CIA hijacked MH370 with the complicity of some Malaysian officials

CIA hijacked MH370 with the complicity of some Malaysian officials and ground crews.

The world's most terrifying and most outrageous and dangerous organisation the American CIA is definitely and clearly the criminal body which hijacked MH370.  CIA used its AWACs plane to disable the manual flying system in MH370 by remote control. Then using the same remote control from its AWACs it redirected MH370 to fly to Mallive Island where it refuelled before flying the hijacked plane to the American military base at Diego Garcia. At Diego Garcia the American military and CIA removed tons of strategic materials which was bound for China and after that it secretly and cruelly gassed the entire crew and its 239 passengers to death before again flying the ill fated plane by remote control into the deep Indian Ocean and thereafter callously ditched the plane into the deep sea to let it appear like a crash accident.

What is most outrageous and treacherous is that the Americans purposely and intentionally misled so many countries in a wild goose search for the missing ill fated plane . The Americans especially The Pentagon and the CIA are real monsters beyond redemption. They must be taught a proper lesson so as to stop them from continuing their pernicious and wanton acts.

CIA planned the hijacking of the plane when it got wind from its spies and intelligence that the plane was carrying some very important strategic materials for China. Some Malaysia government and Malaysia Airways officials and ground crew might have conspired and colluded with CIA  after they had been bribed with millions of dollars.

All big American commercial planes are equipped both with mannual and remote control flying systems. Only the Americans via the CIA and The Pentagon hold the key and the secret code to take over the planes by remote control either from its AWACs or from its military head office in the Pentagon. Countries which buy American planes must now insist that the American plane manuafacturers  remove the remote control system from  all their planes.

It is high time that all countries in this world protest vigorously against the high treason and treacherous behaviour and callous actions of the Americans and its Western hoodlums which they choose to call allies. Nevertheless allies in terrorism and aggression.



Matilah_Singapura said...

Got proof?

Anonymous said...

no point selling all kind of stories and theories about MH370.....

without the flight recorders, nothing can be sure....

director jack neoooo may be interested in these stories and theories for his films.....

contact him......cheers......


Anonymous said...

Wah seh, 1st time in the history of jet travel that mention jet planes can fly by remote control.

How come no experts so far support the view ah?


Anonymous said...

Such views are only fit to be mentioned in blogs and comments lah.

Even some sensational medias also dare not say it, because they still want to protect what little reputation they may still have lah.

Anonymous said...

Googled and found this from the Internet

"The Boeing 757 and 767 are equipped with fully autonomous flight capability, they are the only two Boeing commuter aircraft capable of fully autonomous flight. They can be programmed to take off, fly to a destination and land, completely without a pilot at the controls.

They are intelligent planes, and have software limits pre set so that pilot error cannot cause passenger injury... No matter what the pilot wants, he cannot override this feature.""

Boeing 777 mana boleh?

Anonymous said...

And they let the FBI to investigate the chief pilot's home flight simulator?

Anonymous said...

Just like they intentionally misled so many countries in a wild goose search in the vast South China Sea, the FBI investigation is American way of play acting and dramatization to divert attention from their real heinous evil deeds. Whoever trust the Evil Empire will eventually suffer.

Eagles Eyes.

Anonymous said...

2 weeks is a long time to erase and replant evidence. Let's see what they will 'discover' in the pilot's flight data. If I were the chinese relatives, i would demand they produce the cargo manifest which todate is unknown. Just their words

Anonymous said...

Wow, you made this tragedy sound more and more like movie script with CIA, terrorism, conspiracy, etc. The fact is the incompetency of M'sian control tower and defence ministry to sound the alarm when the plane turn back and the precious 48 hours to locate the plane crash site. The plane crashed in the remote India ocean and more than 2 weeks had passed, with strong wind and waves, it made the search more difficult. I would say it is the work of someone who want to commit suicide or against the Malaysia airlines rather than terrorism.

Anonymous said...

The United States Of America has rolled the Ball for the THIRD WORLD WAR.
At last it has begin.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, u wanted proof? Look no further as the proof is in your asshole man! Stupid idiot knn

Anonymous said...

If anything, a UK+US+AUS collaboration is definitely plausible in a conspiracy setting.

Interesting how Inmarsat came about to be the technical advisor (as opposed to US fronting it) and AUS the SAR team behind the operation now.

In summary =
UK - Technical conclusion
US - FBI/CIA on crew/passenger
AUS - Search & Recovery operation

So what is MAS& Malaysia doing? What expertise are they driving and owning? How do they control the outcome to ensure facts/evidences are of integrity and not tempered with? Question is = do you trust the Malaysians or the international conspirators more?

This entire exercise could have an orchestrated to flush out all the major military satelites strength /weaknesses in this increasingly important China territorial disputes. Nothing more. Rest are just collateral damages.

Anonymous said...

The Body Language of both the Aussie and Malaysian PMs showed that they knew little about what hapens to Flt MH370.
They looked liked newsreaders reading notes given to them.

b said...

They used to call germany and japan allies but they are really very good allies to them.

b said...

For a nation that cannot tell who is friend and who is enemy, how can they have intelligence to do such a thing?

Don't Bullshit Lah said...

What a load of bull.

Where's the proof?

Anonymous said...

Proof is difficult.

The people who did that knows that at this location in the South Indian Ocean, it is a much too isolated region to have easy access to anyone attempting to conduct a search in the early stages.

But with Chinese satellites starting to comb the region, they knew the game is up and we start to hear so many satellite sightings of debris after that. Of course, after such a stretch of time, everything would already be sunk or submerged or eradicated, thus nothing is found even after being reportedly spotted by satellites. How is that so? Many things seems illogical.

Why would, even if it is hijacked, would the hijackers took the trouble to fly the plane to that location to ditch it? And there were no demands made whatsoever.

If it is suicide, why would the pilot took the trouble to fly the plane so far south in order to ditch it?

And why did Malaysia refused to let Interpol step in, while inviting the FBI to join the investigation? What is their reason and motive?

And the most perplexing question is, where did the plane refuel in order to fly the distance to the South Indian Ocean? It doesn't add up and the Chinese knew that by putting two and two together.

Anonymous said...

"And the most perplexing question is, where did the plane refuel in order to fly the distance to the South Indian Ocean?"
Anon 8:54 pm

U know geography or not? If not, go and see the world map again.

If the plane can fly from KL to Beijing, of course it will also have enough fuel to fly to South Indian Ocean from where it deviated. In fact it was reported it had extra fuel to fly for another 2 hours even after reaching Beijing.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia and Malaysian Air System are victims of the Very Sophisticated Conspiracy by the Perpetrators.
It is a highly complex, high tech operation by professionals working for National Agencies. Top Leaders of some of the Most Powerful Countries are the Main Culprits for the Losses of MH370, its' Passengers and Crews.
When the Elephants fight, the grasses suffers. In this Case, Malaysia, MH370 and those in the Flight are victims of International Politics.
The Culprits will soon be known post mortem.

Anonymous said...

If it is a conspiracy to retrieve the cargoes in the plane, it had to land somewhere. Depending on how it was flown, with all the evasive actions and low level flying, it would burn up a lot of fuel compared to normal cruising level. It might not have taken a straight line of flight, thus fuel was not necessary enuf. The distance to the south Indian Ocean is very much further than to Beijing.

Anonymous said...

To the perpetrators, 239 lives is just collateral damage.

If they can cook up a story about WMD in Iraq to get rid of Saddam and took control of the oil, even the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilian lives is no issue.

Matilah_Singapura said...

So far the only thing actually known, and provable beyond doubt is that MH370 took off with 239 souls and disappeared.

The rest is at best hypothesis, but it is mainly cock-talk, excuses, wild conspiracies theories, and malicious comment.

Given another provable fact that the majority of people on this earth believe in gods, goddesses or "spirituality", it is unsurprising to skeptics like myself that human beings allow their imaginations to run wild, then believe in their own self-created bullshit, which then blinds them from ever discovering the truth, because they've convinced themselves that THEY'RE RIGHT.

These fools have turned the MH370 incident into their own private religion -- with its own narrative, agency, purpose and conclusions; and they believe...oh boy do they believe... Evidence is unnecessary when you have FAITH!

b said...

'its Western hoodlums which they choose to call allies.'

- but many asians like to call western countries home. asian leaders need to do some soul searching to up the game else they will end up with near zero population one day.