Gap in skills or too many graduates?

Just a couple of days back Chuan Jin was quoted to have said that the reason why Sinkies are losing out on jobs is due to ‘gap in skills’ or Sinkies do not have the required skills for the jobs. And 3rd World talents have all the skills needed to work in a 1st world metropolis. How could a 1st World education system failed to produce the right skills for its economy while 3rd World education systems could do so and with all the experience needed in a 1st World economy is a big puzzle. Should we send a team of educationists to learn from the 3rd World on how to produce talents for 1st World economy? Looks like they are much smarter than out super talents in training their graduates for our economy and we did not have a clue what is going on.

In today’s paper, Chuan Jin is again quoted that we are producing too many graduates who could not find jobs and creating a new problem. We have already a pool of experienced graduates that are no longer good enough for employment and are driving taxis. Now we are producing new graduates, or over producing graduates that could not find jobs.

Why are these new graduates unable to find jobs when jobs are aplenty, when the whole world is queuing up outside our gate to apply for jobs? What is the truth? Didn’t our economy provide a million jobs with many very well paying to foreigners? Why is there a problem providing jobs for a few thousand new graduates? Oh, skill gaps, and lack of experience working in 3rd World economies that are more sophisticated than our 1st World economy.

And we are still so short of talents that we are recruiting all over the world except that we don’t have enough jobs for our local graduates. So?

The solution is not to train too many local graduates. Then they can become crane drivers and hawkers and cooks. And the talents we need can come from the rest of the world, and the best talents are those from the 3rd World.

The more I write, the more confused I become. Maybe only the super talents can understand what is happening. We are producing too many local graduates that are unfit for employment and we need to take in more foreign talents that are very fit for employment even if the CVs and degrees are suspect.

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Virgo 49 said...

Foreign Talents excellent in conning potential greedy low down employers with their inbuilt con skills.

They sold their potential skills with bird talks which must be discounted 90 percent.

Sinkies, most of us do not boast that we know everything under the sun. We are more passive and in interviews, these daft employers thought that the FTs are smarter than us.

Let me recap a simple life reality in what these angmos stand and shine above us with their con behaviours.

Observed in SAFRA pool where the newcomers took scuba diving lessons.

One white trash took his first lesson from an Asian instructor one week earlier than a batch of sinkies the following week.

when the newbirds went into the pool, this white trash behaved like a pro instructing the newies what to do as though he is the instructor.

Most of them thought that he is a professional diver. We knew he is just an amateur still taking lessons.

This is the skills gaps that these trashes process which the daft employers believe in them

Anonymous said...

3 Possibilities:
a)Gap in skills
b)Too many local graduates
c)Too many foreign talents stealing Singaporean jobs.

Most likely fundamental cause:
Incompetent PAP government.

Vote Opposition to get more competent people into the Singapore parliament.

Anonymous said...

the govt needs strategic planning and good co-ordination at the highest level.....

determine the skills required in the future years....

get the universities, polys and ITEs to train people on new required skills, not just common and traditional courses/subjects....

we will then able to have the skills required and our education is less wasteful....

think about it.....

Anonymous said...

I believe Sinkies don't have the right skills, despite having 1st world degrees.

For instance, and where it is most needed, there are not even enough Sinkies with the right skills to form a better alternative to the incompetent and incumbent PAP govt. And for this, 100% must be Sinkies and Sinkies only, tio bo?

So what so surprising if Sinkies also don't have the right skills in other areas too, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

"For instance, and where it is most needed, there are not even enough Sinkies with the right skills to form a better alternative to the incompetent and incumbent PAP govt."
Anon 9:42 am

No wonder lah, even 3rd world foreign talents can replace Sinkies easily. Sinkies really no fight lah.

So much so that even their own Sinkie govt, based on their policies and actions, look Sinkies no up! I mean the daft, poor and lost their jobs Sinkies lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I would say it is a combination of gap skills as well as the fact that there are just too many graduates who only are "book smart" and have no clue about creating value (entrepreneur mindset) in the real world.

Employers these days have plenty of choice. All around the world there are more people looking for work than there are jobs available. Because of the high cost of labour in western cuntrees (Switzerland USD20 per hour, Australia USD17 per hour, USA & UK USD10 per hour, France USD12 per hour) etc, entrepreneurial capital has exited these over-regulated and over-taxed welfare states and moved to markets which are more "friendly" to private enterprise -- like Singapore where there is NO minimum wage.

In Singapore a local PMET. for e.g. "expects" $7-10k per month. However there are a plethora of equally qualified foreigners who can do the same job for half that amount, and they are more motivated and driven. i.e. the cheaper foreign PMET offers more bang for the boss's buck.

Locals have to lift their game if they are to compete and prevail. There is no getting around this; not by bickering, not by policy not even by changing government.

One deficit which is clear in the locals is a lack of reality and a good attitude. So I may have identified another gap: THE ATTITUDE GAP

P.S. In the real world there is neither "equality" nor "level playing field" nor "fair competition". These are merely terms of art which make clueless people "feel good"; invented by ivory-tower academics from the econs and social studies departments (useless fields of study, total waste of taxpayer educational funds) who canot create "value" in the real world if their lives depended on it.

Got competition?

Anonymous said...

Singapore has very low overall unemployment. For the manpower minister to say something like that, MOM must have some data on graduates' employment level that he's not revealing.

What are their failings?


b said...

How can sinkies have the right skills when the gov did not create the right courses but introduced unfair quotas in sinkies on certain courses that are very marketable, high in demand, high pay, high skills? All along, they just want sinkies to be lowly skilled.

b said...

They want sinkies to be hawkers, taxi drivers, cleaners etc. Just look at the type of jobs created for sinkies and those for aliens.

b said...

'there are just too many graduates who only are "book smart" and have no clue about creating value'

- i have to agree. sinkies are just too nice. they should learn from the aliens and play very dirty. they should drive into istana and kill the president and blame it all on some engine failures.

Anonymous said...

If you still have not got the drift, Juan Jin is suaning the Education minister for an education system that cannot generate graduates with the right skills. But the Indian education system can !!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

I find it uproariously amusing that you needy motherfuckers are looking to solve the so-called "problems" in your shallow, insignificant lives.

Great thinking! Fantastic world-view! Good choice!

Thus it is only NATURAL that you reap the consequences of your thinking, view of reality and choices; because you can never run from the FACT that:

The Sheeple Get The Government and The Cuntry They DESERVE!

Got causality?