China should show the middle finger to the Americans

The American defence budget is US$600.4b compares to China’s US$132b. And the Americans are unhappy and questioned China’s intention in raising defence spending! Is it the right of America to have a super big military force and no one else can have their own big military force, even spending at a fraction of what the American’s are spending?

China should just ignore this kind of nonsensical question. In fact China should ask the US why they need to have such an enormous budget. Ok, the American will reply, ‘We want to be the Number One Super power to rule the world.’

Should China wish to respond to the Americans instead of showing them the middle finger, China could tell the Americans that it also has the aspirations to be the Number One Super Power. Can or not? Or China could tell the Americans that it must have a force sufficiently big to deter an American attack, one that is big enough to keep the Americans away but not too big to attack the Americans.

At the moment, the Americans are maintaining an overwhelming superiority to allow it to attack any country including China and know that China would not hit back. So the Americans can adopt an adventuristic policy like striking at China’s Embassy in Belgrade for no reason and pretending that it was a mistake or flying B 52 bombers towards China. China must have a defence force strong enough to keep American adventurism and cowboy mentality at bay. And China can only do that when it is at parity with the Americans in terms of military might.

Does that answer the American’s question? Or are they so stupid and still want to ask again?


Anonymous said...

One day, China is going to police South China Sea and demand protection fee from all sea ships going through. Your rice and bean will shoot up 100%, and see what you say next time.

Anonymous said...

China already conquer the world with trade. Why would they want to mess things up for themselves? You think they are still stupid Chinaman?

In a short span of 40 years they turnaround from poverty to be the second biggest economy just on fluke and stupidity?

Anonymous said...

At the height of the Korean war the Yanks were a whisker away from nuking coolieland.

Anonymous said...

10.42pm ya last time china not able to nuke USA but this time they can nuke each other and destroy each other plus the whole earth

Anonymous said...

Ya they could nuke coolie land but the Soviets could nuke them too. Look at Crimea and see if the yanks got the balls to take on the Russians. Now they only talk big. If it is an arab country they would have gone in with no hesitation to kick them out.

Anonymous said...

Let the Russians cut the Americunts down to size.

The Japs, after being nuked by the Americunts obviously still did not learn their lessons and are talking big about being on the side of the Americunts in Crimea. I hope the Russians take note of the Jap's sucking up to the Americunts.

Ya, try and nuke the Russians by a whisker too and see what happens.