Our sacred Constitution

I read some articles that we don’t really have a Constitution though we have one. The rationale is that when a constitution can be changed at the whims and fancy of law makers, it is no longer a constitution. There is some merits to this kind of explanation. Constitution is the highest document and must be highly respected and guarded, protected and not to be trivialized. Anyone thinking of changing any part of the Constitution must give a damn solid reason to do so, and the citizens must also agree to the change.

With the influx of foreigners into this little piece of rock, with the original citizens being diluted and some may even disappear or become a rarity, some of the fundamental legislation may be subject to attack by the newcomers who are growing and will become a substantive force to reckon with.

One of the main pillars of our country is the four official languages that are sanctioned in the Constitution. Correct me if I am wrong. With foreigners becoming more in numbers to our very own minorities, it is only a matter of time before some will insist that their language be made an official language in addition to the four existing language. Some may even suggest the removal of lesser used language to be removed. Possible?

Let’s hope there will not be such a day when our Constitution comes under such attacks. This part of our Constitution is sacred and no new citizens should even think of amending the Constitution to adopt their new languages or whatever. The new citizens are here to adapt to our way of life, and our Constitution, no the other way round. They are here because our way of life and our Constitution are better than those they left behind. It cannot be the other way, that they came from a far worst place, a way of life that they seek to runaway from, to want to change our way of life, and our Constitution to be like them. It sounds ridiculous, but it will happen if we are not careful or if we are silly enough to do it.


Anonymous said...

Astute observation. However it's only a matter of time before this happens. Within ten years I guarantee you Hindi will be included as an official language. The government has been attempting to maintain our current racial proportions of "Indians", "Malays", "Chinese" and "Others". However on the sub-ethnic level there has not been attempts to maintain current proportions. The result has been that Tamil speakers are no longer, or will soon no longer be a majority amongst Indians. However that being said many multi-generational Singaporean Hindi speakers have been previously marginalised by language policies. Another possibility is that "official languages" will be done away with all together and multiple language in public places and schools will be more ad hoc and pragmatically decided. Which means of course an intense sinification of the country ;]

Anonymous said...

Defend our Constitution.
Vote Opposition.

Veritas said...

Our constitution is dead. Our national language is suppose to be Malay. We are suppose to have

Article 9: rights to life and personal liberty

Article 10: prohibition of slavery and forced labour

Article 12: rights to equality and equal protection

Article 13: prohibition of banishment and right to freedom of movement

Article 14: rights to freedom of speech, assembly and association

Article 16: right to equality in education

Unfortunately, PAP currently run Singapore diametrically opposite to constitution. We a now a land of force slavery. The foreign workers here work in the Singapore Gulag under the threats and debt to be repay to the agent.

We have no equality. The rich can kill anyone in traffic accident and get away. The rich can commit white collar crime free from persecution. Even girls are get off hook. The poor can be jailed for years for stealing an item of very low value.

Rights to freedom of speech, assembly and association, and equality in education...etc (I shake my head)

Disgusted Singaporean said...

My deepest condolences to all our native Singaporeans for having PAP in governing this little rock!
Nothing we Singaporeans said that are against the PAP government's intended policy will be taken into account!!!
PAP Govt had sometime ago announced that SPANISH will be introduced to our education system??? Its ULTERIOR motives???
1. Guess which Asia country uses Spanish??? PHILIPPINES!!!
2. For what purpose??? Political!!!
3. For which nationality??? Filipinos!!!
4. For whose gains??? PAP!!!

Anonymous said...

Likely Hindi and pinoy language should be included as its a substantial minority. Once even c5 broadcast pinoy drama on prime time tv mah

Anonymous said...

Singapore has all along being a city for migrants and it shall be till it is sunk.

So, stop imagining that it is a country, much less a nation. Just speak whatever You like, no one shud dictate You. Whoever does that tell them to fly kite.

Anonymous said...

It has beoome a place to grab as much as one can before it sinks.

Anonymous said...

The constitution should be amended to include at least Tagalog as a minimum as the pinoy forms a fairly large minority. This is to be fair to substantial minorities here

Anonymous said...

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.
Hoping for a different result.

So what do you call Singaporeans voting for PAP over and over again?

Anonymous said...

You call them knn lor

Anonymous said...

Veritas, I shared your sentiment. The rich seems to get away with everything but the poor pays. Stealing millions can be forgiven and yet if you steal a lollipop from 7-11, you go to jail. WTF?

Anonymous said...

The Rojak works but ethnic exclusivity cud lead to Lebanon - IMO being Singaporean means being a part of this Rojak n being able to be competent in one or more of the four "official" languages. If this is unacceptable then guess one Sys look for greener pastures that will be more nourishing

Veritas said...

I 100% support implementing Malay as national language. We should adopt Bahasa Indonesia, not Bahasa Malayu. I am a Chinese. I support Malay national language because we must all follow constitution. Unless Malay as national language is being do away in constitution.

If PAP can trample one constitution item, PAP can masturbate all constitution item.

Besides, very few Singaporeans actually know that Bahasa Indonesia is an extremely elegant language. And fewer Singaporeans know that Indonesia is our hinterland. We are so damn rich not because Malaysia support us, but because we provide vital services to Indonesian.

And even fewer people know that LKY is "Indonesian" as well. LKY's granddad Lee Hoon Leong work as skipper for Indonesian tycoon and opium king Oei Tjiong Ham. One day Lee Hoom Leong felt boring on one of his sortie and screwed and Indonesian girl Ko Liem Nio. And then LKY's father Lee Chin Koon was born in Indonesia Semarang as a result.

Call me a "racist"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Tamils are the main Indian immigrants in the early days. Tamil shall remain as one of our official language.

Anonymous said...

Eh RedBean, how come you're not taking aim at AIM?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, everyone is taking aim at AIM. I have made a post earlier on the consequences depending on how well Teo Ho Pin reply.

This case is look pretty bad. Unless I have a more interesting angle, looks like every angle is covered.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There are valid arguments for and against having constitution as the "unbreakable laws" for the proper function of the state.

Singapore, a former British Colony, like all former British Colonies, has a Constitution describing the republic. However ex-Mother England does not.

Whatever it is, it should take no more than a primary six kid, who definitely by that age knows the difference between right and wrong, to tell you if what a government is doing is "legal" under the set of fixed rules. Either the government is "LAWFUL' or it is FULL OF SHIT and lying to the people to "rationalise" and "justify" its blatant (but often secretive) flaunting of the state's own laws -- however they are founded -- on a constitution or other means.

Singapore government plays the constitution very well. Any kid can tell you that this is BULLSHIT and not in the spirit of the law. (Please don't have letter vs spirit of the law debates. My head hurts just thinking about it).

Matilah_Singapura said...

I fully support the introduction of the Spanish language into the Singapore education system.

A wildly popular and immensely pleasurable pastime amongst Singapore males is banging the many fuck-toy Pinoy women present in the city state. Having a linguistic ability in Spanish will assit our boys (suave and sophisticated gentlemen, let's all be clear on this) in communicating with these dusky foxes, thus stimulating an exchange of ideas and culture, instead of just their bodily fluids...and perhaps money.

I know Singapore dudes are romantics at heart. Spanish is the language of sex.

Got Anthony Banderas?

Anonymous said...

Must be a reason why it is called AIM... AIMing at opp party. AIMing at taxpayers' money ... Get that ?

Anonymous said...

"So what do you call Singaporeans voting for PAP over and over again?"

It is called "Hopeless"

Anonymous said...

where got pinay speak spanish??? the spanish left them more than a hundred years ago when the americans took over. pinays speak in a funny tagalog american accented english when they are not speaking tagalog. i laughed like crazy when a pinay mcdonald staff repeated my order, 'doorbell cheeseburrgerrr' & '5 doellarhs sirrr'.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Next time you see a Pinay, call her a "Puta" or a "konyo" and see what happens :-)

Anonymous said...

Puta means whore and konyo means pussy or cunt. Matilah wanted u to get slapped

Anonymous said...

How about Pinay Koyok?

Anonymous said...

Pinay koyok means pinoy quack medicine, it's really a Malay word.