China should not apologise for defence budget

Though China’s defence budget has been increasing and now second only to the Americans, it is only a fraction of the American defence budget. Why is it that no one is complaining about the Americans having an obtuse defence budget that allows them to invade countries after countries but instead complaining about China’s small budget? Why are the Americans and some silly countries complaining about the Russians using force to invade a smaller country like Ukraine when the Americans have been doing the same and in bigger scale in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

China is a big country and needs a big military to defend its national interests. China had been a victim of western and Japanese aggression and invasion for more than a hundred years when it was militarily weak. It must learn from its history not to be weak again and be victims of foreign aggression.

At the height of Japanese militarism, the Japanese pointedly told the Chinese Viceroy, Li Hong Chang, that it was China’s fault for being weak and invited aggression. And Japan was the biggest culprit in taking advantage of China’s weakness to invade China and Korea.

What is Japan complaining about China’s bigger military budget? Is Japan thinking that China must be militarily weak so that it could take advantage of China’s weakness once again to invade China?

China should remind the Japanese of their aggression and pointly tell the Japanese that China must be stronger militarily than Japan to stop Japanese from adventurism. And should Japan dare try to invade China, China would return the favour by invading Japan. The Japanese only understand the logic of military power. And it has rearmed itself to the teeth though it was against its pacifist constitution to do so.

China should not apologise to any country to be a super military power. It has to be strong to prevent any country from thinking it is ok to invade China or to mess around with China or claim Chinese territories as theirs. A strong China would bring peace to the world as it would stop any country from making mischievous plan against China. A weak China will make itself sexy for foreign invasion, and would make smaller countries easy targets for the Americans to invade as well, without China to say No to the Americans. Countries in the Middle East, Africa and SE Asia particularly the Asean countries will have to bear with the naked use of power by the Americans without a powerful China.


b said...

'Why is it that no one is complaining about the Americans..'

- This is because most of the media out there is controlled by cowboys. they will make them sing the songs they want.

Anonymous said...

Well, there no country is an angel. China, America, Russia, ..... all the same.

Abao said...

actually the budget looks fine. it is in line with its size and economy

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you expect from US and its poodles? It is always voices in harmony, orchestrated by the empire.