Are Singaporean PMETs hungry enough?

Below are parts of a post by a ‘Return Singaporean’ on his experience and advice to Sinkies to go seek employment elsewhere to gain the overseas exposure. I removed a few paras to make it shorter to read.

The first point I like to make is that not all jobs required overseas experience. How many jobs needed that? The second point is that from what he said, Sinkies are just poor workers and those foreigners he recruited are good workers. Presumably he is getting all the good candidates with genuine qualifications. And this is possible as they came from the world pool where there are hundreds of millions out there.

So what’s the beef? In the Sinkie context, in many cases it is not because the Sinkies are not good and the foreigners better but Sinkies were simply sacked and replaced by foreigners. Two, in many cases, even with my eyes closed, many of the foreigners faked their qualifications and CVs. Three, many jobs don’t need overseas experience or exposure. And fourth, the most important, why are Sinkie running away from home and be willing to be replaced by fakes or people that are not better than them? By doing so, Sinkies are losing their homes and country by default when the foreigners keep coming in to replace them by cheating and Sinkies running away without a fight.

Returning Singaporeans may be writing his piece with good intentions but his reality is an illusion. The reasons for Sinkies losing their jobs are not because they are not good enough. And with so many jobs that don’t need overseas exposure, it is something good to have but not necessary most of the time.

The most important thing for Sinkies is to get their house in order and kick out all the fakes and foreigners that are practicing discrimination against the Sinkies. Ideally the govt should take the lead. If the govt is not going to do so and condoning the discrimination and alienation of Sinkies in jobs, that a new govt must be voted in to do the right thing for Sinkies, to protect their jobs, their homes and the country. Running away or going overseas is a defeatist thing to do and very dangerous, as Sinkies will lose their country by default. All Sinkies must look at the bigger picture of country and the people as a whole and not at individual cases. If one is looking at each case individually, I would suggest we replace the whole cabinet with more competent and cheaper foreigners.

What do you think? Should Sinkies just run away and be replaced by fake foreigners and ruffians in their own country?

You may now read what Returning Singaporean wrote below.

‘….Most of the locals lack overseas exposure/s and a rather severe skill-set mismatch with what the market currently needs (or will need in the future).
I’ve to confessed that I’d “lower” the benchmark for a couple locals, hoping that I was wrong in my initial assessment and that they will turn out to be a gem in the later stages of the selection.

Boy was I wrong! Not only do all the Singaporean applicants lack in-depth experience and knowledge, they also lack that sense of aggression, enthusiasm and that desire (or should I say… “hunger”) to succeed.
It almost felt as though as if, they are “entitled” to the job, because of the mere fact that they are….. Singaporeans.

I’d fought inch & tooth to increase the headcount in Singapore and not move it to lower cost bases in India or China. If this new hire is a poor match and does not succeed, it will be my neck on the chopping board….

This decision wasn’t made because of a “Foreigner-vs-Singaporean” conflict.
It was made because of the candidate’s suitability to the role. I’d to choose the best person, who can succeed and help us achieve the firm’s targets. It was just painfully sad that it was not offered to a Singaporean instead….

I strongly urge Singaporeans to widen their horizon. Go out to the world, try something new.

Increase your knowledge base, consistently venture out of your comfort zone/s and make this a habit….

If we do not make ourselves worthy of every single penny/cents, it is really that easy for firms to just unplug from Singapore and move on to the next “lower value cost center”.’

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Matilah_Singapura said...

This is not dissimilar to the stuff I've been saying all along.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yep. Good advice for daft Sinkies to serve their country on a silver platters to the foreigners.

Virgo 49 said...

This returning singaporean talks cock.

Think he is better than his fellow sinmies just because he had worked overseas.

please remember you are what a jap called salaried man no better than one before or after you.

one day, you suffer the same fate as the others who were been displaced justly or unjustly.

many who are posted overseas are out of necessity to earn a living and not because they are capable.

they have to be posted there because nobody wants to go there and he is been make a scapegoat without him knowing it.

all these bullshit talks of experience are just manipulation of ones to rideslip shod over the others.

in the end, they shown that they are no better than those who are working all ltheir ljves in sin city.

Anonymous said...

We are way past the stage of talking and NatConning about the benefits of Foreigners.
It's time to pass judgement on the PAP government in GE 2016.
To paraphrase Wong Kan Seng's million dollar's worth of wisdom:
"Either PAP is good for Singaporeans or it is not"

Personally, I think PAP is bad for Singaporeans.
I think Singaporeans subsidizes the PAP government a lot more than the PAP government subsidizes Singaporeans.
I think we should vote out PAP.
Then we'll see who is the one who has the subsidy mentality.

b said...

This guy belongs to pro alien camp one. Obviously trying to berate sinkies again to justify the 6.9m white paper. Foreigners, especially third world, can fake their qualifications because they can easily return to their homeland and continue to live like normal. Sinkies cannot. Just because sinkies do not fake qualifications does not mean they are not good for the job. All businesses need honest people and not someone so hungry that fake and pretend everything and will eventually cause the business to collapse. This writer should be fired from his job asap as he will be recruiting a wrong and fake person with horrible integrity into the company which will cause the demise of the company.

b said...

'Ideally the govt should take the lead.'

- currently, the gov is employing a lot of hungry foreigners (especially in TH owned companies) who will resort to false pretense, falsify accounts, creative accounting, lies to justify their employment. Thats the reason why so much monies went into the system but return in cpf is so low.

Anonymous said...

'Ideally the govt should take the lead.'

Fuck lah!
Ideally, Singaporeans should all vote Opposition.
Government this, government that.
You think what?
You think PAP government is on our side is it?

Anonymous said...

sinkies can still run away but come back and vote non pap parties. haha.

b said...


- India top university not even in top 200 and they are here to take over sinkies graduates? who is the big fat liar of meritocracy?

Anonymous said...

hungry = dirty ? Without resorting to dirty tricks, can these indians be employed?

PSS said...

Returning Singaporean wrote: " I’ve to confessed that I’d “lower” the benchmark for a couple locals, hoping that I was wrong in my initial assessment and that they will turn out to be a gem in the later stages of the selection. "

I also have to confess that your "broken English" littered with basic primary school level grammatical mistakes quite certainly would need any employer to lower than hiring benchmark several rungs to even consider you for a first round interview.

Certainly very surprising that you are even in a position to hire people ..... Hope the story is not figment of your self glorifying and self justifying imagination.

/// I’d fought inch & tooth to increase the headcount in Singapore and not move it to lower cost bases in India or China. If this new hire is a poor match and does not succeed, it will be my neck on the chopping board…. /// Returning Singaporean

Likely your boss head should be on the chopping board for "hiring" you in the first place. You have made far too many sweeping statements, one-sided allegations and assertions and such traits are certainly not hall marks of even a worthy low management level manager. Are you sure you are in the kind of job position you claimed you are?

PSS said...

@ anon 4.50 pm // sinkies can still run away but come back and vote non pap parties. haha. //

Ha ha .....

No need to run away lah!

Empirically, a few hundred thousand Singaporeans have proven that by "voting" to live overseas and living well going by the countless pictures and videos they posted on Facebook etc and the experiences they shared.

Huge landed several thousand square feet houses equivalent or cheaper than the price of miserable few hundred square feet cramped poorly lit, poorly ventilated and "boxed-in" HDB pigeon holes .....

At least 2 sizeable comfortable cars with prices far cheaper than even a lousy, old, second hand small cc "老爷车".

Talk about quality of life? There is no comparison ......

What is even more striking is the far healthy lifestyle many overseas Singaporeans are having.

And to top it off, at least they are not fed with the "daily propaganda spewed" out by the newspapers and media over there. Easily, they have access to many different daily papers not monopolised by any entity and no such "silly theory" that a few million people population cannot afford beyond one newspaper and media operator even in this age.

By the way, such archaic "theory" was put forth way back in the late 70s and early 80s. After more than a quarter century, does such "business model and reasoning" still applicable in current time?

Obviously, it would be surprising if not more and more Singaporeans would be joining the few hundred thousand who are already long gone overseas .....

What for to come back to a "land run more like a 5,000 year old feudalistic, autocratic, dynastic ancient Chinese kingdom" yet devoid of other many advantages that others have such as vastness of land, culture, literary tradition, character etc etc.

Here driving 50 km in a straight line would be as certain of dropping into the sea as the sun coming out from the east.

To compound matter, besides not having proper culture, arts, literary master pieces and creations etc, even sports people have to be imported to deliver anything even remotely decent .........

Frankly, where is the sense of belonging?

Where is the sense of national pride?

Where is the deep desire and sense of patriotism among its people to defend this nation in times of need?

Look at the way law enforcers with weapons, guns, bullets and what have you "hiding in ambulance and subsequently cowardly dashing out and desperately running away covering themselves with white robes" on 8 Dec 2013 evening during the Little India Riot .......

Would they not do the same in time of war?

What do you call a place where there is "no real sense of belonging"?

All these years of "some people self patting on the back" is so "utterly embarrassing" ......

Anon 4.50 pm, likely many are not even sure hundreds of thousands of overseas Singaporeans would even bother to “ come back and vote ”.

ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

India as a country is a big slum. And we salivate at their so called talents and brought them in en masse to populate out country and to take over the running of our country.

If they are that good, India would be a shining example for the world. It can't even stand near to a communist country like China in infrastructure development, in fact in everything.

The crazy crackpots in our government must all be sent to woodbridge.

Anonymous said...

The crackpots in the cabinet maybe as good as those in woodbridge, but daft sinkies are scared of mad people, so chose the woodbridge residents/calibres to shit on them, the PAP Voters.