The depth of internet discussion on current issues

The key issues in the internet over the last week were AIM, bomb threat and the Punggol East by elections. Netizens were fully engaged in very serious and heated discussions over these issues and the intensity and volume of discussions must be a sign that they are things of great concern.

In contrast, reports of these issues in the main media were brief and scant and lack of continuity. This could be one of the drawbacks of the main media as they could not spare the space for a sustained discussion in depth and breath. And in the case of AIM and the bomb threat, both were promptly reported in the internet before the main media picked them up.

The main media is now finding it tough to play catch up to the ongoings and issues in the social media. The availability, timeliness and the space for in depth and engaging discussion in the social media will be an act very difficult for the main media to follow. The main media’s role is likely to be on reporting incidents on a once off basis, and this may not even be timely. The other role it can continue to play is to put up a monologue article, a one sided affair where discussion and engagement is rare and minimal or non existence. It is like a talk down instrument, telling the readers, informing the readers, and that is about it.

The social media is going to change all the news reporting and discussion on national or people issues to beyond what the main media can envisage. It is a totally new form and way of communication and journalism. It is engaging, alive and interactive and timely.


Anonymous said...

The key issue the whole of last week has been on the Indian rape victim and what is happening in India.

We need to sympathise with the victim, but there is really no need to go overboard, which is what the MSM is doing, with the State Times devoting pages to the story.

Some believe that concentrating on such news is a good way to distract Singaporeans from the AIM and by-election issues circulating on the internet.

Matilah_Singapura said...

My current key issue is to figure out how to get home safely tonight after partying Bangkok-style for 18 hours straight.

Got social media?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Our media is so sad on local news that there is really nothing worth reporting. So big news on a rape victim in India and all the pages devoted to English and European football.

Ron aka RDB said...

The Repressed Sg media per LK's declaration of its repression to Chief Minister Davi Minister's Legistlative Assembly in 1956 speaks volumes of its SHACKLED SHAMELESS SHIT state of journalism's disrepute noe worthy of true juornalism.. let alone in compare to the ral 1st world's INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM.. even i war torn zonea! In contrast, The SHACKLED SHITTY SHAMELESS Times is the empitome NO journalisn except i COMPLIANT Reporting!

An old guy can say of Sg as one he had brought from the 3rd to 1st world an daringly in his own publication too? What a show that isn't even comic at the least enough for a laugh! But only good for the Rubbish Dumps! Like wiser people will say.. "Self praise id international disgrace".. yet that guy not only did it once.. twice but more not only in bverbage but in own publication too that overly well paid cronies in tow would buy for a cool S$10,000! Purely because it is not even a GCT Spouse's S$600,000 peanut.. since more good $$$ will still BE rooling in for those cronies!

What else need to be said?