Bigger, better heart centre

A new $266m heart centre to accommodate twice as many patients as the present one will open for business on Monday.  The 12 storey building can house 38 outpatient clinic rooms and a capacity to see 1000 patients daily or 200,000 patients a year.

Wow, this is a great improvement. It is quite surprising that so many Sinkies have bad hearts and needed such a big facility. And the good news is that many will have their bad hearts treated and go on living with a good heart, or a new heart.

It must be the affluence and too much money and too good a life that result in Sinkies having bad hearts, or it is the other way? Sinkies with bad hearts need not fear anymore and can live fearlessly.


Anonymous said...

But we got so many heartless PAPigs!
So we need a big facility to handle the numbers.
I guess they all need new hearts just before GE 2016.
Of course the new hearts are not real human ones.
Just artificial hearts to accompany their artificial smiles.

PSS said...

Rb, you mentioned in your last post that : // The following statement was more ridiculous. ‘Mr Tan said however that the issue for some companies was not unfair hiring practices. Rather, they faced difficulties employing Singaporeans because of a “gap in skills” in the local workforce.’ //

// A new $266m heart centre to accommodate twice as many patients as the present one will open for business on Monday. // Rb

Perhaps, to provide more opportunities and given current trend, MOE should divert more resources to the field of gerontology.

With a fast ageing population, it should be quite handy for graduates in this field to have a better safeguard of a higher probability of remaining employed unless again "3rd world degrees on gerontology is more in demand" than those emerging from highly rated local universities .....


b said...

They should have built 4 hospitals rather than one garden by the bay which costs one billion. Hope they train more local doctors and nurses rather than importing third world fakes.

patriot said...

A very bad piece of news.
It only means that in Sin
there are much bad hearts.


Anonymous said...

@ b
" They should have built 4 hospitals rather than one garden by the bay which costs one billion. "

It's probably be best that we start asking how this $1 billion dollar garden cost is arrived at.
$1 billion dollars ... seriously?

Like our $2,000 Brompton bicycles.
Or our $400 million dollar Youth Olympics.
We better start asking questions.

Anonymous said...

Is this good news or bad news? It looks more bad than good, because this is an indication that more bad hearted people are going to run this place. Good for bad bearted people though. A heart bypass just costs $8. So cheap for them!

Anonymous said...

Just to top on what patriot had said about SOP, how come 50 over companies can employ more ft's than sinkies.....the MOM, sleeping or what, they follow SOP to the core, framing singaporeans as aliens, than wtf is this....what's the Minister doing, should he not issue warning and fines to these companies, sweap under the rug again?, hiring sinkies is sub-skill, means the whole freaking WSQ or upgranding of skill is a stupid waste of time and money, know how to spend and spend but never can solve any problem.....the so call, "lecturers", is useless from this said, then why proceed to build any hospital or anything because sinkies are so stupid and skilless, ft's has be be hired because they are better skilled, which mother shit can stand infront of us and say that, what skill are they referring to....brain surgery, or building rockets.

At Nparks their lecturers can shout at trainees, complain like grandmothers about the course material but don't have the balls to bring it up, what will that reflect, they have from indonesia, malaysia, india even prc's attending the course, what kind of perception will be brought back.

No one has the brains to set up useful, value added courses that really matters, no one looks at what is being used to teach, no one checks the equipments on used (some are rusted and defective). What's PSB for, they do not have the expertise to know if the structure of courses are good or not?, should they cont. to be used for programs that companies are saying is sub-skill, with the amount of money they draw as salary and auditing companies, what do they use to award courses structure.....gut feeling?, i think? Or S freaking OP again.

All these years, training this and training that, who the fuck is responsible, should he not be sack, got ft's to relace him ir her right....


Anonymous said...

/// All these years, training this and training that, who the fuck is responsible, .... ///

Just follow the money.
The courses are not free.
Who is receiving all the training money?
How did they get selected to be the supplier of the courses?

patriot said...

Sinkies should really get serious with bird talks, reason is because they are bombarded with too much propaganda which me calls them bird talks. Invariably they are chirps in the State Media that originate from the Rulers.
Just because they are the Authority to decide on policies, they take it that they are free to offer excuses and reasons when they fail to rein inthe abusers of policies, rules and regulations and even Laws. T
The Last Infringement been commonly committed on the roads, in employments and in anti-social behaviours. Enacted Laws with lack of enforcement officers and creating industries with lack of workers are all due to poor planning of policy makers. By now, all Sinkies are aware that infrastructures are not coping with population growth as a result of importation of aliens.

If there is a drought in the Current Dry Spell that leads to water rationing, it can be said that population growth will aggravate the Situation.

Sinkies had gotten too used to bird talks and the average Sinkie could not be bothered who is talking. No one will hold anybody accountable for bird talk for they are powerless to hold anyone responsible or accountable. Very sad that the People have either have to ignore bird talks or be hurt by them and there is nothing else they can do except kpkb in Cyberspace. And this may very well gets curtail or
outlaw when the Bird Talkers find the
Kpkb folks are challenges to their competency and integrities.

patient often 9

Anonymous said...

@ Patriot 8.37 pm // If there is a drought in the Current Dry Spell that leads to water rationing //

In other parts of the world such as China in recent past, under prolonged dry spell weather, even some huge lakes dried up and the mud in the lakes often turned into vast endless waterless "cracked" terrain.

Hopefully, with many oxbridge and Ivy League universities educated scholars and heavily bemedalled illustrious ex-general in charge, they would have in place ready contingency plans in the event the current dry spell last into the traditional summer months of the northern hemisphere.

I think many of the younger generations may have to undergo something they may never have encountered so far in such an eventuality.

What is been implied here is that if really situation is extremely bad as far as water supply is concerned, will they save the plants in the Dome ( GBB ) first or the people first .....

Are there already contingency plans in place or drawn up to take into account the millions of extra foreigners in the midst as well as the countless additional exotic expensive plants ( in the GBB Dome ) specially air flown from far away land?

Are they stocking up whatever bottled water supply in all the available spaces and storages/ warehouses/ underground tunnels and what have you?

This is not intended to be alarmist but the weather does look uncompromising and as a piece of barren rock without much natural water supply, to be a bit kiasu in this aspect certainly poses no harm and would be handy and even critical in an extreme condition.

PSS pro-sustainable-sg

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singaporeans have bad hearts because they stress themselves out too much and eat CRAP FOOD -- with nary enough vegetables and fruit. They also don't get enough sleep, rarely smile and go around grouchy all day.

Serves them fucking right. I would build LESS hospitals and allow Darwinian culling to naturally shave the numbers down, so that the people who are left deserve to survive.

We have to get rid of the grouches. Afterall, they bring upon themselves their own cardiac issues.

Anonymous said...

The culling already started a decade ago. They are replacing the daft Sinkies with foreigners right under their noses and none could see it or would resist being replaced.

They have lost the fighting spirit and the will to will fight.