Jason Chee, nothing will be enough for you

Eng Hen visited Jason Chee in the high dependency ward in Changi General Hospital. Jason, a naval Military Expert, lost both his limbs, a hand and left with a right arm with only two fingers when he was caught in a winch while on duty. He has lost practically everything while serving the Navy.

This is the price our young people paid for serving the nation, losing limbs and lives. Eng Hen has promised that Mindef will provide long term support for Jason. A little consolation knowing how expensive medicare is here. But nothing can be enough for Jason. He is going to struggle through life in all physical aspects and the emotions and depression that are going to accompany him for the rest of his life.

Not only will he bear the pain, his parents and relations will have to bear with him. The price of being a citizen and serving the nation in uniform can be very heavy. There is nothing anyone can do to give Jason back his normal life. Nothing.


Anonymous said...

Right, and now he visit him lah....

Anonymous said...

Who is Jason Chee but a relative "nobody" citizen, compared with the Puthuchearys who can get fast track menbership and exemption to any need to risk life and limb. Who writes these rules, who decides who gets a "get out of jail" free card, who decides our fates? God?

Anonymous said...


Discontinue National Service.
There is nothing worth defending here.
Mostly owned or controlled by foreigners and $2 companies.

Anonymous said...

What would you suggest? Remove NS totally?

Anonymous said...

my friend's all rounder, sportman son gets straight As for his A levels - bio, physics, chem, maths, gp, etc. cannot study medicine at nus. parents must send him overseas. they lose 300k but not enough and son still must take loan. he must do 2 years of NS first. foreigners come here with grades from i don't know what kind of school in the third world and get to do medicine at nus free of charge and still get allowance. thank you, Pro Alien Party.

agongkia said...

To sacrifice our life or die for our country,whether as a NSman or regular is a duty as a citizen.We should take pride and there should be no regret and kpkb.
Not everybody can have a chance and privilege to serve in our defence forces.

How many had lost their life in battlefield ,and how many ever complain that they lost their love one protecting their country.
We should not be demoralise,kpkb and let others think we Sinkies are just serving NS because it is mandatory to do so.

We must let the world knows that we are proud and prepared to defend our country and is looking forward to defend when there is a need.It would be a sad day for me if Mindef will to tell me that I have completed the cycle and need not serve my reserve service again.Better wake up.Protect,defend and serve with pride.

SG Girl said...

No one would wish for such accident to happen. Mr Teo has promised Jason's medical bills be paid by Mindef plus compensation (an earlier news article stated that). Believed they're checking with US military for advice on how to assist cases like Jason; perhaps prosthetic limbs. It's comforting Mr Teo makes this promise. The rest of us could only pray for Jason to get better soon and be emotionally stronger.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Serving the country with pride and dying for the country cannot be a one way street. Fuck, if the foreigners are enjoying the privileges of a stable and secure country and we paid the price for it. And they are laughing at us sick for our stupidity.

Anonymous said...

That is why I worry sick for all my sons who are in combat role serving ns. The SAF culture is not very reassuring to me with many accidents.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When my son was in OCS, the whole company was so on that none of them reported sick. All chiong to do well in the course. He came home with open wounds all over his body after his training in Brunei. I dunno what to say. He just went straight to the neighbourhood clinic to have the wounds dressed. no complaint of any kind or any words of displeasure. That is the kind of commitment of our young men when called up to serve.

Are they appreciated or the govt rather appreciate the fake foreigners with their fake degrees and fake commitment to this country.

It is so tragic to see how the country is sold out to foreigners.

patriot said...


How come huh?

My young man too very happy to do his NS and to date tends to stay at home to monitor recalls and prepare himself for in camp training.
At home he behave like a 少爺(spoilt brat) with his mother doing everything for him.

Once, he was due for training oversea and me asked if the soldiers do not have passports, will the SAF provide. He said that the NS Men should pay and make the Document. From then on, me never talk about army with him anymore.

Repeat it once more that Singaporeans should rally to have NS abolish. A professional army will do the job better and those who love soldiering and battle can be employed to fulfill their ambition.


Anonymous said...

Thats why converted new singaporeans will vote pap cos they do not need to do ns and can enjoy all the benefits created by our ancestors. when their boys grow up, they can easily migrate and retire to other countries by selling their highly priced hdb.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In Bangkok there are "no hands" restaurant. You don't need to do anything. Sexy women will feed you. Open your mouth, and the food sensually is placed in your mouth.

You can undo the fly, and another sexy thai chick will put your hormat senjata in her mouth. All very regimental. Well suited to a comrade in arms who's suffered injury due to military cockup.

It would be my pleasure to buy this young man dinner in Bangkok

Anonymous said...

Red bean, I agreed as my sons also would not call sick during training. They also mentioned that due to sick leave half way the course, one will have to redo the whole course as they can not stop the course for just a few people.

So that is a real incentive to finish the course even when having fever.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to die doing national service ... make sure it's really national service you are doing.

Protecting assets and property that belong to ALL Singaporeans. Not assets that belong to foreigners or $2 companies.

So let's do some counting:
1. Does your HDB flat belong to you? NO.

2. Do you have pension and social security to protect you in your old age? NO.

3. Do you have unemployment insurance to protect you & family when you lose job to foreigners? NO.

4. Can you freely take out your CPF money that belongs to you when you need it? NO.

5. Do you have medical insurance that protects you & your family? NO.

So what the fuck are you doing national service for?
National means that at least you are serving something that belongs to you.
So what belongs to you in Singapore?

What's the difference between National Service and National Slavery in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

It is the people who give them the mandate to do anything they want to. It is just like stupid gives idiot a gun and idiot starts shooting everyone. Cannot just blame idiot alone.

Anonymous said...


Our country needs more of your son's calibre and commitment.

Sad to say, not yours, because you are just too jaded with your lot. Remember we were just a rock and some sampans. Swim, and go forward, or regress.

Anonymous said...

rb's son risking his life to defend PAP's assets that are owned by $2 companies.
What tragic irony.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, during my time, we were very happy to serve the country. No one complained about that. We were proud of our country. Mindef gave me priority, same as to other officers, to get a flat. Mindef paid for my education. What more could one ask for?

In the case of my young man, he could go to see the MO for some dressing, not necessarily to report sick. Even this he would not do as it would disrupt his training and might be suspected of trying to get an MC.

His whole company was made of the same stuff. And I am sure there are many out there doing the same. But with the trends of events, many will start to regret what they have sacrificed for.

Anonymous said...

Just as 60% will always vote for PAP, so there will be some who are patriotic and will perform NS with full commitment. Good luck to them!

As a matter of interest, I wonder what the compensation is like for death or disabilities. The ironic thing is that NS men have to pay from their own pockets the insurance premiums for accidents suffered during NS. That is another grave injustice.

Anonymous said...

/// The ironic thing is that NS men have to pay from their own pockets the insurance premiums for accidents suffered during NS. ///

Insurance companies willing to issue accident policies for NS men?
Sure or not?

PAP government willing to fight for NS men's welfare?
Sure or not?

It's a one-way street.
NS men must sacrifice life and limb to protect insurance companies and PAP assets.
But not the other way round.

Because PAP government says so?
Or is it the stupid 60% of our friends & relatives who voted for NS and PAP to put our sons at risk?

agongkia said...

A little wound during training is nothing lah.At least Mindef gives one priority to own a flat and also pay for their education.
What Mindef had failed is that they fail to produce loyal soldiers who can be grateful to what was being offered to them.
Mindef helps Sinkies discipline and mould their children secretly into good citizen .
Blame ourselves for not talented or else Mindef can also let one serve NS by doing some simple light duties or some disruption for research,study etc.Mindef is flexible.
Training nowadays is chicken lah.Why are soldiers not on starchy no.3 with head dress on when booking out like the olden days.Standard has drop.We must let others know we mean business where defence is concern.

Anonymous said...

/// We must let others know we mean business where defence is concern. ///

You can't even defend your town council assets from being sold away without your knowledge.
You think you can defend Singapore?

Can't even detain a limping terrorist.
And you think you can defend against an external threat?

Anonymous said...

Is there any guarantee that the Rulers and SAF Commanders will not scoot off to safe places in time of war?
And they will claim that they are directing the defense remorely. Lol.

How do Sinkies know for sure that the Rulers, SAF Commanders and well to do Sinkies do not have oversea assets in preparation for any eventuality including internal strife and war?

Many believe the top people will be the first to run away in time of trouble and Sinkies can be assured of it.

patriot said...

Sinkies cant even prevent themselves from exploitation, manipulation, make use of and bullied.

How to mean business when they squeeze teir balls, compromise their dignities and cry bopian everyday.

But, as usual they talk big to bolster their ego and soothe their wounds. Lolx.


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