6.9m is not the target, only for planning

This is true. The 6.9m population for 2030 is only a part of the planning process. Grace Fu announced in Parliament that population growth for 2013 was 80,000, 30k from newborns, 20k from new citizens and 30k from PRs. And this is the slowest growth in the last 10 years, a pull back after the unprecedented protest at Hong Lim Park. What would it be like without the protest is left to your own imagination.

The govt is ‘pulling back’ its plan for population growth! Really? At this rate, with a population of 5.4m, and if the govt is to add 80k every year, in 10 years, the population will be 6.2m. By 2030 it will add in another 560k to make it to 6.67m, a whisker away from the 6.9m planned.

So, would we have 6.67m or 6.9m in 2030? And after 2030, if growth is a necessity, would the population still continue to grow at the same rate and where will it end?
Anyone wondering why is there such an obsession to grow the population by hook or by crook. No population growth means no economic growth, no jobs for Sinkies but plenty of jobs for foreigners? It is like a drug addict, no matter how many rounds of cold turkeys, or how many times thrown into jail, die die must have the fix. No matter how many times the people protest, the population must grow as planned.

Does it mean that the country will collapse or something worse will happen if the population is not boosted? What is so critical that the govt must ignore the complaints and wishes of the people that it must go against the people?

Why? What is the intent of the govt? What is the real reason for this outrageous and unacceptable policy to be pushed with total disregard of the people’s will? There must be something very serious that the govt is not telling the people for wanting to go ahead with the population growth that the people did not want and opposed to it.

Or is this the best this one trick pony can do with the millions they are paid? They just cannot think of any better alternatives?

Why? Would the govt tell the people why it is so desperate for population growth? Where is the transparency and accountability? Why the secrecy? Tell the people the alternatives, but not the kind that our women folks will become maids.

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Anonymous said...

Voting Opposition is not the target.
It's for planning purposes only.

Anonymous said...

"Would the govt tell the people why it is so desperate for population growth?"

Why govt need to tell?

For Sinkies who are not daft, the situation of Sinkies below already speaks for itself.

1. Number of Sinkies no enough. How to have GDP growth without even enough Sinkies, let alone talented ones?

2. Number of Sinkie opposition, let alone quality ones, not enough. Because smart Sinkies like RB don't want to join. And for good reasons which me, being also a smart Sinkie, understand.

So not surprisingly, even the strongest Sinkie opposition is also not ready to be govt.

3. Hence votes for Sinkie opposition no enough due to number 2 above. So it is a vicious cycle.

So what more need to tell, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

WP need to tell PAP that WP is ready to be govt after next election.

Or if not WP, any other Sinkie opposition party also can.

If any party can do that, I think 93% chance PAP can be voted out next election.

If not, forget it and just wait for a repeat of 2011 lah.

Anonymous said...

by 2050, we may house 12M people on this beautiful island.....

there can be underground homes, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, factories, offices, and a complex network of underground roads and MRTs.......

we are the world......


Anonymous said...

"WP need to tell PAP that WP is ready to be govt after next election.

Or if not WP, any other Sinkie opposition party also can."
Anon 9:04 am

If I were PM Lee, hahahahahahahahaha.

93% chance it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

We should vote more opposition in 2016 to curb PAP's population growth target. I'm feeling suffocated with the haze back and now with more people. WTF.

Anonymous said...

How to tell when you can only muster 23 out of 87 to contest? If get kachang putih sellers and security guards minorities; we say no good.Only time when the opposition can be ready is we have a grand coalition of oppositions, a united front of the main parties. But looking at them, they will fight among themselves like what SDP , RP and SDA did in the PE by- E.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Is it really that difficult to get 60 good men and women? In today's situation, the time is ripe and it is so easy to get the numbers if needed.

Anonymous said...

" Is it really that difficult to get 60 good men and women? "

It is difficult.
Don't believe me, just ask PM Lee.
Is he satisfied with the quality of his cabinet?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is for the PAP. That is their problem coz many good people will not join them.

The politics of this island has come full circle when yin becomes yang and vice versa, when at one time all the good men want to join PAP and not the opposition. Not it is the reverse.

Virgo 49 said...

Right bro, today just back from airport to home at Tanjong Pagar.

Taxi cruised thru MCE instead of previously straight to keppel road. Had to pay extra for the wonderful ride under the tunnel for the distance

Anonymous said...

Would you believe or trust the PAP about the population target?

They told us that floods occur only once in 50 years, but now floods have become the norm. No apologies needed any more. They just tell you to be prepared whenever high tide and heavy rains occur together.

They told us that MRT breakdowns are the exception, but now MRT breakdowns have become the norm. No apologies needed any mroe. They just tell you not to expect no breakdowns or smooth MRT rides. Take it or leave it.

So, are we going to trust the PAP? By the way they are still claiming they did the right thing about the 'stop at two policy' on population. Whatever happended to their ten years down the road foresight that they like to claim over the years?