Lee Hsien Loong taking legal action against blogger Alex Au

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong speaks to media representatives from Singapore and India in this file photo. PM Lee is taking legal action against blogger Alex Au for allegations made in a post about the sale of computer systems used by town councils. -- ST PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA

Alex Au has written a 4 part article on the Town Council Management System and its sale to AIM. In the article he touched on many pertinent details of the saga that may prove to be too much for the Govt to ignore. It seems that there were allegations made against Hsien Loong amounting to corruption. This has led to the issuance of a letter by Davinder Singh from Drew and Napier demanding that the article be removed.

Alex Au has since complied and had the article taken down. It was also reported that he had made an apology in his blog as well. But is this the end of his trouble with the Govt? If the above quote is correct, Hsien Loong is going to take legal action against him. At this juncture I am not sure if taking down of the article and an apology will be sufficient or will the Govt or Hsien Loong continues to sue him for defamation.


Abao said...

the fact of the matter is that he cannot deny that the tc sold the software to a holding company where the owner are ex-mps.

isnt sueing a worse option that silence?

Anonymous said...

So much talk about change is in the air, but nothing changes. No wonder such skeptism so far talking about Natcon.

Leopards do not change their spots, neither does the offsprings of leopards.

But I guess the perception of the truth will never change, even with legal threats. Bodies can be controlled, but not the mind. As simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I dunno what to say. Just maybe - what a shame! Or just shame! shame! shame!

Old habits die hard.

Right thinking Singaporeans must do something when GE 2016 arrives.

Lola said...

How can u even think of defaming the prime minister??? Seriously....use some brains.

Anonymous said...

Only a few comments are considered defamatory. The rest? Fair comments for which Lee has nothing to say. True lah!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Finally.
Is this NatCon the old fashioned way?
Using lawyers' letters?

Those of you participating in NatCon.
Please tell the PAPigs what they want to hear.
We want them to continue to be out of touch with reality.
And to continue to implement bad policies.

Anonymous said...

They do badly enough without any help.

Anonymous said...

Unfair defence is no defence.

Onviously becoming more obvious. This is making the unreal more real lah!

Anonymous said...


The truth is going to be decided by who has deeper pockets.

The law decided that T.T. Durai was defamed when he took action against somone with shallow pockets and won. But we now know T.T. Durai was not really so, when he ran up against one with very deep pockets and backing. He lost.

Who is telling the truth? Just make a guess.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, why so kotek? Don't make accusations, even veiled ones without solid evidence lah.

Why defame by unsubstantiated accusation, when you can call someone a "cunt" or a "dead dog ball's licking son of a toothless fish-pussy whore" perfectly legally on the internet. Do it the Talking Cock dot com way: satire -- i.e. ridicule in clever and even licentious ways.


"You are a thief" <== defamatory -- unless you have proof, you can be sued if you defy "cease and desist" requests.

"You are a low-down cum swallowing cocksucker" <== perfectly ok,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Lola, welcome to the blog. It is not just defaming the PM. Defaming anyone is wrong unless one has enough evidence and want to go the extra mile if challenged.

The freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to defamation with impunity. The wrong party has his rights too to protect himself.

patriot said...

Come on.

The Law Of The Jungle applies when it comes to survival. Humans are animals too.

In the Animal World, big fish eats small fish and dogs eat shit. Humans have 黑吃黑, 道高一尺, 魔高一丈 which all other species are not capable of. This makes human the most vicious animal. So, it is quite fair to say that in a soul-less, conscience-less and vain society, the inhabitants can be worse than wild species in viciousness.


patriot said...

Concur with Abao that sueing is a worse option.

It is likely that hundreds of thousand share the same feeling as Alex Au. The right thing for the Authority to do is to explain the Rationale for the Arrangement to have AIM takeover the TC Computing System. Clear the suspicion and doubta of the people.

Or, in case the Arrangement is deemed improper after all the discussion and post mortem analyses, admit mistake and make amend. No apology is even needed.

Why opt for a solution that is going to make the Issue even more controversial?

Is it wise?


Anonymous said...

Pun intended. "Some shit already hit the ceiling fan! Can't cover up anymore! You know what we are referring to? Must learn to speak in ambiguity and puzzles in order not to get cecilia sue! Langgar!"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot, we know that many deserve the shit on their faces. But when one wants to throw shit, one must be prepared to take the same shit being thrown back.

And the law is always on the side of the law makers. Guan has two mouths. You cannot win. But would we see less of Sue? This is the hard truth, the hard reality.

The said...

/// At this juncture I am not sure if taking down of the article and an apology will be sufficient or will the Govt or Hsien Loong continues to sue him for defamation. ///

If you read today's papers, it is sufficient if Alex takes down the post within 3 days from yesterday and issue an apology. No damages need be paid. Alex has not taken down the posts yet - 2 more days to go before he has to take them down.

Anonymous said...

In George Orwell's "Animal Farm", the pigs are more equal than the other animals! Four legs good but two legs better! Pigs walk on two legs instead of four legs unlike the other animals! That is the beginning of decline and decadence! It happens to the Romans, mighty Chinese empires, Great Britain, Delhi Sultanates etc etc all written clearly in the history pages of human civilization. What makes you think there are exceptions to the rule? Why must the mandate of Heavens decreed in favor of you if you rot and decay at the core? Is there no natural divine law or heavens' will against little puny self serving ludicrous laws? Nature's powerful forces shall prevail against small petty kingpin who strut and fret his hour on the tiny stage then is heard no more but his legacy shall stink for 10,000 years!. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

He was given 3 days' grace. As such, he will wait till the last day to maximize exposure and publicity. After all he has become the No: 1 famous blogger. Thks to the free publicity given by TV, radio and Shitty Times! Lol!

patriot said...

Chin Leng:

Yes, history had shown that those in authority had usually and repeatedly abused their power. But there were a few benevolent and some clean benign regimes too.

As indicated by Anon 9:45, there will always be a day for repercussion and or dire consequence and if not, the infamy in history.

As me said earlier, Alex Au probably have hindreds of thousand Singaporeans sharing his suspicion and impropriety of the AIM Issue. Supposing he gets sued and convicted, there will be lots of serious damages on the perception of the people on the Regime. Me surmises it will be too detrimental for the State. It could cause division between the Rulers and the Ruled and accumulate and add on to future frictions should any occurs.

All in all, let us wish that we will be offered convincing reason and the Issue be settled in an amicable way. And if there need be amend, t shall be made.

There is little to gain in winning a battle but lose the war.


agongkia said...

After so many miserable years ,I managed to learn how not to get into trouble by not being a kaypoh and not telling the truth .
Like it or not,just say something good ,praise and you can be sure that you won't be in trouble.
Dun Erm Chai See.There are many ways to skin a cat alive and one need not know how it can be done..
You all are lucky to have a gracious Pee M who only ask one to remove the posting.Where to find .
Dun play play.

Matilah_Singapura said...

One unarmed citizen, with a dissenting opinion, against the awesome force of government trying to silence him.

At least he's not going quietly. He's blogging about the fact that he was literally given no choice -- shut the fuck up or prepare for court.

Got Dissent?

Anonymous said...

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