China must intensify its effort to control it territories in East and South China Seas

The last flexing of muscle by Japan in scrambling eight F15s to intercept China’s surveillance aircraft over Diaoyu Island is a rude reminder that China cannot continue to act like a gentleman. It has to act like a gangster when it is dealing with gangsters. China must continue to patrol its islands in East and South China seas, both in the air and in the seas. Let the Japanese or who ever try to fire at Chinese aircraft or ships. When they do so, it is time for China to test its weapons in the satellites, in the seas, under the seas, and its SAM batteries. It must take down the aggressors who fired first to mean business.

The West and the Japanese are retuning to the past when gunboat diplomacy, use of military force, is the language of international policies. Should China chicken out in the face of these confrontational acts, not only Japan and the USA will be emboldened and be more aggressive and provocative, the pesky countries will jump into the bandwagon to have a party at China’s expense.

Is China militarily up to it to take them on? It better be, as the cards are stacked for a military confrontation with Shinzo Abe in power.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The situation is far from being heightened to the point where it becomes captivating entertainment. At this point of chaos, the cuntrees in Asia will have to outwardly declare which side they pick -- no more pretending to outwardly "like" China whilst sucking White House Dick behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Most countries in this region are increasing tied to China for economic gains but still depend on US for military alliance or partnership.

Singapore state media today published in an article in very pro-japan tone titled 'protecting japan 's beautiful seas' The author coming from a local public policy school.

The article help to whitewash japan past war atrocities in china korea and SEA countries ,which was known for its brutality and inhumane treatment of the victims,

Quote 'japan had a freer hand with own WESTERN-STYLED imperial expansion into Korea and Manchuria'.

Mr Heng asst Prof has totally omitted jp war aggression, and japan was nowhere near so called 'western styled' the way they abused the women in China and Korea.

The massacre in China, SG-sook ching, pinoyland etc totally omitted in the article.

At the end of the article he said 'as the new pm abe now works to bolster the alliance with the leading naval service of today, greater inter operability between jmsdf and US navy will be key foucs. Japan is once again looking to address its historical sensitivity to martime challenges. this time FROM China.'

Apparently china is a aggressor the 'bad guy 'in his article.

Please, japan now even want to revise the apology it given earlier !! Not to forget the shrine visit .

Anonymous said...

China ready to 'show hand '?

May be the 'East Wind' is not blowing yet..

One thing for sure, those countries not involved in the dispute though do not like to take sides ultimately have to because they dont have a choice because superpowers say so !

Anonymous said...

The barbarism of Japanese ruled in Korea would never be forgotten by the Koreans. The killings of Chinese in Southeast Asia will be forgotten by those Chinese that have western ancestors. Their forefathers were not Chinese. So they can simply poof poof the barbaric crimes against Chinese by the Japanese. The Japanese were very nice people. And the Chinese were the aggressors.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With Japan scrambling its fighter planes every time a Chinese aircraft flew over the island, it is showing that it is in control of the island. China, by not scrambling its fighters is conceding that the territories are in Japanese control.

This is bad for China's claim on the islands.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You guys are still so anti Jap. Come on lah, the war's been over for nearly 70 years, Japan is now a cuntry of panty sniffing porno comic lovers, and China is the most capitalist cuntree in the world.

In total combined, they hold most of the US treasury debt, financed by their awesome productivity and thrift. On the one hand, be thankful that they are adversaries. Of course the US wants to keep them apart. Can you imagine if China and Japan got together and threatened to dump US "securities"? Jialat.

So let's go. Let's all cheer for kung fu vs karate, mee vs ramen.

Anonymous said...

A "correct view of history" by Japan is important in building trust among the powerful NE Asians.

Anonymous said...

China should scramble its J-15 Flying Shark 飞鲨 to square off the F-15s from Japan in a show of force.

China instead is only sending a non-military turboprop to face off the mighty military jets sent by the Jap.

At least this do not give the western media including Singaporean one, a field day to question its so-called peaceful rise.

However if Japan should fire or dare 'scratch ' the China plane, it would be different story and scenario altogether.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think that is the Chinese strategy in the air and in the sea. All civilian crafts, no signs of aggression. The Japanese is showing their true colours of an aggressive nation, scrambling fighters as if they are being attacked by the turbo prop.

This is the true Japan under the veil of civility. Matilah, on this issue, you are better off struggling with your mates in soi cowboy.

Anonymous said...

I wishes that All the Yellow Skins will one day be united as One.

As to which One can achieve that, does not matter. Be it the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mongolian, Manchurian, Eskimo or any others. So long the Yellow Skins becomes united.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Redbean, yes. When all else fails, when the fightibg starts and the rockets and bombs are screaming through the ether... that's the time to increase the "struggle" in Soi Cowboy.

Instead of one girl at a time... How about adding more girls to the mix... To bribg it to a new level... Since everyone's fighting.

Ever tried a 3 way tongue dance?
It's fucking AWESOME?