An armour of money

 The best postions to be in, needless to say it must be the political offices. Being in those appointments not only one is shielded from all the bad weathers and bad policies, one is even protected with a very high level of assurance that it is a life time appointment, like a job, with career development charted and if the pay is not enough, can always be promoted to higher positions or new positions.

While the people are feeling the pain of being jobless, being underemployed, being placed on contract or temporary jobs, being discriminated and replaced by foreigners, political appointments are walled up against such vagaries of life.

And being so secured in their positions, they can use the megaphone to yell that the City needs more foreigners and the practice of meritocracy, regardless of nationality, is the way to go forward. The citizens can be replaced by anyone from any corner of the world, as long as the employer thinks that new hire is better than the citizen. It is really laissez faire at an international level.

The politicians have nothing to fear of being replaced as they are safely protected by their own rules and being replaced by foreigners only apply to jobs affecting the rest of the citizens. And this is applicable to other essential things like housing, car ownership, healthcare etc etc. They have paid themselves so well that they have literally built a wall of money around them that high prices, high cost of living, high fees of anything will not create any dent in their protective armour of money. In fact the higher the cost of living and prices of properties, the better it would be for them as most of them are landlords. And high car prices, high parking fees and ERP charges are good for them as they will ease congestions on the roads for them to enjoy the free ways. The ability to write their own pay checks means that money not enough would never be a bugbear to them.

So they can happily support high prices of properties, of cars, or whatever, as the revenue will go to support their high incomes directly or indirectly. Thus, high prices of everything are a bane to the daft Sinkies but a boon to them. And many are merrily singing the song of more foreign talents to replace the citizens, based on meritocrazy, Sinkie style and Sinkie definition.

If the armour of money is not there, no one will dare gloat about higher prices, higher fees and more foreigners.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, these politicians have no fear of been replaced by the foreigners.

Rightly so, BUT they can be REPLACED or VOTED OUT by the citizens of Singapore.

We can put you there, we can also put you OUT


Anonymous said...

The politicians have nothing to fear of being replaced because majority (aka 60%) Sinkies will never, never vote in a party which is not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor, when smart Sinkies capable of replacing PAP are more interested in making money and blogging than to join opposition to fight and replace PAP.

So much so that the leader of strongest opposition party even admit that PAP is a competent govt because the opposition is not even ready, let alone being competent to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Anybody want an armour of money?

Then be ready to become leader of a party which can contest 100% seats as one party in a General Election. Or at least be a candidate of such a party.

That's the way, and the only way, to get the respect and hence the vote of 60% Sinkies in a GE. Then there is a 93% chance the armour of money will come.

Anonymous said...

What will be the out come if the youth lack confident of their future, not to married, not to born babies, because of high cost of living?

The countries give the wrong pay structure to bring in possibly the wrong people?

And the Nordic give the reasonable pay structure but attract the right people who get the statisfaction through help the countries and own peoiple to succes and happiness?

The countries that leaders that doesn't overemphasis on money reward to run it?

Anonymous said...

If cannot have armour of money, or big and guaranteed money,

then get small money lah. At least for 3 meals at hawker centre. If can earn more, upgrade to food court or restaurant lah. How?

Be a remisier. Business may be slow now, but enough for a meal lah. At hawker center, I mean.

Be a blogger. The more popular, more kopi money, or upgrade to expresso or even kopi luwak.

Or be a taxi driver. Just be a bit more careful not to get whacked. Up to $7K per month.

Anonymous said...

Managed to speak to my friend's son who is in primary 1 for a few minutes after dinner last weekend.

The small boy said to me..."uncle uncle I feel very stresssssssssssed in school".

I felt very sorry for him that at such a very young age, he feel stresssssssssed in school.

I quietly told my friend about it.

Think about it. Is this what we want?

Anonymous said...

Don't be a sour puss.

With your fecund imagination and daily rantings, your talent can be reverse engineered to propagate the current ruler's template of political ideas.

If you can't fight them, join them.

Start by being a grass roots leader. Talk about how good and beneficial the system is instead of whining ad nausem about how unsatisfactory it really is. This way, you will soon be noticed as a political "talent" and if you aim high enough, you'll also have an armour of money,measured by a slew of top earners who is apparently perceived to never have a down turn in their income. Statistics as they say, lies through the teeth and gets away with it. It's the numbers stupid!

Then, no need to worry about the kopi money which is less than peanuts.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @9.18am

Smart sinkies will just join the most credible Opposition Party.

Put in a bet (in the deposit) and be a candidate just for the elections.

Two weeks or maybe a month suffered a bit of sore legs and throats.

After-which, elected, draw S$16K a month allowance then kept MUM in Parliament.

Basic calculations: 16K multiply by 60 months equal 960K.

One term nearly a millions bucks not bad.

So can praise the Ministers for their competent policies like the Pioneer Package etc and just be a co-driver or better still passenger.

No need to crack their heads and take blame for anything goes wrong.

This is the most SMART move.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:50, you are lucky to have RB and his daily rants. That must be your daily bread by now and you cannot live without.

Isn't that the reason why you are back here daily to hear RB's sermon? Better than what you hear in the holy abodes. Tiok?

Anonymous said...


I have to confess that RB is quite entertaining :)

Anonymous said...

I am a daily reader of RB's blog. Thank you RB for your witty but sometimes very pricky comments. Well, I admire the way you put things through. Yes, we do not need to use vulgarity to say our piece, no matter how frustrated we are.

Anonymous said...

We can cow father cow mother but end of the day still same same. How come.

Anonymous said...

What happen when Singaporean grow older, with no CPF until they are 70 in the future, which is likely to be delay? With the need for funding massive profit sharing scheme in 2016?

Many older citizens lost their jobs due to the massive influx of foreigners and newer and newer citizens?

How many of or Is there enough property agents, insurance agents, cab drivers, security, gardeners and cleaners jobs created to cater to these group of new citizens which their jobs could be lost to 30K of newer and newer citizens came every year to boost and make the GDP look good?

WHat type of jobs for the extra 1.6 millions new citizens need to create? Presently for those replaced new citizens jobs are Property Agents, Insurance agents, Cab drivers, Securities, Gardeners or Cleaners etc?

Is there enough jobs for the new 1.6 millions newer citizens of the future, how much they cause inflation, lost jobs and depressed pay?

As the older citizens getting older, which many doesn't want to born babies, in 10 years time, Singapore could have one of the oldest citizenship in the world something wrong?

Why the youth have no confident of the future, is it they can't compete with the cheaper foreigner workers of third countries?

The need to invest and borrow to study after completing they education found, yet the foreign workers are cheaper then them, how are they going to compete with the lower cost countries? The youth their certificate made irrelevant by the foreigners?

At least four ministers know that having a degree might not get them a job later, as they can't compete with the cheaper foreigners?

Yet with the continue importing of foreigners that drive up cost, so many youth with is the most important resources of a country, youth if their spirit his high they make many breakthroughs to power the countries to the next level if they lost confident of the future, Singapore will be in trouble? Many startup grown to multi national companies with proper nurture and incentives?

What types of culture, medias and incentives need to nurture the youth, should the leaders show examples, and bring out their best, so that Singapore can transform from a cheap labour country to a high tech advanced nation?

What policies causes them lost confident of the future and how to address them?

Should the leaders volunteering reduce their own pay, which might be the causes of hyper inflation to that level of the Nordic or Swiss leaders which by all standard very reasonable?

Anonymous said...

What happen of those with their friends and relatives don't born babies due to the wrong policies?

Anonymous said...

Is highest pay produce the best policies or results?

The result don't seem to tally?

The fact that reasonable pay attract the right talent which shown in the Nordic and Swiss?

Will highest pay resulting in highest inflation, which Singapore is the most expensive nation in the world?

With one of the highest income gap and one of the lowest birthrate and deteriorating living condition, with more people coming to push up cost and inflation, competing for jobs? Probably because they need lots of money to pay themselves, which causes such discrepancy? And the lost of confident in the youth which is the country most important asset?

Many of the future children if they stay in Singapore got to be property agents, insurance agents, cab drivers, security guard, gardeners or cleaners etc. as more third world countries worker became citizens to complete for jobs?

So overpaying can causes unwanted consequences paying moderately like the Nordic can achieve wonderful result which shown in many comparison?

The Nordic nations with it small nation, reasonably paid leaders, are well motivated, to show by example and not keep give nice words and excuses? The produce many olympic champions, Nobel price winners, some of the highest standard of living, low income gaps, innovations, successful multi national companies, high birthrate etc?

Anonymous said...

This highest pay for politicians and their cronies would one day bankrupt the country.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Being in Singapore means you had better have enough money. If you whine and complain that you don't, no one will give a shit about you.

That's the reality. You don't like it? Then fuck off.

PIG said...

@ Virgo 9.50am

// Smart sinkies will just join the most credible Opposition Party.

Put in a bet (in the deposit) and be a candidate just for the elections. //


You are TIOK!

But half TIok ONly!


Let me explain but it may take a couple of comment spaces.

For those not into "soccer games and tactics", u are most welcome to skip because this "game" that Virgo very aptly brought shall be discussed with analogous reference to the "game of soccer".


PIG said...

@ Virgo 9.50am

// Two weeks or maybe a month suffered a bit of sore legs and throats.

After-which, elected, draw S$16K a month allowance then kept MUM in Parliament. //

This basically sums up the "soccer tactics" of the "BEST OPPOSITION" in sinkieland.

"PUT 11-man in front of the goal post" and defend till the cow comes home.


THis is arguably the "tactic" of the Teochew "master tactician" if you can "EVER" call this a "tactic".

It is arguably the opposite tactic of his "EXTREME OPPOSITE" lead by the "fearless" Ex-University professor who like to deploy "11 STRIKERS" in a game and "ATTACK" all the way.

Obviously, neither has much "success" to shout about if one goes by the comment of Virgo @ 9.50am and many others in the social media.


PIG said...

@ Virgo 9.50am

/// After-which, elected, draw S$16K a month allowance then kept MUM in Parliament.

Basic calculations: 16K multiply by 60 months equal 960K.

One term nearly a millions bucks not bad. ///

Technically, what is this equivalent to in the “soccer field”?

The incumbent has numbers on their side. It means they can take their own sweet time to take turn and shoot at the “net” of the “BEST OPPOSITION” because no “opposition player” is on the incumbent half of the field. The “BEST OPPOSITION” “tactic” is almost certain like hoping and waiting for the “incumbent goalie” to take a long “nap” and to “lop” a long speculative shot at their “goal” .......

So it doesn't matter.

Some “incumbent” players are even tempted to go for “30 mins or 1 hour toilet break, have tea break, have picnic at the side line” so on and so forth and come back likely the score line is still very safe cos if their team is virtually camping in the “BEST OPPOSITION” half the entire 90 mins, easily they can create scoring chances at their whim and mercy and could have notched a couple of consequential goals to decide the game ultimately.


PIG said...

@ Virgo 9.50 am

// So can praise the Ministers for their competent policies like the Pioneer Package etc and just be a co-driver or better still passenger. //

But isn't this wishful thinking?

What do “BEST OPPOSITION” expects the “incumbent players” to do? Practise “shooting” in their own half? Obviously not! The “incumbent players” naturally will have all the time on hand to “rain” shots on the “BEST OPPOSITIONS” “goal” as and when they feel like it or choose to. Otherwise, at times to give the “BEST OPPOSITIONS” a false sense of security, some “incumbent players” may even bring their “own beds” onto the field to “sleep” and have camping/ picnic of their own because they know all the “BEST OPPOSITION” is capable of is defend, defend, defend. Such is the “pathetic insult” which the “BEST TACTICIAN” is willing to “stomach” for the “sake” of “claiming” the title of “co-driver” and “motherhood speeches” on stage during rallies.

Some may think this is a bit far fetch but think about it seriously, isn't this the case in a way?



Btw, many might be scratching their heads about this acronym "PIG".


"BEST OPPOSITION" if they are still in the game 30 years from now might also be praising the "PIG" package ( Post Independence Generation Package ) when it is rolled out by the "incumbent" in the future.


PIG said...

So, what is the future for sinkieland?

Chronologically, what comes after the pioneer generation ( PG ) is the baby boomer generation ( BBG ) and then followed by the post independence generation ( PIG ).

Maybe readers can take reference from the book "Animal Farm"?

PIG Post Independence Generation


@ Virgo 9.50am // No need to crack their heads and take blame for anything goes wrong.

This is the most SMART move. //


Meanwhile, sinkies for generations to come shall be watching the most hilarious soccer matches on earth.

“11-defenders” soccer team, “11-strikers” soccer team and what have you.

Ya, how about the rest?

Well, it reads like this:

5 x “ 1 soccer player plus 10 wet market uncles and aunties ” soccer teams ......

Sounds familiar?

Welcome to the sinkieland of the “world best opposition soccer tacticians” in the world!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome to the blog, PIG. Nice definition.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[Targeting online bullies]

"After 10 years in office, PM Lee Hsien Loong is trying to tame the untameable, cyberspace –
or at least part of it.

He has shown that his leadership is less authoritarian than his father’s,
except possibly in one area – the media.

For PM Lee – just as it was for Lee Senior –
controlling this slippery creature is a strategy for political survival.

During the past few elections, new media is said to have been a major cause
for the PAP’s drop in popular votes.

The father started history
by turning Singapore’s newspapers and TV into a mouthpiece for his govt.

And now
the son is trying to pull out some of the sting from the Internet
through legislation.

The authorities know the new legislation will not end the trend,
but they hope it will dampen the more vociferous voices from operating."