Hospital tents as temporary buffers

Gan Kim Yong: ‘the tent used for the Admission Transit Area Extension at Changi General Hospital is part of the “buffer capacity” to respond to unexpected surges in demand. It was built in June last year.’

Well, in many services there is this occasional need for additional facilities when there is a surge in demand. Restaurants could put up side tables in any space available when needed. Our housing crisis over the last decade was due to the lack of tents to accommodate the influx of a million foreigners. The MND should learn from MOH to built tents as buffer capacity when the next population surge arises when they did not see it coming.

It is understandable that such buffer capacity wouldl be needed when there is an epidemic like the Sars crisis. Just wondering why there is a need to cater for a surge during the end of the year holiday season? If this is a seasonal thing, there must be better ways to cope with such demands and the number of additional beds could be fairly predictable after years of repeated demands.

When such buffer capacities have to be activated in a non crisis state or when there is no outbreak of a contagious disease, does it not say that our hospital capacities are already fully loaded or insufficient? One can imagine what the needs for beds would be like when there is a major outbreak like the SARS. The only good thing about this shortage is that it will be quite similar to the housing shortage and the huge demand could be translated to good profits with higher ward charges. Or maybe not since the ward charges cannot be subject to market forces and market pricing mechanism of supply and demand.

Incidentally, would patients housed in such temporary tents be charged the same rate as those in the normal wards? Oh, are these ‘Admission Transit Area Extension’ going to be a permanent temporary fixture of hospitals?


Anonymous said...

"Incidentally, would patients housed in such temporary tents be charged the same rate as those in the normal wards?"

Housed in temporary tents? So?

Charged same rate as those in normal wards? So?

If those patients have better alternatives, why would they be in tents in the first place, u tell me lah? Bo pian, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Tiok, bo pian.

If I were Gan Kim Yong, I would even tell this straight to Sinkies. Bo pian. (no choice what)

With WP as the strongest opposition party, no need to be kek ki (nice) to Sinkies one. Because 60% Sinkies bo pian have to vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

Sleeping in make shift tents, diagnosed by 3rd World trained doctors and cared for by 3rd World cheap labour, shouldn't the hospital bills be the same as 3rd World countries? Or are they still paying for 1st World Medical services and treatment?

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Anonymous said...

March 04, 2014 11:14 am

So we vote Opposition lah!
We also no need to kek ki.
We take the Pioneer Generation Package and we vote Opposition.
So as to fuck you lah!

Virgo 49 said...

Not enough beds, say not enough beds lah!!

Due to our unforeseen fore sight we did not anticipate that just 5.3 to 5.4 population, we have to put you in tents.

wait till 6.9 full strength, you better do not go to the hospital. Better die at home

b said...

The rulers are again treating citizens worse than asylum seekers in many parts of this world. Asylum seekers in many parts of the world are warded in proper hospital building when they hospitalised. Btw, also FOC.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies shud feel lucky and grateful that they get First Class Medical treatments despite shoryages of hospital beds and staff.