A glimpse into the mindset of a PAP MP

Mr FairPrice or Seah Kian Peng gave an interview to Jessica Lim and she contributed two articles on him in the Newpaper today. In the article ‘New issues and a more demanding electorate’ she quoted some comments from Seah Kian Peng.

Seah Kian Peng reflected on the changing electorate and the changing aspiration and demands of the people and the hot buttons issues. The new issues, if his constituents could be a measure of the general population, are spiraling cost of healthcare and public transport/overcrowding and disruptions. The previous hot button issue of housing is over.

He did not say anything about the influx of foreigners and the increasing population that is causing a lot of pain to the Sinkies. Neither did he mention anything about the plight of PMEs and their replacement by foreigners, rendering them jobless or underemployed. For him not to mention this serious problem does not mean that it is not a problem to him or his party/govt. But it could be a lesser problem than healthcare and public transport. Or at least it is not a problem in his constituency.

Seah Kian Peng also commented on the mindset of the Sinkies, that they did not appreciate how important and valuable the current govt is and not knowing how bad things would be if they carelessly elect a new govt just because they were unhappy with a single issue. Here there are two points to it. The PAP is the best and any new govt will not be able to do better. So the people are risking their good life if they vote in a new govt. The second point is that the electorate are simple minded and would anyhow vote in a new govt because of one single issue of unhappiness. He did not think that the electorate could have weighed in all other factors and the one or two factors could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

What was revealed in Seah Kian Peng’s thoughts and comments could be a reflection of the thinking of most of the PAP members. This is the pervasive mindset of a ruling party/govt. They are all believers of the PAP religion and doctrines…and god. The simplistic people did not know how good the PAP and govt are to them and contributing to their good life that no other party could do so. He forgot that he has acknowledged that the people are very well educated and this means that they are not simple minded and ignorant of what is happening or going on in the country. How can well educated electorate, many more educated than him, be so simple minded and unthinking than him?


Virgo49 said...

Ng Eng Hen already said the candidates for the coming GE are already on the grounds learning from the RCs.

The Rc parasites will only tell them of the good things and listen to the good things as in Class 90.5FM

Now, the first salvo using the same tactics telling the electorate: Please vote wisely, we are still the best, do not regret voting the wrong parties.

Your livelihoods are at stakes blah blah blah.

This hair combed back tancho man feared that his IRON rice bowl gonna be broken like a porcelain bowl soon.

He must now sar kar his bosses so that he be at least be put on still a candidate.

You know, my Sentosa Cove bungalow not fully paid yet, I still need another term to suck more monies to pay the installments.

Likewise, the Indranee Raja goes to the porridge hole in one uncle and posed a smiling photo showing their empathy towards the poor.

Don't care so much now. Better tried to project my OWN better image as this coming GE is not gonna be a smooth one.

Many will fall on the sides and need to take care my own rice bowls first.

Anonymous said...

This round you can count how many ministers and MPs will be saying bye bye to Parliament. It is a matter of how many more.

Anonymous said...

No dynasty can last forever. This is a sure event, as true as one will surely die the moment you are born. You can't change that and so is any political party or tyrant. History has shown this time and time again. The difference is the years taken. Some took few years but others may take hundreds. Ultimately, the result is the same.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What Singaporeans don't realise is that the more you ask the government to do, the more you validate their authority, right to determine your lives and add fuel to the necessity of their EXISTENCE.

Nice one Singapore. Thank the-god-that-doesn't-exist that I treat it like HOTEL.

I refuse to be a part of any politics -- but I will voice my opinion, because I like to kwai lan. :-)

Anonymous said...

There is only one God and he is LKY.
There is only one church and that is PAP.

If you cannot accept these hard truths, then you will have to repent.
There will be more immigrants until Singaporeans repent and acknowledge the Lord thy God.

oldhorse42 said...

This MP runs NTUC fairprice. Do you think he will speak out against the influx of FTs?

Anonymous said...

City Harvest Church claimed that whatever you donated to God you can harvest 10 folds or hundred folds.

This church no need to donate but can harvest thousand folds if you are the chosen ones.

patriot said...

I know little about politic or anything else. However, me have got to know that the Rulers have hides that are so thick, they are immuned to spurs. This spells great dangers to Sinkies as it means there is no conscience in them. They will not hesitate to commit sins or will ever be able to repent or feel any remorse.

They also care not there competency, respectability and integrity.
They are only interested to stay in power and get the money the Power gets them.

Ultimately, it is up to the People to wake up.


b said...

PAP is so good that all the policies to fix the people is to spur people to move to greener pastures as they understand very well that this island is going to be played by disaster one after another.

b said...

'How can well educated electorate, many more educated than him, be so simple minded and unthinking than him?'

- Being a PAP mouthpiece, he is just trying to manipulate and control the daft population.

Anonymous said...

Like Your Theory tjat the Sin Gov is creating difficulties to drive away Sinkies away from Sin. However, I like the Other Theory that they are driving the people crazy anf mad so that they will be voted out and they will retire and leave Sin to enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

The theory that the rulers will like to be voted out and retire overseas is believable. Since there are many saying that their offsprings are now overseas and claims that ruling politicians have much investments and properties abroad, all the more it sounds credible.

The Situation also seems to indicate that the people are not happy with the leaders. If they become hostile, it coukd be perilous to them. Either the people go away or they retire abroad will be advantageous to them. Would this means Sinkies will be screwed up no matter what happens?