot is struggling (by RB standard) but still happy to vote for PAP?

Uniquely Sinkie?? Hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

RB is wrong to say Sinkies earning $5K or less per month is struggling lah.

Luckily RB is only a blogger, and not leader of PAP and Sinkie PM.

No wonder PAP ignore these bloggers and the like minded Sinkies and netizens.

Anonymous said...

What an insult by an anonymous Sinkie. Who formed 80% of the electorate. Wait it's 70%. Correction 60%. Sure or not less than 50%? Lol. Sinkie is stinkie lah tio bo? Shit by by any name, any proportion, still shit. Wait could be FT - F g Trash.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The 60% have lived a life of yesteryears when the cost of living is much lower. But they are starting to feel the pain and need handouts like the PGP.

Today, going forward, the base salary for an average Sinkie to live a decent life is $5k. And $5k household income when there are 5 persons working is barely above the poverty line as each individual needs more than $1k each to live.

Anonymous said...

“When I made the decision to vote PAP in 2006,
pay was not a key factor.
I had some ground to believe that my family would not suffer a drastic change in the standard of living even though I experienced a drop in my income.
So it is with this Pro Alien Policy and loss of my job.
If the balance is tilted further in the future, it will make it harder for any one to vote PAP.

Grace Fu ... I mean jobless Singaporean PMET

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity ah, in the LSS what do you associate with the PAP brand ah? Now leh? Still worth 60%?

No need to scratch your head la! Just be honest!

Anonymous said...

PAP brand = Huk Pui !!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Come I clap for you!

b said...

Thats why sinkies should migrate aka take flight. This island is for the very rich. Let them defend their own island and pay for all the military expenses, infrastructure costs etc.

b said...

When all the sinkies take flight, these rich scumbag will have no one to milk and they will also take flight. This island will return as a peaceful quiet fishing village once again.

Anonymous said...

PAP = Po lAm Pa!

Anonymous said...

Wah lau, RB, don't frighten me leh!

Like that, now not only cannot fall sick, but can die, but also cannot afford to live but must die leh!

Alamak, die die must die leh!

Anonymous said...

Wah lau si beh chime 5:13 pm. The Singapore Ministry of Education will be proud of such a literary talent.

Anonymous said...

With PAP government, Sinkies will need a minimum salary of $10K/month.

Under a non-PAP government, Sinkies will only need 25% or $2,500/month.
This is because non-PAP government will be a pro Singaporean government.

Anonymous said...

Wah lau, $10K/month? Wah seh, non PAP only $2.5K/month can tahan. Real or not?

Like that die die must vote non PAP leh. Sori my england not so kuat. Please forget me!

Anonymous said...

Just die lah! Will forget you!

Anonymous said...

When you have such an over size govt that is paying themselves crazy, where do you think the money comes from?

Anonymous said...

Go Johor to rent a 3 room apartment at Taman Austin, 30 minutes away fr Causeway. It is about 400 Ringgits (abt $160 SID) a month. Rent out yr 3 room HDB flat for SID $1, 500.
So, no need to die in Sin.

Anonymous said...

No need to live in Sin too!

Anonymous said...

Tio. Matland is cheap and Sinkieland is expensive.

But Sinkies still want to remain to work and live in SInkieland.


For the same reasons why 60% Sinkies still want to vote for PAP, despite PAP govt not that good as before, or maybe much worse.

Anonymous said...

That's why me and my friends moved to uk and us. Most of my friends have 200k usd annual income before tax