American war plan against China is called ‘JOAC’, pronounced joke

While China is making plans to deny the access of American warships patrolling its coastal seas, the Americans are countering this plan by a war plan called ‘JOAC’ for Joint Operational Access Concept. Obviously the Americans do not meant it to be a joke. The Chinese area access denial plan is a defensive strategy to keep the enemies away from its shores and for doing this, they are being accused to being provocative, if not, aggressive.

The Americans have been strutting their military hardware along the Yellow Sea, East China Seas, right at the door step of China and telling China, what can you do about it. And when China declared its first ADIZ in East China Sea, another defensive act, the Americans aggressively flew 2 B 52 nuclear bombers heading straight into China. Such a hostile act could easily trigger a nuclear war as the nuclear capability of the bombers cannot be ignored. China could have shot them down if they came a bit closer to the firing range of their nuclear weapons.

The arrogance and hostility of the Americans and their intent for war have been taken for granted by the West who spoke about it as if it is their right to attack anyone they like. And China’s acts to defend itself with ADIZ and area access denial missiles are read as aggressive and war mongering.

So the Americans are serious about this joke, oops, I mean JOAC. What is this plan all about? According to Geoff Dyer in an article published yesterday in the ST on his book, The Contest Of The Century: The New Era Of Competition With China, this plan is being devised to counter China’s area access denial plan to keep American warships away from Chinese soil to prevent them from launching strikes at China mainland. How it works? The plan calls for a massive strike against all the missile targets in China to disarm Chinese missiles from hitting American warships. And they made a few assumptions, 1, the Chinese would not doing anything and allow the Americans to launch the strikes without hitting back, like the cruise missile strike against China’s embassy in Belgrade. 2, it assume that the strike can be a limited war and China would not dare to launch its nuclear arsenal against the US mainland.

The probability of a massive counter attack by China and an all out nuclear war cannot be ruled out. Which country would allow another country to strike at its heartland and resist from retaliation if it can do so and has the weapons to do so? The war crazy Americans cannot be so mad to think that a massive strike against China could be done without the Chinese hitting back with all they got. They could not be more right to call their plan a joke.

While they are planning to counter the Chinese defensive strategy with a hostile and aggressive war plan, do they believe that the Chinese would stop at their defensive plan and would not be planning to counter strike should the Americans carry out their joke? This is very similar to some countries that think they would have a big advantage to have a first strike strategy without thinking that the enemy too could have the same first strike strategy against them.

Just pray the Americans are joking and continue to have more jokes up their sleeves. The idiots still think war is an option between nuclear capable super powers and are risking for war. And they are claiming that the Chinese may flirt with adventurism when they are most guilty of this act. The Americans could be adventurous against smaller and military weaker countries. They should plan to have peace with other nuclear powers if they are sane in their heads.

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PSS said...


The immediate concern and worry may be in Eastern Europe in one of the former USSR's former states than in NE Asia.

"Man made disasters" etc may be "more likely" in the European continent than in Asia in 2014.

Likely, more threatening in NE Asia in 2014 is possibly to be some kind of health scare or even pandemic or disease crisis than anything else .....

Having said that, being the year of Jia Wu, not dissimilar to the year in 1894 during the First Sino Japanese conflict, nothing can be ruled out.

But the immediate concern now is likely to be Russia's and the Western world's potential involvements in the "Polar Bear's" neighbouring country political upheaval and even the future of the country .....

Seems like in the Year of Horse, it can be "马上跌倒", besides the various other Chinese phrases associated with "horses" such as "马上咖啡" -- " instant kopi " :)

Rb, I suppose your "favourite hard luck minister" might not have heeded your previous call to bath in "holy flowers" water to "cleanse his jinx". Think of YOG, Dengue Fever, "Spider boys and gals clinging onto a fence outside a school during last year's freak flood", 500 psi haze .....

Respite might not be in sight. Now, mb in a 1 in 500 years dry spell or even drought.

For one with midas touch, everything becomes gold.

In the opposite, you have dengue epidemic, flood, extreme haze, severe dry spell ...... after being "touched by unlucky hands" .....

How to have "马上下雨"?

Rb, isn't this what your "favourite friend" is hoping for?

Supposedly there might be some ways to make it happen .....

But you may have to exhalt your "friend" to bath in "holy flowers" water first ..... :)

oldhorse42 said...

Aiyah, coffee level yellow! Got to do some thing to raise the level to a healthy and also wean RB from the unhealthy habit of imbibing too much coffee.
The world is certainly less healthy place today. With troubles in Ukraine and South China sea, we are looking at potential world war.
Now I understand why RB drink so much coffee.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The unseen hand or destiny is working like clockwork. Domestically, no matter what man proposes, the unseen hand will dispose. The lucky fool theory is not working anymore and inepts will be exposed. Maybe not, there is no inepts, only the unseen hand doing its work to change things against the too clever.

Internationally, China is being pushed into a tight corner by the Empire and its lackeys. But the unseen hand is working too, to give China a reprieve in Ukraine.

The Empire has been fixing the Russians all the while and Putin too has been pushed into a corner and he has to react or he will lose everything. Putin is standing up to the Empire. The Empire thought it could transfer its forces to deal with China. Now another front is opening to drain its resources and dilute its strength in East Asia.

Kopi level is often low on weekends when people are relaxing or playing somewhere. Needs more 马上咖啡 on weekdays to make up.

Thanks oldhorse and everyone.

virgo49 said...

Bro, actually this vivi guy is now having sleepless nights.

Just praying that the rains will come soon.

Now 5.3 m already gonna water rationing. If 6.9 drink own urine. They are loon loon said everything ok ok.

In their minds, worry sick. So they said no worry but use water carefully

virgo49 said...

Mr RB, Americunt now bo Liu Liao. Osama, oops Obama said must scale down military.

If other places like the middle east or eastern Europe got troubles brewing up, Americunts will have their hands full.

No time or resources to contain China

Now just pua hang!!

China will play along with them and same time will hantam Jepun and the pinoys once a while

Anonymous said...

They may come up with a reservoir top up campaign. With 5.4m people, Sunday will be declared a Reservoir Top Up Day. All residents should take part to line the reservoir and urinate into them.

b said...

Perhaps a huge scale tsunami and earthquake will be to bring peace and cooperation among different countries instead of war. Man proposes but God disposes. Man destroys for greed but God destroys for peace.

b said...

"They should plan to have peace with other nuclear powers if they are sane in their heads."

- For a country that profits a lot from creation of wars, peace is the last thing on their minds. Unfortunately most people are like the 60% sinkies totally dim and will continue to support the aggressor.