Hays – Contract jobs benefits employees

Hammering the new moral code into the heads of daft Sinkies. Yes, this is what an article posted in TRE was all about. They are telling the Sinkies that contract jobs is good for them just like living in mickey mouse flats will not affect the quality of living. And permanent jobs are reserved for foreigners and locals, meaning PRs. Sinkies are being brainwashed daily to downgrade their lifestyle and expectations as progress and good for them, taking public transport, owning smaller size flats, and now to live with contract jobs. Sinkies with a big housing mortgages and family commitments cannot afford to work on contract basis. This is like living dangerously. This must be stopped. To rub salt into their wounds, companies are giving permanent jobs to foreigners, which should be the other way.

According to Hays reports, it conducted a survey of 2,600 employers for the 2014 Hays Salary Guide. The report said ‘that 43 per cent of employers use temporary and contract staff for special projects or workloads, and a further 24 per cent employ them on a regular ongoing basis…

Chris Mead, Regional Director of Hays in Singapore & Malaysia, explains…, “Candidates are gaining more confidence and acceptance of temporary roles, aided no doubt by the higher compensation package they offer.”

“This is a fortunate trend since more employers are turning to a flexible staffing approach and almost one quarter now use temporary and contract staff on a regular basis. Temporary assignments are no longer seen as simply a quick fix, but a long-term staffing solution that also offers headcount flexibility.”

According to the recruiter, there are many benefits of temporary assignments – for both employers and candidates….

“And for candidates, temporary assignments offer exposure to varied workloads, systems and industries, allowing them to expand their skills base. Candidates also make valuable new contacts while on assignment, and often improve their work-life balance through the flexibility of their working arrangements.”…. And certainly, not all Singaporeans are getting a “higher compensation package” by accepting a “temporary role”.

Engineer retrenched from $60,000/yr permanent position works as contract technician at $1,600/mth.’

So Sinkies are being prepared to be contract workers in their own country while foreigners are getting all the job securities, career development, promotions and benefits as permanent staff. What is happening? Is this what Sinkies bargained for? Is this their country or foreigners’ country?

Should Sinkies continue to tolerate this kind of discrimination and live with it? What should Sinkies do to change their fate from owners to squatters and lepers in their own country?


Virgo49 said...

All these bullshits Contract work good for you!!

Evil employers only think of their bottom line and bonuses.

Last year earned three billions, this year earned only one billion- quick quick, must retrench some staff. Still earned one billion what?? Why must retrenched??

Every year must earned more than the year before??

In the 50s and 60s till 70s, employers, especially the Chinese Towkays- Bosses will think twice before they even ask one single staff to go because of poor business. In their minds, this guy/gay has mouths to feed.

Now, eat ang moh shits and saliva, so called GLOBALIZATION, hired and fired at will.

These are just plain excuses to get rid of the staff who had made monies for them in good times and sacked them when even they are making profits.

Just too evil, cursed they be burned in HELL.

These CEOs think of only lining their pockets. Fox movie "The Insider's Job" is a good documentary of these bastards.

Anonymous said...

How can contract work be good for Sinkies?
We have a 30 year HDB housing loan to pay off.

Enuff bullshit from this bunch of self serving traitors.
Vote them out in GE 2016.

Virgo 49 said...

Right bro, contract employees- no employee's benefits, be it medical, bonus, annual and other entitlement leave.

Hired and fired at will. Tell Lim Sia Suay to pack his bags. No need Unions liao.


This just an evil scheme to make workers as slaves.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays no union, no workers united. Workers are being openly exploited by employers and left to defend themselves alone.

patriot said...

Those who help to exploit the People and Workers are Traitors and Sinners.


Anonymous said...

I really feel very very sorry for today's youngsters employed on contract basis or on part-time basis.

Most of them have to repay huge housing mortgages and meet many other heavy family commitments.

Never follow the crowds, live within your means, be debt-free or at least debt-low.

This is the ONLY way going forward if you want to survive in this cruel and uncertain world.


agongkia said...

In life,nothing is permanent and permanent is just a name to blind the dafts.
We should in fact encourage those contract staff by giving encouragement and not to discourage them like they are 3rd class workers.
Some of my kakis keep claiming exploitation when working permanent but when they took up contract work,they feel much happier,suka suka work or no work up to him,no cpf oso never mind,no need sign form....can work with pretty aunties,no sweet aunties can ask for transfer...
Like a partner,yesterday contract to ah choo,today,ah gek,tomorrow ah lan....freedom is not something that everyone can and feel.I love contract.I love freedom.

Anonymous said...

Is it too much to expect the govt to protect the people's job with pro citizen policies?

Why would the people want to elect a govt that did not protect their interest but allowed them to be screwed by foreigners?

Anonymous said...

'Hi Gilbert,

I was referred to you by a friend – I am currently still unemployed after been unfairly dismissed by a foreign Indian recruitment company after I returned from my maternity.

My replacement is my coverer – also another foreign Indian.

I am paid a salary of $3000 plus covering sales administrative duties for a multi-national company whose contract is managed by this foreign Indian recruitment agency.

I am 36 years old and earned a degree at SIM (RMIT). I have three young children....'

Gilbert Goh posted this in Transitioning.org. He cried reading the woman's ordeal. Sinkies are being screwed by foreigners nothing can be done.

Make sure you make your vote count and vote for a govt that protects you from foreigners.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am very disappointed with this bunch of politicians.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Contract jobs really rock. If you play the game well, you can virtually write your own cheque. You work when you choose to. You vacation at your own leisure. You want to work 7 days a week? Or would you prefer 2 months out of 3...up to you, you choose according to your own preferences, lifestyle and personality.

Anyway, the business world is moving to contracting and outsourcing. Get used to it. The days of being a highly paid salaried employee with benefits are going away real quick.

Contract work requires a high degree of autonomy, self discipline, personal responsibility ans a sense of entrepreneurship to create value RELEVANT to the market.

Charles Koch, one half of the famous Koch Brothers (one either likes them or hates them -- no in-between) developed what he has called Market-based Management. If you are going to compete in today's world where every worker has to "bring it", then I suggest you read his book.

Otherwise you are likely to be very disappointed and end up thinking the world world is conspiring against your quest for "stable employment", and you'll end up frothing saliva and bile all over sites like the TRE, in shared misery with the rest of the loser who hang out there :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are so naive. The whole game has changed. And if the govt still refuses to put it right, they are going to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Agree. If the govt does not change the game, we will change the govt.

Matilah_Singapura said...


I beg to differ, you are the naive one. The game is ALWAYS changing. So one has to adapt, or die from irrelevance.

Anonymous said...

It's time to vote in a political party that will serve Singaporeans. I've had enough of self serving PAP Millionaires.
I want to vote in MPs who will serve Singaporeans and not aliens.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that Matilah_Singapura claims wisdom of his own idea about employment.
MS is making uses of other fellow beings to enrich himself. He could be as exploitative as any money minded businessman and regime.

Anonymous said...

Contract workers would hv flexible hrs, so much foc time to do all the things they cannot if working full time, contract do get better pay, but if u're old and hv children and unless you hv oridi made yr mark....if not u can always rely on praying and god, u can't get yr stomach fill up and yr children might starve to death, but at the very least yr soul is satisfied and u die with a smile on yr face.

Any solution if not this? Can anyone tell me?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, our premises are different. I believe in a country/nation and a govt looking after country and citizens.

You believe in no country/nation or citizens. To you the citizens are dispensable and can be replaced by foreigners.

The fact is that we have a country/nation and a citizenship. Any govt that condones the destruction of its citizenry, to let foreigners discriminate against its citizenry is traitorious. They are in no position to ask the people to elect them to parliament.

The citizens must vote wisely for a govt to protect their interests and not against their interests.

Anonymous said...

Mr RB, pls don't use term Mickey Mouse to mean small time, kin-na. The MM trademark is worth millions, if not billions, to Walt Disney. You should use Ollie, you know the Okto mascot?

b said...

Actually, when everyone is fated to be contract workers, people will stop spending or spend less, properties will crash, coe will crash, erp will crash, people will go crazy and blame everything on aliens and the current rulers will be booted out. There is a good point in this.

b said...

'The citizens must vote wisely for a govt to protect their interests'

- got such gov meh? all of them just want to live in lux mansions, drive using super cars, fly using private plane, eat the very best, step on the people. the only small way for people to bully back the gov is to change it every time.

b said...

Make them play the musical chairs- thats the only way people can fix them back and have a little 'revenge'.

patriot said...

Sinkies simply lack the Wisdom to play musical chair with the politicians.

How else did Lee Kuan Yew discover and confirm Sinkies to be dafts?


Anonymous said...


Chris Mead also contract worker meh? If not, he should resign from his job or request himself to be transferred to contract employment. If yes, how long is his contract work as Regional Director of Hays in Singapore & Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


"I am very disappointed with this bunch of politicians".
I beg to differ.
I am very disappointed with the 60.1% electorates.

Anonymous said...

The latest news says school fees will increase by 8%,
How do they drum up an increase like 8% or 3%, what kind of monkey guage do they use?, the stars?.
To have a 3% increase in salary means you have been very hard working and that the bosses like you but how can the leaders make an increase without such factors of the increase in pay, having secure landed property, and very high paid salary, they do nothing but keep on making everything more expensive, squeeze and squeeze the people.

I hope those 60.1% know what they have done.

Pinky poo

Matilah_Singapura said...


1. No one is indispensable. Not king, nor citizen; not business leader nor customer.

2. Lyric from John Lennon's "Imagine"

"Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace..."

i.e. fuck the idea of cuntries, fuck the idea of gods. (And then someone shot John...)

3. >> The citizens must vote wisely for a govt to protect their interests and not against their interests.

Bwahahahaha...good luck on that. I believe you are engaging in wishful thinking. Democracy is herd mentality expressed in the political realm. And we all know how easy it is to manipulate the perceptions and realities of the herd...or "flock" if you prefer the term "Sheeple".

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> MS is making uses of other fellow beings to enrich himself.

Of course I do. And so does everyone else. We all "make use" of each other so that ALL OF US can continue existing. For e.g.: you "make use" of the farmer to produce your food. You "make use" of the people in healthcare to look after you when you are sick. You "make use" of the message therapist to alleviate physical stress. You "make use" of the internet to get your news, entertainment, make social connections and obtain hot porno for pah chiew cheng.

In turn, your boss "makes use" of you so that you'll get paid.

>> He could be as exploitative as any money minded businessman and regime.

You are 101% correct again! You are nuts if you don't (legally) "exploit" opportunities which come your way. Everyone is out for a "good deal".

McDonald's offers "Hello Kitty", people go bat-shit crazy, literally putting everything in their lives on hold, so that they can queue up to get their "good deal" on A Hello Kitty doll.

Everyone -- without exception -- is motivated by their self-interest.

TIP FOR THE DAY: The day you can continually and consistently satisfy the self-interest of many "selfish" people seeking "good deals", is the day you will start becoming insanely rich. Want your boss to like you or hire you: Appeal to his/her self interest.

Anonymous said...

Long live Matilah!
Grab your fortunes and
may You live long long
to enjoy it.

Good luck to You!

Anonymous said...

"Nowadays no union, no workers united. Workers are being openly exploited by employers and left to defend themselves alone."

No Union? NTUC not union ah? So many times the respective Unions represented their workers due to salary and employment disputes against the employers fake one ah? You know what is collective agreements or not?

Dont know anything dont try to act smart and give baseless rantings.

Matilah_Singapura said...


The death knell for unions began years ago. Collective bargaining/ agreements are fast being replaced by individual contracts.

I am a dyed-in-the-wool hardcore Anarcho Capitalist, but where I part company with my fellow libertarians of similar leanings, is that I am a staunch supporter of unions, and in my younger days, a very active member. I have marched in protest with unions. I have been part of many picket lines. I have thrown eggs and tomatoes at politicians, and even been threatened by police thugs and bullies.

Why support unions? Because as a hardcore capitalist, I believe in free markets. Thus, the market for "power" must also be free, and there must be toe-to-toe competition -- or you will end up with TYRANNY. Power is dynamic: it shifts.

So in one instance the corporations will hold the cards, and another situation the unions will have the trump cards. This dynamic, ongoing sift of power is CRUCIAL to keeping the balance, and achieving the best outcomes for all stake holders.

Corporations are large collectives where power and capital (private property) are centered and directed or organised to achieve "objectives". Labour unions form the necessary FREE MARKET COMPETITION by concentrating the self-ownership and free voluntary association of the individual members (private property -- every individual owns himself) to match the concentration of power and capital of corporations.

People conflate "individual contracts" with being non-union. That is not the case. The governing idea is CHOICE: you can be a union member and choose between collective agreement or negotiate your own individual agreement -- up to you. "Enlightened" unions will not only allow this, but encourage it. They understand that no one is equal and that some people are simply "better", and INCENTIVES/ REWARDS do work to bring out the best in people.

Unions which do not accept free market ideas are doomed to die -- and many of them are, and they fucking deserve it.

And the same goes for corporations: those that seek corporate "welfare" from govts bailing out shit performance with tax payer funds, need to fuck off and die. When a government bails out loser corporations that is -- plainly and simply -- rewarding FAILURE and penalising success, and that is just WRONG.

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura deserves to be my idol.
A man of reasonability on top of scientific foundation.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Don't have idols please. The baby Jesus will get angry and shit his diapers.